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Kevin Clark: Business Strategist and Brand Visionary

Kevin is an international speaker about brand strategy and end user computing. He works with marketing experts, industry analysis, academics, futurists, and members of the media about the wants and needs of customers, and emerging social and technology trends.

Kevin Clark is program director, Market Intelligence and Business Development for IBM Personal Systems Group (PSG). He is the brand steward for the IBM Think family of personal computer offerings, including IBM ThinkPad notebook computers, IBM ThinkCentre desktop computers, and IBM ThinkVision monitors. His team orchestrated the IBM Think Strategy that balances external innovation for customers with internal operational efficiency. He and his team work on marketing and business strategies, brand strategy, market intelligence, market research, marketing plans, customer experience strategy, and global customer requirements for end user computing. He joined IBM Mobile Computing eight years ago in a strategic marketing role to create and maintain brand equity for IBM ThinkPad notebook computers in the marketplace. He is also president and managing member of Content Evolution LLC Worldwide, a content creation and entity, specializing in publishing and non-profit consulting; not related to IBM.

Kevin has finished the manuscript for a brand strategy book titled Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands being published by Dearborn Press in the summer of 2004. He is also a contributing writer to Wireless Rules: Customer Relationship Marketing Anytime. Anywhere, published by McGraw-Hill in 2001, and is the author of the new media chapter for The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Communications published by McGraw-Hill in 1997. "The IBM Think Strategy: When Business Strategy and Branding Come Together" by Kevin Clark and Mark McNeilly will be published in Strategy and Management magazine in the spring of 2004, and Listening and Leading in User-Focused Design by Kevin dark and Kazuhiko Yamazaki was published in Proceedings: Exploring Emerging Design Paradigm, Oullim of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, 2001 Seoul, Korea.

Kevin joined IBM in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1979. He has held a variety of marketing, management and communications positions since joining the company. He has been program director, communications, for Networked Applications Services; manager, communications, for the Interactive Broadband Services group, part of the corporate strategy staff; and manager, IBM United States public relations.
He is the IBM PCD Executive Advocate for NASA and United Space Alliance, Nationwide Insurance, and Deutsche Telekom. He has lectured at Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Northwestern University, University of Colorado at Boulder, Fordham University, Pace University, and Keio University in Japan.

Kevin is a member of the IBM Market Intelligence Leadership team, the IBM Market Management Executive Committee, and the IBM e-Business on Demand Executive Committee. He serves on the Boston College Marketing Advisory Board, has served on the steering committee for the MIT Media Lab, and has been an instructor for the IBM Corporate Marketing Management Institute. He attended the IBM Senior Leadership Forum at Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School executive class on Creating World Class Capabilities, IBM's MBA Fundamentals program, and several programs at IBM's Corporate Management School, including the global Business Management Institute. He is listed in several Who's Who publications, including Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the South, and is a member of the North Carolina Writers Association, International Visitors Council, and a professional member emeritus of the National Speakers Association.


"The Future of Marketing in a Wireless World
" is a Kevin Clark presentation and practice that expands on the chapter of the same name in the book Wireless Rules. Wireless wanderlust and the upcoming bandwidth bonanza set the background for business stories that are emerging as a result of wireless and high speed fiber optic communications spreading across the globe. Find out about the strategic benefits and potential disconnects when we have the ability to always be connected. Bring the power of wireless marketing and strategy to your organization as a Kevin Clark insight engagement or as a keynote speech.

'Brandscendence ™: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands' is based on the book of the same title coming out from Dearborn Trade Press during the summer of 2004. It is an update of the classic Kevin Clark keynote presentation "Return on Relationships" that focuses on how organizations can bond with customers and build brands that enduring and prosper over time. Organizations on the journey to Brandscendence have enduring reasons for being yet adapt to changing circumstances and adapt over time.

"Products are Solids, Customers are Liquids"
is keynote presentation about the energy of change and how it is transforming traditional strategic planning. Understanding what customers want before they know themselves is crucial and allocating resources for the new "just in time" customer.

Brandscendence ™
Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands by Kevin A. Clark
(Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

"Brandscendence"- the fusion of "brand" and "transcendence" - brands that go beyond ordinary limits.
World-class commercial brands such as BMW, Coke, Disney, General Electric, IBM, and even not-for-profit institutions such as the Red Cross are on the journey to Brandscendence. They have enduring reasons for being, yet adapt to changing circumstances and evolve over time.
Brandscendence is designed to simplify the branding conversation to make brand strategy accessible to anyone - and to any organization.
Clark uses success stories and examples to illustrate his theory on the three essential elements enduring brands must manage: relevance, context and mutual benefit. First is the organization's or product's enduring relevance to the customer. Next is the context in which the brand must adapt to cultural shifts or changing economic needs of customers over time. Relationships are then turbocharged when all stakeholders perceive mutual benefit, which creates a bank of goodwill to nurture future interactions - and is crucial in times of crisis.
Once you read Brandscendence you'll be able to see branding at work every day and the heavy lifting it does all around you.
Brandscendence studies the broader role of branding and, through what Clark dubs "BrandNext ™," it's strategic applications for the future. Chapters include industry sector analysis with exciting collaborative input from some the country's foremost experts in business and academia who study marketing and branding.
Kevin Clark is the brand steward for IBM ThinkPad notebook computers and IBM ThinkCentre desktop computers, and is program director for brand strategy, market intelligence and integrated marketing for the IBM Personal Computing Division. The IBM brand is assessed at $52 billion, the third most valuable brand in the world, and IBM ThinkPad is generally considered to be the most valuable sub-brand of company. He is also president of Content Evolution ™, LLC, a content creation and strategic consulting company working with not-for-profit organizations. An established authority in his field, Clark is in demand as an international lecturer having presented his ideas at conferences and some of the world's foremost business schools.


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