Len Sklar

"Every dollar collected goes right to the bottom line!"


Almost every company has some degree of collection concern, with good reason. For some, excessive accounts receivable creates a serious cash crunch. For a few others, with a crushing A/R problem, solving it may allow the company to survive.

Collection concerns are highly susceptible to a significant correction with a long term benefit. Fortunately, every dollar recovered goes right to the bottom line, since the costs to create and sell your product or service have already been spent.

With over 30 years of experience in consulting and speaking to almost every type of business, in all 50 states, Len has developed an approach to customizing his presentations and consulting work to the specific differences that each company and industry exhibit, so that the Return On Investment is typically 20 times the cost. Len is author of “The Check Is NOT In The Mail”, a 289 page industry standard book.

Speaker Background

  • For 20 years, Len presented collection seminars to audiences in 200 cities in all 50 states. He continues speaking, writing, and consulting to a variety of audiences.

  • Early in his career, he owned and operated a collection agency, so you can be sure that the insights you learn are time-tested and practical.


  • Why you now have collection issues and getting clear about who causes them.

  • Conflicts – real or potential - between sales and credit, and how to resolve.

  • How to create a payment policy that not only minimizes future collection problems but also actually helps to build the business or practice.

  • How to communicate the policy in a way that gets customer understanding and compliance.

  • Better internal collection systems to minimize costs, increase dollars recovered, and reduce stress.

  • Getting brutally realistic about how long and hard to work on delinquent accounts, and what are the tools that provide that understanding.

  • How to deal with the discomfort that many people have when doing collection work.

  • Learning how to ask for money effectively, plus an overview of the many ways that collection people ask badly and the poor results that produces.

  • How to respond skillfully to the huge variety of debtor excuses, stalls, and evasions.

  • Being clear about the rules of harassment – what you can and cannot say or do.

  • What are your choices (there are five of them) when it is no longer cost effective to continue collection work in house – when to use them, costs, and typical results.

  • How to use role playing to accelerate the skill level of anyone doing collecting.

  • Dealing with the inevitable resistance to change that this process entails.

  • For larger organizations, getting management buy-in to an improved credit and collection process.



What Clients are saying..

We had Len speak at our monthly Attorney Action Club meeting, and he received rave reviews from the audience. If you want to know real strategies that you can apply the same day to get paid what you are owed, in full and on time, then we highly recommend you contact Len today! He is definitely an expert and professional in his field. Len can help you improve your cash flow and make a positive impact on your business.” Crystal Shanks, M.S., Certified Business Coach

“Thank you very much for taking the time to make your presentation this morning. The information was very informative and practical, as well as “entertaining” at times.” William C. Harris, Manager, Collections, Johns Hopkins Hospital

“Mr. Sklar was hired to help the company owners improve their business and management skills. He was instrumental in improving cash flow by helping to improve accounts receivable and collection policies and forms as well as upgrading staff training with the latest debt collection techniques.” Steve Christiansen, Owner, Impact Paper & Ink, Ltd.

I’ve been receiving nothing but great feedback about your seminar, and on behalf of our members, I’d like to thank you for the invaluable information you shared with us.” Peter Schwartz, Executive V.P., American Supply Association



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