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Is your organization surviving day by day ?
Or, training employees for 21st Century success?

Now is the time to develop skilled employees who think like business owners who can create a productive work environment; employees who value one another and use team-based learning to resolve problems quickly

Larry Cole can assist you and your company to develop 21st Century thinking. Larry is a veteran of corporate America who has worked for more than 25 years as a CEO, consult­ant and business owner. Nationally recognized for his work, Larry, a Ph.D. in psychology, has authored Frustration is Your Organization's Best Friend: Measuring Corporate Culture Change and contributed to Customer Service: The Real Magic of Marketing in the book Magic Marketing by Rick Crandall, Ph.D.

Larry publishes a quarterly newsletter on personal and organizational development which is mailed to more than 500 clients nationwide. He also contributes articles to business publications and wrote a newspaper column on personal effectiveness for 14 years.

Invite Larry Cole to share what he has learned about creating bottom-up commitment through top-down change. Exciting and innovative concepts include:

• Defining a TeamWork corporate culture and quantifying team building strategies.
• TeamMax® methodologies to measure the very lubricants of TeamWork; e.g., trust, cooperation, respect and communication.
• Defining the characteristics of enthusiasm - that powerful and special source of personal motivation.


What others have said about Larry

"... his delivery was absolutely 'audience perfect.' The entertainment style of his delivery and subject material registered the highest satisfaction..." Rick Schultz, President & CEO Spectrum Surgical

".. .your enthusiasm and personal stories are very motivating. Many staff members have asked when you are coming back." Valerie Donaldson, Director of Personnel Gatesway Foundation

"Your recent return appearance ... was by popular demand. The presentation was motivational, educational, readily applicable, memorable and fun!" Kay Maris, Executive Vice President Harrison Chamber of Commerce

"Being the after lunch speaker on a Friday afternoon is never an enviable position, however, your engaging and entertaining approach kept everyone in their seats, raptly paying attention, until the 4:30 conclusion. Your enthusiasm was infectious." Earl McCowen University of California, San Francisco

"Very dynamic program! Job well done! Very funny and inspiring. He's the best speaker I've heard in years." Golden Gate Central Processing Assn.

"Presentation was great! Kept my interest throughout the four-hour seminar. I wish my spouse could have heard it." Arkansas Methodist Hospital

"By far the best speaker of the conference. 1 could have listened to him the entire two days."
Arkansas Quality Conference


Speaking topics

The Power of Enthusiasm
A lively interactive program that discusses the five behavioral charactertistics of an enthusiastic person. Enthusiasm makes people feel good - and it's contagious! You can learn how to develop enthusiasm and teach it to others.

Leading Change While Dancing with Resistance
Learn tlie five stages of change; the major sources of resistance and how to manage and communicate resistance to successfully achieve desired results. If you want to bring about positive change, this presentation is for you.

Frustration is Your Organization's Best Friend: Fish Rot From The Head Down
Learn how to define a TeamWork culture. Here is the opportunity to use FRUSTRATION in the working relationship to fuel improved TeamWork. You will be amazed at the results this TeamWork Operating System will bring to your organization. Plus, you will learn how to 'measure the real lubricants of TeamWork, such as trust, cooperation, communication and more!

Optimistic Leadership: Leading Today for Tomorrow
People follow leaders who provide the hope that the future will he better than today. Learn the essential characteristics to be an Optimistic Leader, then become the visionary who sets the course for your organization into the next century.

Customer Service Operating System
Is it time to build a customer-driven culture that produces repeat business and referrals? Don't leave it to chance. Learn the six-step process to create your extraordinary customer service culture.

Selected Clients

Johnson S Johnson
Wilson Hotel Management
Univ. of Penn. Health Care Systems
Spectrum Surgical
U. S. Poultry & Egg Assn.
Gatesway Foundation
Wireless One
Ark. State Chamber of Commerce

Today's Kids
Florida Drum Delta Co.
Greenbay Packaging
Scroll Technologies
Arkansas Bankers Assn.
J.A. Riggs Tractor Company
Gaylord Container
MacMillan Bloedel


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