Kenneth Pearce


Fellow of the Royal Society of Health

Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and educator

Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and educator Kenneth Pearce presents many vital topics in “Preparing for Everyday Emergencies” and includes but not limited to issues such as “Which of Your Children Can Most Afford to Quit Work and Neglect Their Family to Care For You?” and “Securing Free Living Wills” and “Improving Vitality, Health and Beauty with Super Foods from the Roof of the Amazon Rain Forest”

In Case of Emergency and Other Valuable Topics

Program Your Cell Phone to Alert Paramedics on Who to Contact in a Disaster or Medical Emergency

A free and simple idea by a UK Medic is saving lives around the world since London 2005 bombings

Understanding HIPAA the Recently Enacted Privacy Laws, Trusts, Power of Attorney and Health Directives

Since, if you have not stated your wishes in a correct legal form a court judge may appoint a stranger to control your Life

How the Vital Importance of Water Intake by the Elderly is Often Underestimated with Dire Consequences

This topic includes weighing the pros and cons of using Tap or Bottled Water

Learn How to Act F.A.S.T. In Recognizing and Saving a Stroke Victim, Since, Early Detection is Vital

By swift action following simple guidelines set by NSA for stroke detection you may prevent further brain damage

Decide How You Want to Be Remembered and How To Put Your Affairs In Order For The Sake of Family

Involves dealing with health and right-to-die issues such as raised by the media circus surrounding Terri Schiavo, when her husband and parents battled over what she would have wanted. She survived in a coma for 15 years on a feeding tube before the courts ruled.

Learn From The Improvements in the Standard of Life, Health of the Polish People After the Great Human Tragedy of Auschwitz and other Camps of Death and Suffering



Kenneth is well traveled and recognized as an entertainingly informative and amusing speaker. For over 45 years he has appeared as a guest expert on hundreds of television and radio programs, including a series sponsored by General Electric and United Artists. As an entrepreneur, he developed an innovative franchise chain and video education programs for schools, and has been an independent business marketing consultant for major airlines. He was recently elected as a Fellow of the 130 year-old prestigious Royal Society of Health under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

Kenneth has long been interested in health issues. Besides co-founding the Volunteer Emergency Service in England, he received the Distinguished Volunteer Leadership Award in Birth Defects Prevention. After a recent four week tour of Europe, which included Auschwitz, he commented on how well he was impressed with the improvements in the standard of life, health and wealth of the Polish people, and has incorporated his experiences and impressions that into his 2007 talks. Mr.Pearce additionally authored numerous books and articles, most notably MAKING WAVES, a hilarious novel about the wild and wacky adventures as a young man when he landed a job running salons and shops aboard luxury cruise ships carrying the rich and famous to some of the most exotic ports-of-call in the world.


“Unparalleled informative entertainment”
California Senior Centers.

“Your participation and commitment captured hearts and minds resulting in greater production by distributors”
Health and Wealth Solutions LLC.

“The result of your interest and proactive role in improving the health, safety and dignity of people worldwide is that many can live longer happier lives”
Estate Planners 2007



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