Kathleen Wolfersberger

Inner Resources, Inc. is a business founded by Kathleen Wolfersberger and a staff of gifted, educated women who  are  experienced in the fields of education, spiritual direction, counseling and breath and bodywork. They are continually refining their own ways to approach life's uncertainties, questions and challenges. In a safe,  accepting environment, these women are able to assist others approach the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who one is and how one grows and develops. Using process-oriented techniques and  exercises,  providing input, time for reflection, questioning and rituals, the sacredness of being is explored and honored.

Kathleen and her associates provide workshops, seminars,  retreats and  keynote speakers in various areas of interest. Some of these are: energy and breath, dreamwork, life transitions, body awareness, mind-body-spirit connections,  living in the present,  self-concept and image enhancement, Native American medicinal plants and gardening. These areas can be explored for an hour or a weekend. Programs  are designed to fit the particular needs and time frame of the group.

The staff companions the desire and effort to move towards a wholeness and well-being that brings peace, joy  and contentment. Inner Resources is based on the belief that we already have within us the necessary wisdom to become our best, unique self Our potential lies in the  effort to make full use of innate talents, skills and natural abilities.

Kathleen Wolfersberger has a Masters degree in Theological Studies from Webster University and holds  certification as a Director of  Religious Education, pastoral minister, and process facilitator. She is skilled as a trainer  and is an Advanced Toastmaster. Other members of the staff have degrees in counseling, spiritual direction, education, pastoral studies, nursing and related fields.


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