Laura Michaud

Your organization is only as strong as your weakest employee and your least loyal customer. .. Laura Michaud teaches you how to improve both.

Laura Michaud, one of America's leading business consultants and internationally published magazine author, offers dynamic keynotes and workshops that inspire, motivate and educate participants nationwide. As the former VP of Sales and Marketing and board member for Beltone Electronics, Laura gained over 19 years of domestic and international sales, customer service, marketing and advertising experience. She excelled in her executive career due to her strategic planning ability and her exceptional skill for motivating and empowering others.

When your company's bottom line counts... count on Laura Michaud
Dynamic Programs and Quality Consulting that Improve Performance and Profitability

Laura is a highly polished speaker who infuses energy, style and humor into every presentation. Her interactive workshops are both entertaining and educational, leaving participants with effective tools they can use immediately in their daily life, both at the office and at home. Laura's hard-hitting concepts will keep you and your organization motivated and enlightened well after she's left the floor.

With Laura Michaud, you'll never get a canned speech. Instead, she researches your unique organization, uncovers your hidden needs and tailors her presentation to address your every concern. She does all this with wit and a never-ending enthusiasm to leave you with a memorable event. Whether you need someone to present a keynote on a specific topic, a three-hour seminar to motivate employees, or a day-long, roll up your sleeves kind of session covering a variety of topics, you need the most knowledgeable presenter possible. You need Laura Michaud.

Laura Michaud delivers thought-provoking presentations and offers individualized consulting to organizations that want to strengthen their corporate image, motivate their employees, and ultimately increase their bottom line. A proven expert in business and motivation, Laura provides content-rich programs that have helped hundreds of organizations reach the success they desire. She can help your organization, too.

Laura will speak specifically to your group on the following topics:

Creating Customer Loyalty

  • Increase referrals and repeat business
  • Establish and deepen relationships with your existing customers
  • Develop exceptional customer rapport

Family-Owned Business Issues

  • Balance work and family for both mental and physical well-being
  • Develop strategies for a successfiul succession
  • Learn proven ways to effectively bring non-family members into the business.

Stress and Balance Management

  • Manage stress and use it to your ultimate benefit
  • Bring tim into your work life
  • Use your time and energy more effectively

Employee Retention

  • Create a work environment that promotes growth and creativity
  • Increase your bottom line through better employee management
  • Reduce and practically eliminate employee attrition

Increase Your Company's Productivity and Profitability

    Drawing on her 19 years experience as VP of Sales and Marketing and board member for Beltone Electronics, Laura will give you a fresh perspective to the challenges facing business leaders today. From your front office staff to your top executives, your organization will become refocused for optimum performance. No matter which program you choose, you'll get an enjoyable and high-energy presentation from a business professional who delivers real-world experience and a guarantee to improve your group's overall productivity and performance.

"Our members set very high standards about the kinds of speakers they want to see at our programs. Laura's program met their expectations." Elly Valas, Executive Director, North American Retail Dealers Association

"I often find myself wanting to give tip, and then the strangest thing happens. I hear Laura's voice telling me 'You can do this'." Doreen Schirmer, Zurich Kemper Life Insurance Company


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