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Unleash Your Potential
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When working with Kevin you receive inspired solutions, engaged groups, relevant approaches and interactive fun.


Below is a listing of Kevin’s most requested keynotes. All keynotes are customized and not just customized in the sense that we say your organization's name but real customization where your audience will hear a message with specific industry and organizational examples.

• Unleash Your Personal and Professional Potential
• Dream Bigger! - Turning Dreams into Reality
• Team Time - Individual Skills for High Performance Teams
• Creating Wowed Customers
• Consulting Skills – Understanding and Mastering Your Consulting Role
• Leadership Strengths – Your Path to Being a Remarkable Leader
• Creativity Awakened - Turning Problems into Opportunities
• Become a Change Champion – Making Lasting Change A Reality



Call it training, a class, a workshop, or a seminar – whatever you call it, Kevin can deliver it! While we do have workshops that we have delivered many times, we always work with you to develop a customized training plan to meet your specific needs. Training with Kevin leads to powerful skills, increased productivity, loyal employees and delighted Customers. • Creating WOW - Skills that Generate Customer Loyalty

• Consulting Skills: Helping Your Clients Succeed
• Flawless Facilitation - Making Group Processes Easier for Everyone
• Meeting Skills - Leading & Participating in Meetings that Work
• Presentation Skills for Professionals - Communicating & Influencing with Confidence
• Presentation Skills for Executives - Presenting with Impact & Influence
• Team Building for Work Teams
• Team Skills: Becoming an Effective Team Member
• Train the Trainer - Helping Others Learn
• Working PeopleSmart: Increasing Your Interpersonal Intelligence

When learning with Kevin you can expect experiences that are:

Interactive - "We needed someone who could interact with our management team and relate to the needs of our hourly employees. We were looking for someone who could motivate and inspire. With Kevin we received all this and more." David Shinkle, Training Manager, Argosy Casino & Hotel

Valuable - "His dynamic presence and presentation both energized and informed the group. People left not only more knowledgeable, but more importantly, believing in themselves. They were clearly going to try out what they had learned." - Chris Saeger, Manager of Program Development, American Red Cross

Memorable - "It is easy to walk away from a great seminar and never use the information. You motivated me to apply learnings from the class. Thanks for providing a wonderful educational opportunity for me Kevin." Lisa Humphrey, Performance Improvement, TriHealth

Fun - "More than met my expectations...a pleasant and fun learning experience. You truly have a gift to give, Kevin." Heather Michel, Chevron Canada LTD

- "Everything about working with you was wonderful - from your flexibility to customize the talk to our desires, to delivering a useful and inspiring message to all present." BradD. Schildknecht, Chairman, InfoConnection


About Kevin

Kevin Eikenberry is an expert in developing organizational and individual potential who lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kevin holds a B.S. with honors from Purdue University.
Upon graduation from Purdue, Kevin began his professional career with Chevron Chemical Company, where he held a number of sales, marketing, training, and consulting positions. In 1993, he formed his own training and consulting organization, now known as The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group is a learning consulting company that provides a wide range of services, including training delivery and design, facilitation, performance coaching, organizational consulting, and speaking services. 
As a speaker, Kevin gives keynotes for organizations and non-profit groups on life-long learning, developing human potential, leadership, teams and teamwork, creativity and more.

Beyond customizing each talk to fit your needs, Kevin can design follow up to maximize your investment. Because of his passion for creating results, not just speeches, Kevin can work with you to design ways to help the lessons of the speech create real improvement.
Kevin’s students and Clients consistently rave about his effectiveness, many calling him “the best trainer I’ve ever experienced.”

Kevin's Philosophy

People are the Core Business Resource. When we build systems that value, enable, and empower people, we are making a great investment.

Learning is about Personal and Organizational Improvement, not a Speaking or Training Event. We don't think of our role as training, but rather that training is a part of what we do. Our role is to help people and organizations create better business results with new capabilities and knowledge.

Learning Should Be Fun
. People will work hard with us - as they should - they are learning skills valuable to their success. But we believe that learning is more effective and lasting when it is fun, so our goal is always to make the experience both beneficial to organizational results and enjoyable at the same time.

Client Relationships

Kevin strives to create relationships and partnerships with his Clients that he can teach and learn from as well. Below is a partial list of Clients Kevin is honored to have worked with:
American Red Cross
Alberta Envirofuels
Argosy Casinos
Chevron Canada Limited
ChevronPhillips Chemical Company
Indiana Farm Bureau
John Deere
Purdue University
R.L. Polk
Rolls Royce
Sears Canada
Southwest Airlines
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Mint


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