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small change*
*It’s the LITTLE Things in Life
that Make a BIG Difference!

Empower your Business, Empower your Life...
Through the Power of Small Change & Timeless Wisdom

Larry has been the CEO of a public company, is the best selling author of Small Change: It's the Little Things in Life that Make a Big Difference (Penguin), and is one of America's most experienced yoga teachers.

Larry leaves your audience…
Amazed, Informed, Inspired

“Once you’ve seen Larry speak, it’s impossible to forget him or his message.”
– Gerry Sawyer, Retired Manager, Sony Corp.

your audience will discover:

• The magnitude of the opportunity to change their lives
• The four steps to success that Larry found in yoga
• How to raise personal and corporate consciousness
• The solid foundation on which to build success

About Larry:

Larry has had a successful business career as president of several corporations and CEO of a public company. He is currently president of Global Health Care, Inc. with offices in the United States and Mexico. Along the way Larry has pursued a passionate interest in yoga. Married in 1970, Larry and Susan live in Hudson, OH where they bought a church and founded the Spiritual Life Society and Yoga Center. Larry has taught yoga, meditation and philosophy since 1971. Larry received a B.S. and M.B.A. from Cornell University and an M.A. in philosophy from Kent State University.

Keynotes; Commencement Addresses; Workshops; Conferences; Retreats

The Significance of the Insignificant

This program is designed to raise the consciousness of each participant to the importance of seemingly insignificant habits. It draws from both Small Change and The Seinfeld Show to explain exactly what higher consciousness is, and how to put higher consciousness to work in their lives.
This keynote has powerful practical and spiritual overtones that will give each participant a greater perspective on their work, family, and personal development.

Are You Ready for Success?
Larry begins with the ancient saying "When the student is ready the master appears." He suggests that too many are waiting for the master, or the opportunity, or the success to appear. Larry explains, however, that it's really about being ready. Participants learn that being ready is the first of four phases of success, but don't be surprised if success is given a fresh perspective from a corporate president who has taught yoga and meditation for nearly 35 years.
This keynote is equally powerful in a business setting, a personal development program or a spiritual program where success is specifically tailored to relationships.

The Secret to Success is a Three-Letter Word
Hardly anyone ever guesses the three-letter word, but by the end of the program, every participant will be able to acknowledge its incredible power. Participants keep guessing as Larry discusses the power of numerous three-letter words, from can, try, you, yes, even God, but he eliminates them one by one to the ongoing surprise of his audience. Hey, do you know the secret word?
This keynote is powerful as either a commencement speech for those just beginning their journey, or as a sales message that can energize even the most successful sales professionals.

The Strongest Foundation for Wealth and Success
We've all heard that "it takes money to make money." Well, Larry gives money and wealth a unique definition, one that is both practical and meaningful. Participants leave his talk inspired to build their foundation on the solid, practical and satisfying principles that Larry provides.
This message has business, personal and spiritual overtones and can provide a clearer vision for companies, employees or graduates.

The Magnitude of the Opportunity to Change Your Life
This program includes a unique demonstration that audiences will never forget. It is designed to impress upon each participant physically, mentally and emotionally just how great their opportunities really are. It really dramatizes how small change adds up.
Can be tailored to apply to sales meetings, employee motivation programs, self-improvement workshops, relationship programs or higher consciousness messages.

Testimonials for Larry’s Speeches and Workshops:

“Wow! You held them throughout the entire delivery.”
Dr. Henry Flanagan, Headmaster, Western Reserve Academy

“Everyone thought you were entertaining, inspiring, thought-provoking and practical. Your personal stories were fascinating.”
Jon Wise, President, Garland Floor Company

Quotes from the Video Testimonial

“It was wonderful. exhilarating.”

“His love and feelings come through. I leave feeling very peaceful, inspired, and amazed.”

“It was great. Larry did a great job.”

“He has a very warm and gentle way. That warmth and gentleness go a long way.”

“It was wonderful. I enjoyed Larry very much.”

Written Comments from Numerous Workshop Evaluations

“Larry is a superb teacher and a truly enlightened person.”

“He is awesome!”

“Larry touches each of his students in a caring and loving way.”

“Very inspiring, life changing.”

“Unbelievable! This guy is so great!”

“A wonderful combination of philosophy, spirituality and exercise.”

“Larry was wonderful.”

“This is the best class I have ever attended anywhere!”

“Excellent, inspirational class. I loved it!”


Testimonials for Larry’s best selling book:

“It’s a tiny book, this Small Change* by Susan & Larry Terkel. But the asterisk in the title neatly sums up the premise: *It’s the little Things in Life that Make a BIG Difference . . .a handy refresher course for anyone who has kept tabs on the self-improvement/pop psychology trends so prevalent today.”
Judy Hevrdejis, Sunday Chicago Tribune

“I was excited to read this book. If you do even half of what the Terkel’s recommend, you’ll experience dramatic changes in your life.”
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Small Change is a step-by-step, heartwarming, and indispensable guide to improving your life from an utterly irresistible husband and wife team of experts.”
Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D. What Women Want Men to Know

“. . .a delightfully practical, simple and uplifting book that can raise the quality of our lives.” Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., Love is Letting Go of Fear



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