Larry Sheldon

Choose a speaker and instructor who has entertained thousands of people while they learn … literally around the world …all over the U.S. and in Europe, Mexico, Canada,
Japan and Australia.

 Larry Sheldon will help your people create more satisfying personal and professional lives.  His core philosophy includes the concept that people learn best when they are entertained first.  He motivates people to have a good time … and from there,
learning becomes easy.

 All of Larry's presentations —  keynotes, seminars, breakout sessions and workshops —  make the busy meeting planner or business manager look good.  They are guaranteed to be fun, unforgettable, full of real-world impact and an asset to your bottom line.

 That's why his clients ask him  back … again and again.

 Larry works with both for profit and nonprofit organizations on enhancement of communication and presentation skills, leadership, team building, organizational transformation, board development, prosperity and personal motivation.  During his thirty year career in the fast-paced, high-energy world of IBM, he was acknowledged as a superior manager, an inspiring leader, a gifted instructor and an innovative thinker. 

 He is based in Atlanta.  He has spent the last nine years speaking, teaching and performing private coaching through his consulting practice, called Shelco creative consulting.  He has two books in print:  The 30 Minute Speech Coach and New Thoughts and Old Ideas to Energize, Yet Calm Your Life!

Credentials … In a Nutshell

  • 30 years experience with IBM in management, presentation and briefings, leadership, team building and curriculum design
  • 17 years experience as a consultant
  • 9 years experience as a full time professional speaker,coach, trainer and educator
  • Adjunct faculty, State University of West Georgia
  • Director, Georgia Speakers Association
  • Professional Member, National Speakers Association and long-time member of the American Society of Training and Development
  • Author, with two books in print

Vision and Mission

Larry Sheldon's vision is to help you and your people learn how to translate your own vision into a picture of reality that others can see and share.

His mission is to inspire, motivate and teach business owners, executives, managers and key employees to become more successful and comfortable at what they do, in both their professional and personal lives, through the integration of an empowering philosophy for living, winning leadership concepts and highly effective communication skills and tools.

Larry's core philosophy includes the concepts that people learn best when they are entertained first.  So, he strives to help people start off having a good time.  From there, learning together becomes easy. He also believes that we all create our own lives … or, perhaps, co-create them with some overarching higher power in the universe.  Much of this philosophy is presented in Larry's signature keynote address, "Write Your Life!".

Larry's Signature Keynote

    "Write Your Life!"

      In this inspiring encounter, Larry lifts the heart and re-ignites hope.  He speaks of life like a book.  He urges everyone to live it like a novel … and to create a masterpiece! Each of us creates our own version of life. We are the author. We are writing the novel.  So it behooves us to know the difference between the end of a plotline and the end of the whole story. We must know that loss leads to momentum, in a novel and in our life. By simply turning the page, we can turn again to joy  and we can learn to re-read with out regressing.  The most important message of all, perhaps, is that this is not a first draft. It's the only manuscript we get to author … so we better create it well … and live it like a novel every moment … 'til the ink well is dry.

Typical Seminars and Workshops

    Communication & Presentation Skills:

    • "Five Steps to a Fabulous Presentation"
    • "Mundane to Marvelous, Communication Beyond Words"
    • "The Mystery of the Lost Connection"

    Leadership & Team Building:

    • Why People Act the Way They Do … Effective Team Building"
    • "Getting to Know the Leaders Within You … Situational Leadership"
    • "Powerful Practices of Successful Leaders"  with 360 feedback
    • "When To Be Confrontational!"
    • "Creative Problem Solving"
    • "Creating Superior Work Teams"

    Organizational Development:

    • "The What and Why of Values, Mission Statements and Goals"
    • "Navigating the Seas of Strategic Planning"
    • "Board Development and Renewal"
    • "Trekking and Tracking through Transition & Change"
    • "Analyzing and Growing Your Organization"
    • "Leading through Partnerships & Collaborations"

    Human Resources in the New Millennium:

    • "Staying Sane and Solvent with a Gen X Workforce"
    • "Is Your Human Resources Policy Manual Current?"
    • "Resolving Hidden Homophobia"

    Personal Development:

    • "Prosperity as a Lifestyle:  A Whole New Way to Embrace Life's Richness"

Results … from Your Perspective

    "His highly developed skill as an instructor, along with his significant instructional design experience, made our entire program an overwhelming success in record-breaking time."

    "… the best I've seen at helping people learn while having fun doing it!"

    Hanna Ledford, former Deputy Director for Tourism
    Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism

     "He has a unique talent for seeing a vision be it strategy, plan or product/service direction  and then empowering others to share that vision."

    "… simply great when he's on his feet in front of a group, large or small."

    Hedy White, Vice President, Sales Operations
    IBM Americas

    "Larry can bring a group to clear focus, motivated and positioned for action, as quickly as anyone I've seen."

    Ken Britt, Executive Director/General Manager
    Alston & Byrd, LLP

    "His talent as a moving workshop facilitator is made more powerful by his unique blend of an understanding of work and business with a profoundly developed sense of personal spirituality."

    "… a gentle, yet motivating coach."

    Rev. Maryann Crawford, Senior Minister
    Midtown Spiritual Community

    "Larry has a talent for engaging audiences.  He has a remarkable ability to use story telling and personal experiences to help simplify concepts and speed everyone toward true learning and sustained behavior change."

    Susan Conley, Director of Client Satisfaction
    Ernst & Young


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