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Linda DeCarlo enlightens, educates and inspires people with her high content, high value programs.

Linda loves her audiences and the feeling is mutual. A talented trainer with thought provoking information, Linda speaks to people’s hearts as well as their heads. Each presentation provides an easy to follow roadmap complete with proven principles, insightful exercises, real world examples, solutions and strategies. Step by step, Linda draws her participants into a journey of self-growth, always presented with humor, hope and heart. Linda doesn’t simply lecture, she engages her audiences to become active participants in their own learning. Should some people be feeling disheartened by life’s challenges, Linda can relate to them with compassion, resilience, and optimism.

Enthusiastic participants describe Linda’s training style as a blend of practical information, profound insights and warm humor. She is particularly known for illustrating key points with original, engaging stories and examples. Comments from past participants echo the following sentiments: “encouraging, honest, committed, interested and interesting, a wealth of knowledge, really rooting for each of us, down to earth, personable, really believes what she teaches, supportive, real, delightful personality, the most sincere, easy to understand and effective speaker I have ever heard, Linda cares….”

Linda’s Programs:

Each of Linda’s programs is a well thought out blend of profound, yet easy to understand principles, practical how to’s and real world application. Participants always start the program learning where they are and leave knowing where they want to go. To insure the “take home value” of her programs, Linda has each participant create their own customized Action Plan. This plan details what each participant will start doing, stop doing and keep doing as a result of the program, and encourages them to create a list of resources that will support them in their goals. Participants agree they leave informed, energized and inspired to make significant improvements in their life and work.

Real Life Strategies for Successful Daily Living
True success is not about your age, education, talent, ability, luck or even genius. It is about a few simple, but critical concepts that few people understand and even fewer really use. Learn these proven strategies for uncommon personal and professional success and leave the program ready to apply them consistently and persistently to your life.

Stress Solutions for Busy People/Busy Women
When life demands more of you than you can give, you are in real danger of physical, mental, and emotional burnout. Learn to break the stress cycle. Work your way up the emotional scale so you are open to new ways of looking at situations and can see solutions. Include stress reduction habits into your daily routine and see the difference they can make immediately.

Attracting Your Own Success: How To Get Into Alignment With Your Goals and Live An Extraordinary Life
Are you struggling way too hard to achieve your goals? What if instead of forcing your goals, you could attract your goals? Learn how to combine Timeless Success Principles with Cutting Edge Law of Attraction Strategies in order to become the person it takes to do what you want to do and have what you want to have.

Depending upon your needs, each program can be formatted into a short presentation (45 minutes to 1:30), a Half Day (3 hours), or a Full Day (5 hours) workshop or seminar.


Linda DeCarlo is an International Trainer, Personal Success Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. She has trained more than 80,000 participants in 45 states, Canada, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. For nearly 20 years, Linda has conducted programs for a wide variety of corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and women’s groups on topics such as Success Principles, Self-Esteem, Stress Solutions for Busy People and The Law of Attraction. A partial list of these organizations includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Greater New York, The Bank of Montreal, Prudential Insurance, Pitney Bowes, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hoffman LaRoche and Ciba Consumer Pharmaceuticals (Please See Client List Below). A highlight of Linda’s career is the 10 years she spent as a Trainer for CareerTrack Seminars where her Trainer Ratings were consistently at 9.3 or above on a 10-point scale. Linda’s workshops have been featured in newspaper articles, and she has been interviewed on radio and television.

What People Are Saying About Linda DeCarlo:

I thought Linda DeCarlo was extraordinary; overwhelmingly informative, incredibly funny and insightful. She is a wealth of knowledge and her delivery is exceptional.”
- Una G. Murray
NSS Corp.

“Your workshop helped to make the meeting a tremendous success. The people who attended were very impressed with your ability to make your principles understandable and workable. Many said that they came away with concrete action plans and are ready to get to work on them. The feedback received on both the program and your delivery were excellent.”
- P.A.D’Amato
AT&T Bell Laboratories

“Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar….I have heard nothing but positive comments…. Many of the staff also commented that you were one of the best speakers that they have ever heard…Again, many thanks and congratulations on a job well done!”
- Judith A. Tryon
Colgate University

“I’ve been to a lot of seminars over the past five years….But your seminar was truly one of the best I’ve attended. Having taught several seminars myself, I can be especially appreciative of your pacing, examples, visual pictures, and humor. Thank you for an excellent day.”
- Elise Jahns

Select Clients:

Linda has spoken for people from these groups and many more:

The Bank of Montreal
Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies
Bethlehem Steel
Blessing/White Inc.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NY
The Board of Education of the City of New York
CareerTrack Seminars
Ciba Consumer Pharmaceuticals
Ciba Geigy
Digital Equipment Corporation
Dupont Merck
Hoffman La Roche
J.P. Morgan Chase
Marble Collegiate Church
National Penn Bank
The Nature Conservancy
The Pennsylvania Fish Commission
Pitney Bowes
Prudential Insurance


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