Lenny Laskowski

Strategic Internet Marketing & Presentation Skills / Public Speaking

Author of the book, "Success Via The Internet" & "10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking"
(Wamer Books)
Co-author of the book, "Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters"

The enormous number of businesses rushing to create their Internet presence today is astounding. Millions of new websites are being introduced every day. Is yours one of them? Is it working effectively, directly advancing your strategic objectives?

About Lenny Laskowski:

Lenny is an international professional speaker and one of the world's most knowledgeable internet marketing experts and was even invited to share his internet marketing savvy -with Columbia University Business School. Lenny put up his own website in 1996 and now attracts between 87,000 and i 32,000 visitors each MONTH. His "Simply Speaking" e-zine goes out to over 79,000 subscribers. Lenny is the author of several books, video programs, and CD-Rom based programs. Lenny has sold products to clients in over 149 countries as a result of his presence on the internet.

Lenny's popular presentation skills / public speaking key notes & seminars available far any size group include:
(1/2 day, 1-Day, 2-Day and multi-day programs available)

How to Grow Your Business Using the Internet - Do you have a website that is NOT getting any traffic or business? Lenny has put together an intense, information-packed keynote that will teach you exactly what specific steps you need to grow your business using the internet. Lenny will share with you the exact techniques he used to develop a client list in over 73 countries!

7 Key Decisions Your Website Visitor Makes BEFORE they Decide to Do Business with You - In this dynamic and information packed keynote, Lenny provides with the 7 key decisions your website visitors must make before they decide to do business with you. Many websites today do not fully understand how to turn 4 visitors into clients. This keynote provides you with the exact steps you must take to convert visitors to clients.

Integrating your On-line and Off-line Marketing Efforts- In this practice, tips-filled keynote, Lenny will explain to you exactly what you need to do to effectively integrate your on-line and off-line marketing efforts. Lenny will show you how this integration can create a synergistic effect for your business.

B2B and B2C Marketing and Online Lead Generation – Generating quality leads is always a challenge to today’s business owners and small businesses. Lead generation can make the difference between surviving and looking for a plan B. Lenny will show what techniques are being use to today to make you successful.

Content Marketing and Website Optimization – Content marketing still is one the leading and effective aspects about internet marketing. Lenny discusses why and how content marketing is crucial to being able to compete in today’s market.

Integrating B2B Marketing and Social Media – Social Media is soon becoming a crucial part of your internet marketing strategy. Lenny will explain how to use various social tools available today to significantly increase traffic to your website.

The 7 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation - Lenny discusses the 7 aspects of a dynamic presentation along with many tips on the use of visual aids, gestures, and much more. In this keynote, Lenny discusses the proper structure and even provides teaches a great technique which can be used to prepare your next speech immediately.

Your Spoken Image - It's Not What You Say, It's Haw You Say It - In this lively keynote, Lenny discussed the importance of projecting a positive spoken image. Haw you talk and even how you walk sends a message about you. In this keynote, Lenny discuses how to use gestures, facial expressions, walking patterns, accents and much more.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety In Meetings & Presentations - In this entertaining keynote, Lenny provides you with some physical and mental techniques which can be used today to reduce your speaking anxiety. The steps you need to become more relaxed are discussed.

Loosen Your Tie - Reengineering the Engineer's Presentation - With 25 years of presenting technical papers for people from around the world, Lenny knows what it takes to prepare and deliver an informative, yet entertaining technical presentation. Lenny describes some of the techniques that can help your presentations stand out from the rest of them.

The Motivation To I.N.S.P.I.R.E - In this motivational keynote, Lenny describes and shows you what it takes to motivate and inspire your audience. The principles Lenny provides in this keynote will help you to better motivate your audiences.

How to Make A Great First Impression - They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but, how many of us judge people by they way they look or the way they sound? Someone's first

What People have said about Lenny...

“We have never had so much positive feedback about a speaker as we did with Lenny Laskowski.”
Tom Mariam
Programs Chairman
PRSA Westchester-Fairfield chapter

"I spent an entire day with Lenny and his videotape, and we worked through all of the major presentation issues related to my trial. He provided excellent comments and criticism on my opening statement, closing argument, and trial exhibits. I left with much more confidence in not only the case, but in my own ability to be the best possible advocate for my client's cause. I recommend Lenny without reservation for pre-trial preparation, especially where there is too much at stake to leave to chance."

Daniel L. Abrams
Law Office of Daniel L. Abrams, PLLC
New York City, NY

"As a National Speakers Association member for eight years, a member of three NSA chapters and a past president of the Tri-State Chapter I have gotten to see many fine presentations. I would say your two programs this past Saturday as it relates to the internet and web sites were two of the finest I have attended. A million thanks for making your three hours with us so memorable. You provided substance and actionable suggestions that will help attendees grow their business whether they are consultants, speakers or trainers. "

Juan Negroni, The Tally Consultancy

Partial List of Lenny’s Clients / Organizations

ABB Combustion
Advanced Technologies & Services, LLC
Allmerica Financial
A.M. Consultants
American Chemical Society
American Express
American Marketing Association
American Society for Training & Development
Applied BioTech Concepts, Inc.
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
Babcock & Wilcox
Boards Of Education (Several)
Boy Scouts Of America
Bridgeport Hospital
BT North America
Cabot Microelectronics
Capitol Community-Technical College

Carlsbad Municipal Water District
Central Connecticut State College
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters
Columbia University Graduate School of Business
Combined Health Appeal
Combustion Engineering
Connecticut Authors Association
Connecticut Association of Purchasing Mgmt, Inc.
Connecticut Hospital Association
Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company
Connecticut Society of Professional Estimators
Control Diabetes Services, Inc.
Cox Cable
CRA Rogers Casey
Current Analysis
Department of Defense
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