Linda Stiles


Corporate Communication Specialist
Effective Change Always Begins Within...

Linda Stiles is best known for her enthusiasm for bridging communication gaps in the workplace. She is a master facilitator and endearing presenter who focuses on increasing YOUR productivity through awareness, strategy and adaptability. Her material comes alive through games and targeted activities that teach by experiencing. She has been speaking and training for 18 years with 12 years of middle and upper management making the departments of three Fortune 500 energy companies sizzle!

Most Requested Programs:

Making the Leap -
When you received your promotion did you get the handbook for success?Linda will help you make the leap from worker to manager. From friend to boss, from uncertainty to success. Her program will give you the techniques and tools to build your management foundation.

Recognizing and Capitalizing on Your Behavioral Style -
Understanding how to motivate other into action means first understanding how you communicate. Linda will guide you in discovering your style and then teach you to read others style. Her action-oriented program will teach you to apply the strengths of your style to the pursuit of success through others.

Building the Next Generation of Leaders -
Transfer knowledge and maximize the value of the next generation in business. Linda will guide you through the process to build the next generation into the next leaders.


Linda provides workshops and keynotes on solving communication issues across the nation. She is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and a longtime member of the American Society of Training and Development. She holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Houston.

She combines her corporate experience with an entrepreneurial spirit that has built three businesses which she translates to a powerful communication and leadership message.

She is a dynamic speaker with exceptional skill in creating and delivering motivational and entertaining presentations on building solid leadership foundations. She left the world of Fortune 500 upper management to share her passion for workplace energy through positive communication. Her energy motivates audiences to implement personal or professional relationship changes and experience the leadership success each individual is capable of.

What they say about Linda:

"Linda, You were an absolute delight and I've been quoting you all week long and will continue to do so. You had many grrrrrrreat points to share and the woman next to me, who was a guest, was delighted and said that this was the training she wanted and needed We loved you!"
Belinda Postman-Kaylani
Program Chairman
American Business Women’s Association

"Hi Linda, I just finished listening to your talk from CareerSmart 2004. I enjoyed it as I did today's seminar. Keep them coming. I've been looking at your "library" of topics and am eagerly waiting for the next one."
Ron Hansen

"Friday I went to a seminar with NSA speaker Linda Stiles titled "Living Your Passion" … Linda is a great trainer and talented speaker. She was NSA Houston's speaker mentor program leader. Now that program, called the Speakers Bridge, is one her services and is a great program."
Doug Kruse
Speaker and Leadership trainer


Linda’s energetic presentation has connected with and produced results for all levels of management. Here is a partial list of those companies and associations that have experienced her mesmerizing delivery style.

* King & Spalding Law Firm
* Universal Weather and Aviation Inc
* University of Phoenix
* 911 Emergency Operators
* American Society of Training and Development
* Houston West Chamber of Commerce

* The Windsor Club
* Greenspoint Business Association
* Raveneaux Mens Breakfast Club
* American Business Women’s Association
* Kingwood Women in Business
* Future Business Leaders of America
* The Source Network



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