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Lynda S. Moerschbaecher was born in Illinois and grew up in rural Wisconsin. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin and later earned a Law Degree and a Masters in Business. Many refer to her as one of the "leading attorneys in North America on the philanthropic transfer of wealth." Her client profile is a nonprofit that works actively in major, planned and principal gifts, or a for-profit provider servicing this market. In the individual arena, her client profile is often an individual with a personal net worth of $10 Million to $100 Million.

She founded and serves as CEO of a software company. She founded Charitable Gift Planning News, a professional publication, now in its nineteenth year. She is the author of over 200 professional articles and six books.The newest book Marketing Magic will be released early 2002.

Lynda communicates in a straight-forward, crystal-clear style, interacting with the audience while delivering life messages in a light-hearted style filled with camaraderie and compassion.

Laura Fritz of The Boys and Girls Club said,"The response to your presentation was very positive, the audience was very attentive. I was surprised of the time when I looked at my watch. It went by so fast because you had engaged and captivated your audience." Rev'd Robert McCann of The Episcopal Dioceses in San Francisco said,"I appreciated the scope of your knowledge and experience— and the way you wrapped it with humor and served it up."

Lynda has spoken to over 1,000 diverse audiences in every state except Alaska. She has trained 25,000 financial professionals and has been responsible for or participated in the closing and transfer of over 1 Billion dollars in funds. She shares what she learned from her 25 years of phenomenal success in her own business and advising others in their for-profit and non-profit businesses.

Lynda delivers precious insights into what vision and leadership mean in action, not theory. She has spoken to and consulted with small and large organizations, as well as individuals of high-level wealth.


    Marketing Magic: How to Close More Major and Planned Gifts

      Are you searching for a few "needles in a haystack" to become major gift prospects or re-visiting the same prospects over and over? Do you need more viable prospects that are qualified to give major and planned gifts?

      In this program you will learn to:

      • Develop a dynamic and realistic marketing strategy
      • Unearth brand new prospects
      • Get yourself in front of the right people at the right time
      • Speed up the major gift process to get to the decision point NOW

    Building Your Endowment

      Endowment is your organization's long-term lifeblood. Is your program anemic?

      In this half-day or full-day seminar, you and your organization will learn to:

      • Learn the essentials of managing and marketing your endowment effort
      • Develop and draft all documents, agreements and policies you will need
      • Create dynamic marketing plans to grow your endowment

    Build Your Board/Management Team

      Have you ever suffered from the view that "fundraising is your job, you go do it." Would you appreciate a little leadership and a lot of support?

      In this session, you, your board and management will learn:

      • Why you need a concrete business plan and how to develop it
      • What effective leadership board and management can provide with no extra effort
      • How to manage the major/planned gift function in a fast-paced, changing field
      • Why a team approach will be a gift multiplier beyond compare

    Your Donors Are Dying to Make theGovernment Rich

      That is, unless they know the seven secrets of estate planning.

      In this session, your prospects and donors will discover:

      • The seven secrets used by all high-level wealth families –easy, guaranteed, and not risky
      • The way to make philanthropic dollars stretch without robbing from children and grandchildren
      • Why it makes sense to control the dollars rather than turning control over to Uncle Sam

    Help Your Financial Advisors Team Get You To The Goalpost

      In this half-day or full-day seminar, you and your financial advisors will learn to:

      • Capture the major gift and motivate the client to act now
      • Supercharge the financial and tax results without risky schemes
      • Navigate charitable remainder and lead trust planning with ease
      • Identify when private foundations, supporting organizations and donor-advised funds are perfect for the client

What Clients Are Saying

     "West Lafayette, Indiana will never be the same after Lynda's visit. Her insight into the financial markets and complete understanding of our product and our clients was astounding."

      Rick Haberstroh, CLU, Purdue University Insurance Institute

     "You have enlightened me and made me aware of great possibilities to serve my clientele. My creative ability is stimulated.Thank you."

      Y.S. Kim Epstein,The Equitable Financial Companies

     "Lynda's seminar was the best work-related presentation I have ever attended. Some points were new, while others made foggy old concepts suddenly crystal clear."

      Tari Popp, Andrews University

     "Each presentation you gave was perfectly geared to the respective audience and so well delivered with poise, humor, grace and ease."

      Lana Wingerson, Boca Raton Community Hospital

     "Lynda was terrific! The time and energy she spent in preparing for the conference was apparent in the end result. Her presentation was thoughtful, engaging and informative."

      Courtenay Dunakin, Council for Advancement and Support of Education

     "What a session! What a teacher! What an experience! Outstanding!"

      Shira Levy, American Cancer Society


  • Accounting Firms Associated, Inc.
  • American Express Financial Advisors
  • American Physical Therapists Association
  • Prudential Realty Charitable Planning Corp.
  • Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB)
  • Duke University Estate Planning Institute
  • Economic Roundtable of San Francisco
  • Grant Thornton CPAs
  • Int'l Association of Financial Planners
  • Int'l Women in Aviation Conference
  • Ivy-MIT-Stanford Development Conference
  • Kumai Realty Company
  • Metropolitan Club Investment Group
  • National Association of College and University Attorneys
  • National Association of College and University Business Officers
  • National Association of Hospital Development
  • National Association of Philanthropic Planners
  • National Committee on Planned Giving
  • National Conference of United Methodist Foundations
  • National Rifle Association Foundation
  • Northern Trust Bank
  • Northwestern Mutual Life
  • NSFRE/National Convention
  • Professional Education Systems
  • Price Waterhouse
  • Professional Mentoring Program
  • Rainier National Bank
  • Renaissance, Inc.
  • Robert F. Sharpe & Company
  • San Francisco Chronicle Financial Fair
  • Sanford, Bernstein & Co.
  • Seton Smoke Capital Management
  • Seventh Day Adventists
  • State Street Bank Conference
  • Sutter Health Systems
  • United Way of America
  • Yale/Dartmouth/Princeton/Brown Joint Seminar Series
  • Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch Foundation


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