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About Kathy:

Kathy Slamp is an experienced teacher and a world-class communicator. In 2001, she took a huge step of faith, resigned her job in the public sector, and launched Vessel Ministries, Inc., a speaking and writing organization. Since that inception, Kathy's speaking has taken her from coast to coast where she has spoken to groups of all sizes and venues--in nearly ALL of the 50 states and Central America. Her spiritual depth, life experiences, and quick wit make her someone with whom people easily relate. She is repeatedly called to return to a venue for second and third presentations.

For the past seven summers, Kathy has traveled in Alaska for a major cruise line as their on board naturalist. Her childhood in Alaska, coupled with her teaching experience have made her a big hit on the cruse ships. During each week long cruise, she gives four presentations (often to SRO crowds of over 1,000 each) in the ship's theatre as well as making numerous comments from the bridge about glaciers, whales, etc. She has become so popular with cruisers that people are now booking their cruise just to be on a ship where she is the naturalist.

Kathy taught public school at all levels (from kindergarten to college) and served as a high school assistant principal and master teacher in a large public school district. She has an undergraduate degree, a M.Ed. from Washington State University, and an Administrator's Certificate from West Texas A. & M. University. In addition to her inspirational speaking and her knowledge of Alaska, Kathy's up-to-date knowledge in the field of education make her just the right person to speak to teachers' groups. She is as well accepted in the secular world as she is in the Christian community.

Through her speaking and writing, Kathy inspires and challenges her audiences to grasp the basic and vital Biblical concept that God can use any one of us anywhere!

Kathy is married to Dr. David A. Slamp, a pastor in Medford, OR. They have two grown children--a married son in Wash. state and a daughter in New York City. In addition, they have two grandsons.

Suggested Speaking Topics

A Vessel of Honor... God has no method to reveal His love to a hurting, dying world than through us. This message (II Cor. 4:7) encourages people to have confidence in their vessels in order to share the amazing treasure--which is: Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Between the Devil & the Deep Red Sea... Based on the life of Moses and the Exodus, this message helps audiences understand that when they are at their ultimate extremities and in an impossible situation, that is when God can work a miracle.

A River Runs Under It... Suffering or pain in some form is an integral part of everyone's life. This message teaches that joy is not fabricated, but is accessed through our pain. Underneath all pain, there can be a river of "joy in the Lord" despite circumstances.

You've Got Dad's Hands... This mess- age (John 14) helps listeners see that although the world cannot see the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, His spirit can be seen in our lives. The life of the spirit is not what is seen, but what is felt through our spirits.

Lifeboats or Luxury Liners? The church in America is so blessed that it's difficult for us to realize that people are floundering and dying all around us. In 2003 Kathy witnessed a spectacular rescue at sea. In this message Kathy blends her knowledge of the scriptures with her unique storytelling style, and augments them with graphic photos of this incident. This message is a stirring challenge to the church to get out of our "luxury liner" churches with all the opulence and beauty, get into the lifeboats, and "rescue the perishing."

The Glory Hole... Based on Psalms 92, this message focuses on the need for God's continued "anointing" on our lives. Yesterday's blessings were for then, but He has glory and blessing available to us now. This message is a great source of encouragement and blessing to audiences. From "glory to glory" He's changing me!

Dealing With Stress In an Uptight World... This message addresses the stresses and pressures that confront us daily and gives us clear scriptural answers for them. It reveals the cycle of despair and the pattern of discouragement that we can fall prey to when we are not well-rested both physically and in the Lord. (It is one of Kathy's most requested messages).

So! This Is What I Get for Being Loyal! From the parable of the prodigal son, this message focuses on the older brother. Many Christians today are doing many right things for a lot of the wrong reasons. This message reminds us that when our hearts aren't pure, we can become victims of bitterness, resentment, and a judgmental attitude. It's, then, impossible for us to "Come to the Party."

Heaven? I'm Going There! What's this life all about anyway? We know that there is a better place, but life sidetracks us, and we soon forget about God's promise of heaven. This "scripture-packed" message about heaven will bless, challenge, and inspire the hearer to keep focused on our ultimate goal--heaven--the joy of being with Jesus and the thrill of taking others with us.

Stuck in Winnemucca... And other topics are available to fit your theme as requested.

Seminars - The Church Office... ...MINISTRY or MADNESS?

Whether you are a part time volunteer in a mid-sized or small church, a full time large church administrative assistant, or the only person in the church office, this one's for you! Written by an experienced church office worker and a pastor's wife, this seminar is a WINNER! The cost of this amazing day will pay for itself many times over.

Shipboard Presentations by Kathy

    • Little House in the Arctic
    • Hubbard Glacier
    • Rendezvous with Majesty
    • Alaska: Where Less is More!
    • The Glacier Lady
    • The Captain's Table

All of Kathy's presentations are given with full PowerPoint, accompanied with narration and music. Each presentation is unique and will be a source of enlightenment for your cruise experience. Kathy will assist you in creating cherished memories of your Alaska experience.


Recommendation Letters

For a second time within three years it was to the blessing of Salvation Army women in S. California that Kathy Slamp was the guest speaker at one of their women's conferences this spring (2004). She made such a profound impact as an excellent speaker that we had to invite her back when we were planning a much bigger conference.
Kathy's teaching skills, developed through her many years of teaching kindergarten through college, served her well in reaching this very diverse audience. Her down-to-earth appeal, her sense of humor, and her willingness to make herself vulnerable in sharing her own life stories were huge pluses as the women eagerly looked to her ministry. Simply put, Kathy's messages in the plenary sessions were "heard." Several have shared following the event that Kathy's messages helped their own understanding of scriptural teachings. The women also felt free to have personal conversation with Kathy, which is an indication of her Christian maturity and also of her ability to communicate God's message in understandable ways. Church groups looking for a helpful, practical, Bible-centered speaker will not be disappointed with kathy Slamp.

Lt. Col. Sherryl Van Cleef and
Major Rose-Marie Leslie, W. US Sal. Army Territorial Ex.

The women of the Pacific Conference of the Evangelical Women were privileged to have Kathy Slamp of Vessel Ministries as our 2005 Spring Retreat speaker. What a great time we had!
Kathy is a woman who speaks from her heart. She uses a wonderful blend of Scripture and personal experience to share a message that challenges women to a deeper walk of faith.
As we had the opportunity to review the evaluations from the weekend, we found that our speaker, Kathy Slamp, was a hit! Woman after woman commented on the spiritual depth of the messages and the new commitments that were made.
I highly recommend Kathy as someone whom you would want to consider as a speaker for your women. Her ministry is definitely anointed by God. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Bev Carey, president, Pacific Conference Evangelical Women


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