Les Helms


"Be flexible, that way you won't get bent out of shape!"


Les Helms, principal of L & L Training Solutions , specializes is in the area of soft skills training and development. This includes, diversity, management, development, and communication styles.
Les is one of the most engaging and versatile speakers around. He can virtually tailor his workshop or training session to fit your specific need.

His style is upbeat, personal, and just plain fun!



Workshops and Training Sessions

Working with People You Can’t Stand
10 Common Behavioral Patterns We all Must Endure

Based upon the work of Brinkman and Kirschner, this workshop will help you to understand why people behave the way they do and also provide you with specific, practical steps you can take to deal with each of the problem behaviors.

Alphabet Soup
Personality Type & Temperament

An understanding of personality types can greatly enhance communication, performance, and teamwork while minimizing misunderstandings and conflict.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
A Common Sense Approach to Culture and Diversity

Participants will have the chance to examine their own culture and diversity on several dimensions. They will also learn how to relate more effectively with people who have different culture and diversity characteristics.

Emotions Came First!
Emotionally Intelligent Cultural Competence

Developing the Emotional Intelligence competency of Self-Awareness can minimize the impact of stereotyping.

It’s Not the Age, It’s the Mileage!

Learn a number of specific things you can do to help engage, motivate and retain the gen Xers and Yers in your organization.

I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You

Most of the misunderstandings and disagreements we have, along with the times we just can’t understand the other person, have little to do with substance, but much to do with style.


L & L Training Solutions also offers LITE training sessions. These are short, targeted sessions held at your facility, designed to provide useful skills and knowledge that participants can immediately use on the job.

Here is what people have said about Les's workshops...


"Les delivered! This was a good, fun, fast-paced seminar that I would recommend to co-workers. "

"Les made the learning fun. "

"Provides new insight to an old issue. (He) needs to write a book and/or do a self-help video. "

"Your expertise in the area of brainstorming provided us with a vehicle. "

"It (the workshop) was well organized, artfully presented, properly paced, and as far as I am concerned accomplished exactly what you had set out to accomplish."


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