Lisa Buldo


Lisa Buldo

Nutrition / Weight Loss Coach, Author, Evangelist, National Speaker ~ Speaking for Church, Women, Groups


This life-changing book will help you to:
Transform Your Life from Struggle to Victory,
Frustration to Joy and Fear to Faith!

Lisa Buldo, the “Victory Health Coach,” is a nutrition expert with a passion for God’s Word. Her approach is unique because she combines healthy nutrition and the wisdom from God’s Word to produce the most effective health and lifestyle coaching results available today.

As a speaker, Lisa is energetic, inspiring, entertaining and highly motivational. She captivates her audience every time with her honesty, her wit and her ability to bring understanding in a very practical and easy to understand way. After hearing Lisa speak, people consistently say how inspired they are to make changes in their lives immediately!

Mission Statement: To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, to shed light and bring understanding where people are in darkness (looking for answers to health and life), and to help the multitudes to live in victory in the areas of spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Lisa has been featured on radio and television, recently appearing on “Paula Today” with Pastor Paula White of Paula White Ministries. Lisa speaks regularly at conferences, as well as to different ministries, groups and organizations across the nation. She also works with clients nationally and internationally.


Customized Keynotes:

* Get Healthy God’s Way
* Victorious Thoughts, Victorious Life!
* Healthy, Happy and Prosperous!


* 7 Keys to Weight Loss Success
* Lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Easily
* De-Stress and De-Age
* Kick the Sugar Habit
* It’s Time for a Spring Cleanse
* Eating for Energy
* Eating for Beauty
* 7 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life
* Back to School Nutrition
* 7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System
* It’s Time for a Fall Cleanse
* Happy Holidays ~ Without the Guilt


Lisa is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of "Natural Whole Health, L.L.C.," a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Company located in Bergen County, New Jersey.

As a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Certified Biblical Health Coach, Lisa looks at the "whole person," which means physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Lisa's journey into health and wellness was a natural one due to the fact that Lisa suffered with severe allergies and asthma most of her life. She battled acne for 15 years and has suffered with digestive issues. All of these things led Lisa wholeheartedly to her passion for health and nutrition, and accordingly, Lisa has been a researcher of health and nutrition for the last 10 years.

Lisa also has a fiery passion for God's Word. Lisa's faith has developed over the last 10 years as well, and what makes Lisa unique is that she combines health principles together with the wisdom of God's Word for a winning combination in helping to transform the lives of everyone with whom she works and speaks with. Lisa has a gift from God for teaching, (bringing understanding), motivating and empowering people, and she is using this gift to dramatically improve the lives of people everywhere across the nation.

Lisa most enjoys sharing her message in person, and is a much sought after speaker. She speaks at many churches and Women's Conferences across the nation, and she loves it! Her signature talk is called "Get Healthy God's Way!" See what Pastors are saying about Lisa here.

Lisa has been featured on national television as Pastor Paula White's special guest on the "Paula Today" Show with upwards of 2.6 billion viewers. Lisa has also been featured on the evening news (WMBC News) as well as a guest on various radio shows. She has many more interviews coming up as a result of her first book just released in December of 2008!

Lisa's new book, "IT CAN BE DONE! You Can Live in Victory 24/7" (2008, Love Your Life Publishing), and endorsed by Paula White, shows you and every person that there is hope for you, no matter what you have been through. This book is life-changing and is guaranteed to bless every person that reads it! This book will teach you how to master your emotions, how to create your future with your words, how to increase financially, and so much more! This book truly demonstrates the power available to you through the Lord, Jesus Christ.

What they say about Lisa:

"Lisa is a highly regarded nutrition expert and she is an anointed speaker.  Your ministry, group or organization will be truly blessed to have Lisa as a speaker. Lisa's approach is different in that she teaches Nutrition and the Biblical truths of God's Word for health in a very practical, easy to understand, way.  After hearing Lisa speak, you will be truly inspired, and you will know how to turn your health around immediately!
- Frank Bolella, Pastor of Living Word Community Church, Dumont, NJ (Success Coach, Motivational Speaker and CEO of Excel to Success)

"Lisa Buldo is a truly dynamic speaker gifted by God to teach nutrition from a Biblical aspect, relying on the Word of God.  She spoke to our Diabetes Support Ministry and the information she provided was extremely helpful to our Diabetes group. She holds nothing back when she speaks, and you can see that she is truly motivated by her desire for her audience to be healthy, not only in body, but in mind and in spirit as well! Thank you so much, Lisa.  On behalf of our group ~ we welcome you back any time!

- Dr. Marc Sommer, Lincoln Park, NJ

"Lisa Buldo is not only well versed in scripture, and an expert in nutrition, Lisa has the anointing on her life! The UBC Family has been enlightened and inspired through Lisa's in your face approach to wholeness and a Godly lifestyle. Thank you Lisa for caring about people and welcome into the UBC Family!"

- Pastor James Holcomb, Unity Baptist Church, Orange, NJ

"My husband and I want you to know how much we appreciated you this weekend.  We were blessed by your presence and your wealth of knowledge in nutrition. We have met a lot of people in this walk with Christ, and we are careful as to who we embrace.  As you continue to go forward and inform God’s people on how to better take care of their vessels, I know God will take your ministry further than you ever dreamed. You have no idea how you have changed my life.  I’m more conscious about what I put in my mouth.  I’m looking at labels and sharing with others the importance of eating healthier. We love you and are praying you through.  Be blessed my sister!"

~ Pastor Shane L. Bryant and Co-Pastor, Shirelle Bryant, Kingdom Servants Christian Assembly, Locust Grove, GA



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