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Kevin has operated businesses since 1982. What started as a commercial real estate brokerage soon grew to a $20 million per year real estate development business. In the late 1980s, Kevin felt called to move from development of property to development of businesses and eventually leaders. In 1988, he first used a tennis tournament to clarify his goals and improve his choices and life. His books, The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business, have combined sales over 150,000 copies. Kevin earned his MBA from The Darden School at the University of Virginia and a business and economics degree from Lehigh University.

On-Purpose for Life

Your purpose is always with you. It is what makes you uniquely you. Nothing adds more meaning and focus to life than discovering your purpose and living it out day by day. When you know your purpose, you can transform your life

.How do I get started becoming an On-Purpose Person?

1. Read the book. The On-Purpose Person shows you how to discover your life's purpose and transform it from idea to practice!
2. Work with the On-Purpose Person Companion Study Guide. This workbook enables you to work with the message and techniques described in the book, either independently or in a small group, in 30 easy-to-follow sessions.
3. Participate by phone or in person in one of several On-Purpose Person Programs. On-Purpose Personal Trainers are available for individual, small group and workshop settings.
4. Arrange for one of several On-Purpose Person workshops to be given in your area.

On-Purpose for Business

Doing More Of What You Do Best More Profitably™ defines what it means to be an on-purpose business (or organization).

You are the leader! People look to you for strategy, direction, and growth. But are you getting the most for your effort, energy and investment exerted at work? How do you get past obstacles to further growth?

The centerpiece is a strategic question, "What Do You Do Best?" Identifying "the best" is critical. It is always about the purpose of the organization.

Next is "Doing More." This deals aligning the internal team and resources in support of what you do best and then taking it to your prospects and customers through marketing and sales.

Finally, "More Profitably" implies the obvious financial implications. It also includes a broader value-added concept of contribution or making a difference as an organization.

The On-Purpose Approach to business is a choice. It's about getting crystal clear in the successful essentials, letting go of the unimportant, and operating with simplicity.

We can help. We've developed proven tools, techniques, perspectives and programs that help you design and build an on-purpose business. It may be a sophisticated as an On-Purpose Playbook or as simple as a reading The On-Purpose Business (see right sidebar).

Your business may be a small or middle-market company or a divisions in large corporation. We partner with you, providing fresh, simple and workable approaches - informed by years of our own business experience - to help you reach, sustain, and exceed your goals for:

* sales and profit growth
* marketing and brand development
* creating an aligned and inspired corporate culture

...making your business on-purpose!

Services include:

Ideal for teams who are ready to roll up their sleeves and strategically plan for the present and the future. Facilitation sessions and retreats are customized to your goals and group dynamics.

We facilitate half-day or full-day sessions:

* Customized and facilitated staff and board retreats
* Strategic planning sessions
* Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values development
* Market development
* Customer analysis

On-Purpose Business Consulting
We take a comprehensive, on-purpose approach to help you:

* assess where you are today and where you want to be
* develop and refine your purpose, vision, mission, values
* refine your corporate story and brand
* plan your growth strategy
* transform your corporate culture.

Every client's needs are unique, so we customize our approach to each consulting engagement. You are in control of how best to engage On-Purpose Partners' services. We will work with you to design the most advantageous means to meet your needs.

Flexible engagement terms:

* Fixed fee for programs and services,
* Hourly or per diem rates,
* Retainer basis for long-term engagements,
* Or a combination of the above plus expenses.

Entering into a consulting relationship with On-Purpose Partners is adding a new member to your team. Our focus remains bringing you clear thinking and practical tools so you on-purpose!

Small Business Consulting
We'll help you define or refine your purpose, vision, mission and values, and we'll focus on the issues you most want to address. Our micro-business basic advisory packages begin for as little as $1,000.

Keynote Addresses
We've traveled from Hungary to Hawaii sharing the message of being on-purpose to business audiences ranging from salespeople to executives who are committed to creating and running successful businesses that are on-purpose!

Sample topics:

* Becoming an On-Purpose Business
* The Transforming Power of the Corporate Story
* The Corporate Crusade
* Business Bravery

Ideal for meetings, conferences and conventions. Programs will be adapted to your audience and meeting objectives.

Sample workshops - full-day and half-day sessions:

* Creating Your Own On-Purpose Business
* TOP Priority: Setting and Keeping Priorities
* Creating and Communicating your Story
* Preparing and Presenting Presentations with Purpose
* The On-Purpose Salesperson - Building a Sustainable Business

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