Kevin R. Miller

My Philosophy and Goal:
“The task of leadership is not to create greatness in people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there.”
—John Buchan

This statement above represents both what I believe about leadership and about learning. Great teaching and training frees the human spirit, and the human mind, to explore and uncover the greatness already within. This is the experience I want others to have in every keynote presentation, seminar or workshop I present. Whether in conferences of hundreds of people, or in intimate, small group settings, my goal is to create a powerful learning environment where new ideas and skills are linked to the uniqueness of each learner.

“Positive, passionate and proactive...gentled with realism.”
This is part of my personal credo and portrays the type of feeling and spirit I strive to bring with me to each of my presentations. I believe that none of our participants will be more excited about the learning than I am. People must feel the excitement of having their minds and hearts set on fire with new ideas. They should leave each session not only with powerful and relevant skills, but the passion and conviction that will energize them to put these skills into action. I do this by presenting sessions that are chock full of powerful learning experiences. I use the very best in adult education and active learning techniques and teach to change behavior, and to change lives.

My Background:

I began my passion for teaching and leadership development over twenty years ago on a teaching assignment in Indonesia, where I discovered the power and excitement that new ideas can bring into people's lives and developed a love for the diversity of human-kind. Since then, I have been a leader, teacher and consultant in dozens of corporate, non-profit, educational, community, military and church settings. Some of my most priceless experiences were gained during my career as a United States Army officer, stationed in the U.S. and Europe, where I learned and saw the power of personal leadership, and developed and taught leadership and teaching skills to hundreds of officers throughout the Army.

While in the Army, I started a consulting company and began to develop and teach a wide variety of leadership and human relations workshops in corporate and educational settings. I earned a second master's degree in Adult and Continuing Education, which deepened my passion and skills for teaching to the unique nature of adult learners. I bring this unique blend of experience, teaching skill and enthusiasm to my sessions, and strive to be a powerful, entertaining and motivating "change-agent" in people's lives. I strongly believe that all learning, training and professional development should provide real-world, hands-on and useful skills that can be put to immediate benefit both in organizations and personal lives.

My Top Five Favorite Keynote Presentations

1. Taming the Silent Killer: Managing Personal and Workplace Stress
2. That We Might Have Joy: Living a Balanced Life
3. Where Have all the Leaders Gone?: Principles and Practices of Effective Leaders
4. Turn 'Em On: Motivating and Rewarding People and Teams
5. Of One Mind: The Art of Interpersonal Communication

Taming the Silent Killer: Managing Personal and Workplace Stress

Key concepts I present include:

* Understanding and defining stress
* The fight or flight response and physiological reactions to stress
* Participants take three tests to measure their stress levels
* How to use and interpret bio-dots
* The eight stress erasers such as humor, deep breathing, mental imagery and relaxation to
o reduce stress
o Gaining control over the elements causing us stress
o The use if music, aroma therapy and other tools

That We Might Have Joy: Living a Balanced Life

* It is possible to become a human-doing rather than a human-being
* What are the symptoms of a balanced and unbalanced life
* Three keys for balancing our lives
* Living in the four dimensions of life as an integrated whole
* Finding sources of more energy and how to conserve our energy
* Learning to say "no" (participants actually practice this)
* Learning to say "yes" to the important things, too!
* Using language that illustrate balance and inner control
* How to prevent others from robbing you of balance
* It’s OK to be gloriously out-of-balance, by CHOICE

Where Have all the Leaders Gone:
Principles and Practices of Effective Leaders

* The difference between leadership and management
* The practices of exemplary leaders
* Instances of truly exemplary leadership in history
* Are you an effective leader? Participants take a self-assessment
* The importance of vision
* Awakening the powers in others
* Setting a resolve to become a better leader

Turn ‘Em On: Motivating and Rewarding People and Teams

* Can you really motivate another person?
* The Five Basic Needs of every human are a key to understanding motivation
* Participants take a written survey that measures their own motivation level at work. Very thought provoking!
* Matching motivators to people
* What about rewards: which are most effective?
* Lots of great ideas on rewards that work
* How to motivate and reward teams, not just individuals

Of One Mind: The Art of Interpersonal Communication

* What is communication and when is it effective
* The Five Basic Needs of People
* The four styles of communication
* Recognizing our own style
* Tools for effective communication
o The "I message"
o Limit-setting
o Anticipating
o Using consequences
o Mega-communication
o Effective listening


Customers Only Want Two Things: Delivering exceptional Customer Service

Providing truly extraordinary customer service and recovering from service errors. A fun and paradigm-changing session perfect for service providers at all levels.

