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Kit R. Welchlin is a high-energy speaker who utilizes a variety of proven approaches and techniques that truly motivate listeners. Kit teaches audiences how to apply practical strategies to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Kit's Background

Clients appreciate that Kit takes the initiative to tailor presentations to meet their specific needs. Participants enjoy Kit’s sense of humor, speaking competence, and the powerful and positive message he delivers. Kit began his public speaking at the age of 9 in 4-H. By time he was 16 he was organizing and facilitating presentations on leadership, citizenship, community service and motivation for the 4-H and the Future Farmers of America.

Kit has a B.S. Degree in Speech Communication, Business Administration and Political Science. Kit earned a M.A. Degree in Speech Communication and Business Administration.
Kit purchased his first manufacturing company at age 21, and by age 26 was C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board of 3 manufacturing companies in 3 states.

He has been an instructor with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities where he has been repeatedly nominated Outstanding Faculty.

He is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.


Change: Are You Surviving? Or Thriving?
Be your Own Brand!

Change is becoming the norm and to resist it can ruin your career. The world rewards those who catch on to what’s happening; those who invest energy in finding and seizing the opportunities brought by change.

the three key drivers of change
the difference between change and transition
the thirteen guidelines for managing radical change
the four stages of transition
the thirteen big mistakes in managing the transition

Meet the challenge.

Customer Service
Sensational Strategies for Internal & External Customers

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a customer is a regular or frequent buyer. According to Welchlin, a customer is your best friend! Our customers and how we serve them is not only our lifeline but also the bottom line.

Research shows that we never hear from 96% of the people that are unhappy with our organization, our service, or us. Do you really know how you’re doing? Learn world-class strategies that work.

the critical points of encounter
five reasons why customers become unsatisfied
why complainers are our most valued customers
the strategies to gain and maintain positive customer relations
the do’s and don’ts of professional customer service.

Turn that one-time customer into a lifetime customer!

Handling Difficult People
Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

It is estimated the 20 -21% of our population can be classified as difficult people. No matter where you go there will be at least one to deal with.

Difficult people look for your buttons. They don’t push your buttons; they punch them!

the ten different types of difficult people
the five action steps to respond rather than react
the five stages in controlling your emotions and responding appropriately
how to differentiate yourself from everyone else
the fifty strategies to deal with the truly ruthless

Identify the “nasty people” and learn how to stop being hurt by them without becoming one of them!

Communication Between Men & Women
Men are from Fleet Farm; Women are from Nordstrom’s

Men and women often misunderstand each other. Though we don't plan or expect to make life difficult for each other, we often mistake the ideas and feelings of a person of the other sex.

We can understand and improve communication between men and women.

the four viewpoints on gender communication
the seven levels of gender communication in the workplace
the differences in conversation
the differences in vocabulary and nonverbal communication
how relationships are created and maintained

Understand male and female realities, the new male-female relationship, and provide gender-responsible leadership!

Kit's Top Speeches:

Communications Across the Generations at Work: Traditionals, Boomers, Xers, and the Millennials

Each generation seems to have its own idea concerning authority, career goals, rewards, and balance. Many of my clients accept the differences in the generations’ expectations and tailor their work processes for the benefit of all. Learn proven approaches that help to attract, develop, and retain your talent, no matter their age.

Time Management: Achieving Results and Getting More Done in Less Time

We all get the same 168 hours each week. How effectively are you using yours? It is important to recognize the tasks and activities in our lives in which we have some, if not total control, and maximize our time and life management. Given the demands of this new economy and our fast-paced personal lives, effective time use is a critical skill.

Stress, Time, and Procrastination: Are You a Burnout?

Starting to feel tired? Tired of your customers? Tired of your coworkers? Tired of your family? Stress attacks us physically and psychologically and drains us of our productivity and love of our personal and professional lives. Burnout isn’t something you recover from over the weekend. Nearly half of the nation’s workers say job stress is destroying their mental and physical health and eroding their productivity. Balance the quickness, quantity, and quality of your life.

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What Clients Say About Kit’s Presentations

“I’d like to thank you for the excellent presentation you made to the Fabcon group on October 15. I was extremely impressed. I just feel badly that we did not make it mandatory for everyone to attend your session.”

“Thank you very much for the great workshop you put together for my staff. Stress, Time and Procrastination Management and Team Building were the critical areas where this staff needed help. You came well prepared with impressive customized workbooks for the participants. Your easy flowing sense of humor combined with knowledge helped everyone to participate in the seminar, enjoy it and benefit at the same time. The feedback from my staff has been positive and enthusiastic."
Pam Aylward, American Express

“Like to thank you once again for the excellent job you did for our agents. I felt your message had something in it for each and every agent/manager to take home with them. Just a great way to wind up the meeting."
Jim Fredrickson, Farmers Union Agency

“Your presentation “Knockout Negotiation Skills” was a T.K.O. for our organization. Everyone wanted to have you along whenever they made a major purchase. Learning how to handle the “dirty tricks” and business negotiating skills are subjects not taught in school. Your own personal experience and entertaining delivery made for a most enjoyable meeting."
Kathy McAllister, President, Sales and Marketing Executives

“I wanted to share a few of the comments with you from some of the participant evaluations:
“Excellent program and presenter”
“Excellent speaker with very worthwhile suggestions for improvement in our work and lifestyle”
“ Excellent, enthusiastic. Where did the time go?”
And of course my favorite…
“This young man is wonderful! Could have listened to him all day”
I enjoyed meeting and briefly talking with you at the conference and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you again for the wonderful job you did to educate our members.”

Peggy Westby, Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership

“Thank you for helping with our Leadership Series. Your program, “Handling Performance Problems with Difficult Employees”, was rated higher overall than any of the previous fourteen programs we have offered in our series.”
Ken Gansen, St. Peter Regional Treatment Center



Kit has provided hundreds of presentations to such corporate clients as 3M, General Mills, American Express, General Dynamics, United Defense, Fortis, and Northwestern Mutual Life.
Some of Kit’s many healthcare clients include Medica, American Society of Healthcare Materials Management, Ontario Canada Association for Community Living, National Association of Surgical Technicians, and the Minnesota Health and Housing Alliance.
Kit has delivered hundreds of presentations to city, county and state government departments including Corrections, Economic Security, Employee Relations, Health and Human Services, Labor and Industry, Natural Resources, Public Safety and Transportation.


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