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Larry Crain specializes in defining, building, and supporting innovative solutions to your most challenging business opportunities.

Larry Crain is the founder and principal consultant of Innovation Development Enterprises of America. For over 35 years, he has helped businesses and government agencies to understand and apply leading edge technologies to business-critical functions.

In the mid-'70s, Larry connected the Air Force Data Systems Design Center as the 62nd computer on what would become the Internet; and taught AFDSDC's staff how to use email, remote computer access, and file transfer. He also installed and supported the Center's mouse-and-window-based software engineering and documentation systems -- nearly a decade before Apple popularized that technology in 1984's Macintosh.

Twenty years later, he designed and built the Command Manday Allocation System, which approves and manages active duty tours for Air Force Reserve and National Guard members; then, he supported and enhanced the CMAS system for over a decade, and deployed it world-wide.

In between, for employers and clients including Anheuser-Busch, Apple, Boeing, Magnetek, ITT, and the US Air Force, Larry has led and executed a wide range of IT projects, including:

* An Engineering Computer Facility to consolidate support for all contracted development efforts
* An "Energy Savings Predictor", integrated with on-line product catalog and quote preparation tool
* "The IDEAworks" targeted innovation workshops, for clients such as a regional airport
* A dedicated custom workstation for cycling and testing exotic satellite batteries
* A tablet computer system to conduct and report wholesaler managers' field inspections
* A payload planning and management system for large military airlifters, prototyped on a pocket PC

In 2001, Mr. Crain initiated a project to help IDEA's clients understand and exploit the emerging desktop business video technology. In addition to developing and presenting a family of training programs, Larry has also produced well over 100 business video projects, ranging from informal recordings of local professional meetings, through conference breakout sessions, to multi-DVD sets of regional and international conventions.

He's also actively involved in developing a next-generation military payload planning system, running on the Touch or iPhone.

Mr. Crain is a Professional Member of the Institute of Management Consultants; a partner/supplier of the National Speakers Association, and a certified member of the Apple Consultant Network. He earned his MS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University; and his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Academy. He is also a graduate of the USAF Air Command & Staff College, and of many technical, business, and management courses.

This long, broad, and deep experience makes Larry the ideal person to help guide your businesss or organization into exciting new business technologies, including mobile computing, business video, and other leading-edge IT innovations.


Innovate... or Else!
Information and communications technologies -- PCs, the Internet, PDAs, digital audio/video, etc. -- have repeatedly transformed the way we do business. Again and again, organizations which have understood and embraced these transformational new technologies, and then have effectively applied them to meet their own unique challenges and opportunities, have gained a significant competitive advantage.

For over 35 years, Larry Crain has helped businesses and government agencies to understand and apply leading edge, business-critical technologies. His present focus is on helping your business take advantage of two affordable, effective, game-changing new technologies: Business Video and "Move IT".

Business Video Programs:

With just an inexpensive digital camcorder, and an easy-to-use application which was included FREE with your latest PC, you can create professional-looking video programs for your employees, your customers, and the public. Studies and experience have demonstrated that high-quality video yields impressive results.

Producing business-quality video, however, requires more than just cheap-and-easy technology. Making a timely, cost-effective, video -- one which reflects positively on your company or organization -- demands new skills and understanding.

To respond to this demand, IDEA has created a family of Business Video training and support programs to introduce your people to some of the most effective business uses of desktop video, to teach them the basics of the video production process, to get them thinking about how video might be applied to your organization's unique opportunities and challenges, and to support your business video projects and teams.

Just Shoot Me! Your Future Will Be Televised
This Breakout or Keynote will introduce your people to the exciting opportunities this new technology offers. Customized to YOUR SPECIFIC audience, this program explains and demonstrates five to ten specific way that business video might be applied to help your company or organization communicate and operate more effectively. We also quickly review the proven, 4-phase the pros use to plan, shoot, edit, and distribute video. You'll learn how to quickly get started using video, at minimal cost and no risk. And if your meeting format and schedule permits, we'll explore YOUR PEOPLE's ideas and notions for possible projects to boost your bottom line.
45-70 minutes; 10-200 people

Backstage Pass: Hands-On Experience for Your Crew
Wrapped around a "Just Shoot Me!" (JSM!) presentation, IDEA offers this hands-on program to give practical experience to a team of 3 to 6 of your people. Prior to the JSM! presentation, we'll meet with your crew of volunteers to assign roles (camera, audio, director, etc), issue equipment, and give a crash course on operating the gear and performing the duties. Your people will then act as our video production crew during the JSM! presentation. Finally, after the presentation, we'll set down with your crew to review the results, and show them how we edit the raw video, and how to publish the result on DVD and the Web.
Two 30-45 minute sessions; 3-6 volunteers

Lights! Camera! ACTION! Using DIY Video to Boost your Business. 
Jump-start your company or organization's business video efforts with this exciting new half-day workshop. Also customized to your specific audience and goals, it combines more extensive coverage of the first two "JSM!" topics -- effective business video applications, and the production process -- with hands-on, more in-depth training on techniques and tools for planning, shooting, editing, and distribution of your videos. A key part of this workshop is to actually do two projects: a 60-second promotional video for posting on the Web; and recording and publishing a training video (of the LCA! workshop's presentations). Also included with this program is a follow-on consultation to help you plan your first business video project; plus a certificate for half off IDEA's normal fee if you choose to have IDEA co-produce that project.
Full day (Six hours); 7-15 people

Save 25% by combining the "Just Shoot Me!" introduction, the "Backstage Pass" experience, and the "Lights! Camera! ACTION!" workshop into a 2-day package.

Event Video Production Services
IDEA also offers affordable rates and flexible terms for producing videos of your events, for distribution in DVD, on-line, or both. Each event is unique, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs, and the easy. affordable solutions that IDEA can offer.


"Move IT!" Programs:

Your Desktop PC is a dinosaur; your Laptop, a leftover of days gone by. Today's leading edge smart phones -- iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. -- combine programability, gigabytes of storage, business video (see above), and always-on voice and data connectivity in an affordable, easy-to-use, pocket-sized package.

These phones, and their connected cousins (iPod Touch, WiFi-enabled "netbooks") offer you an exciting new way to "Move your Information Technology" (Move-IT) to the warehouse, shop floor, salesman's pocket, and even customer's hand. To help you plan and execute your own Move-IT project, IDEA has developed programs to help your people understand the "what?" and "why?" ... and to effectively execute the "how?"

Pocket Change! Using Move-IT to transform your business
This Breakout or Keynote will introduce your people to the exciting opportunities this new technology offers to change , both to streamline your internal processes and to connect to your customers. We'll "show-and-tell" the technology, talk about trends, and alert you to the traps you must avoid. And if your meeting format and schedule permits, we'll explore YOUR PEOPLE's ideas and notions for possible projects to help your business or organization to "Move IT".
45-70 minutes; 10-200 people

Touch the Future! iPhone and iPod Touch as Business Tools
Leading the Move-IT revolution is the wildly popular -- and exceptionally powerful -- Apple iPhone, and its WiFi-only sibling, the iPod Touch. Well over 20 million of these devices are already in use, and people have already downloaded over half a billion (with a "B"!) applications from the on-line store. This hands-on workshop will teach your IT staff how to tailor your existing web site and in-house applications to take advantage of this exciting new platform. We'll also explore some other mobile options, in particular the upcoming, open-source Android platform.
2-6 hours (customized to your needs); 3-10 people




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