Taming the Silent Killer: Managing Personal and Workplace Stress

Presents effective tools on how to identify and manage stress in the workplace and at home, including biofeedback.

VisionBound: Detecting and Connecting to a Powerful Mission

Guides a group through developing vision, values and mission statements. An excellent workshop that brings new vision and energy to any organization.

Extraordinary Leadership: Principles and Practices of Effective Leaders

Teaches the differences between management and leadership and the five key practices of exemplary leaders. Great for leaders at all levels.

From Conflict to Synergy: Resolving Interpersonal and Group Conflict

Builds skills in resolving interpersonal and group conflicts using a powerful model, examples and role-playing.


“Kevin was our keynote presenter at our corporation's annual convention at Clearwater, Florida. His presentation on ‘Lessons in Leadership’ was dynamic, powerful and drove home to our managers the key differences between leadership and management. He provided us with many keys to determine if we were truly visionary leaders, and really fired up our team to become better at what we do. I was totally pleased with the results.”
—David Hoggan, CEO, Petragon Corporation, Kansas City, MO

"Kevin is one of the most powerful and influential presenters and facilitators I have ever met. He helped my company develop a powerful vision, mission statement and strategy, and his customer service seminar fired up my team as never before. He has an incredible way of connecting with others and inspiring them with power-packed tools and ideas. I can't possibly recommend him more highly."
--Ted Dodge, CEO Boardwalk Group, Provo Utah

“Kevin Miller speaks so powerfully, with such confidence, and is so interactive, you know this is how the guy got where he is. There is no doubt that he exceeded our expectations. We had numerous attendees ask for a reappearance after his superb keynote presentation on stress management. We feel fortunate to have had a chance to hear him.”
—Marianne Fowers, program coordinator for 15th Annual Partners in Business Conference, sponsored by numerous corporations and Utah State University

“I was delighted with Kevin's keynote presentation on leadership that he gave at our annual company seminar. His tremendous energy and skill as a presenter inspired our managers with the desire to become better leaders. I heard numerous positive comments from our participants, who are eager to hear from him again.”
—Scott Peterson, President, Life and Safety Corporation

Kevin Miller is one of the most talented inspirational trainers I have ever met with the natural ability to generate excitement and the courage required to change. I have attended several workshops and seminars in admiration of how he has unfolded to my understanding the concepts he was teaching while at the same time created an incredible desire to succeed at them.
-Richard D. Jarvis, President, Extraordinary Development, INC

“Kevin Miller's presentation on ‘Toward Powerful Training: How to Effectively Train Adult Learners’ that he gave at ISPI-Utah's June meeting was a great living example of practicing what you preach. The presentation was a pleasure to participate in because Kevin applied the adult learning principles so well that it is now an example that is firmly etched in my mind. I would highly recommend Kevin as a speaker and a presenter.”
—Jeff Sharp, President, Utah Chapter of International Society for Performance Improvement

“I invited Kevin to help me train my school principals on the art and science of effective leadership, and how they can become true, visionary leaders of their schools and not simply managers. I was delighted with the two workshops he presented. He not only inspired the principles, but he brought us a number of excellent tools to help us achieve our goals.”
—Tom Devlin, Superintendent, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas School District

“We invited Kevin to be a keynote presenter on Stress Management for our annual conference. He riveted the audience with his dynamic presentation style and the numerous ‘hands-on’ skills he guided the group through. It was powerful, interactive, humorous and completely useful. I couldn't recommend him more highly to any organization needing a powerful presenter. We hope to use him again.”

—C. Neil Jensen, Utah Pharmaceutical Association, Provo, Utah

“Some individuals appear to have been born with the ability to teach-Kevin is one of them! Kevin utilizes a wide range of teaching methods and tools to assist his students. This enables him to address the diverse learning style needs his learners bring to the classroom. He makes it a point to connect personally with each of his learners. Kevin carefully balances challenge with support. While concerned with delivering course work creatively, he also knows a good instructor must first have a firm foundation in the content area. Kevin Miller is an outstanding educator.”

—Dr. Cheryl Polson, Associate Professor, Kansas State University

“I have never worked with anyone who is more effective at anticipating needs within an organization and who so effectively goes about solving them. Kevin has a very strong capacity to motivate and inspire others to perform well. He is extremely sensitive to the unique needs of others, understands the change process in individuals and organizations, and can move people into new areas of interacting and producing. He is a superb trainer who has the capacity to clearly communicate ideas and skills to others. He designs creative training materials in is creative in engaging those whom he trains. Most importantly, he gets people to change their behavior after participating in one of his training sessions.”

—Dr. Donald D. Deshler, Director, Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas


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