Karen Purcell, M.M., N.D., C.N.


Nationally-Known Speaker, Naturopathic Physician, Nutritionist, International Opera Singer

Dr. Karen Purcell brings your organization information, insight, and entertainment. She combines personal experience and clinical experience. Unforgettable stories and her glorious singing voice give presentations unlike any your organization has ever heard.

Dr. Purcell is a physician who has literally "healed herself". During her twenties, serious health problems derailed her world-class operatic career. After a string of mainstream doctors failed to help her, Karen began investigating natural medicine to restore her health.The many holistic disciplines she discovered improved her health so dramatically that she earned credentials in them in order to help others.

In her clinical practice and in her numerous speaking, radio and television appearances, Dr. Purcell has assisted thousands of adults and children, She has been particularly successful assisting children with learning disabilities and brain disorders, including her own son.ln 1999, she founded the WINS Foundation (We're Important, NOT Stupid), which is dedicated to bringing information about drug-free solutions for brain disorders like ADD/ADHD and autism to the attention of our nation's public.

Dr. Karen Purcell is a speaker who educates and entertains. She combines her exquisite singing, performance skills, and her medical expertise to bring your organization a totally unique experience.

  • Are you as healthy, prosperous, and successful as you want to be TODAY?
  • Are your employees as productive and healthy as you want them to be TODAY?
  • If not, what are you willing to do about it?

Dr. Karen Purcell gives your participants answers to these questions and more. Her upbeat, humorous style will inform, motivate, and entertain your organization. She will guide them with practical steps for overcoming inertia and committing to positive action.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise for Success and Prosperity

    Folk wisdom, personal stories, medical tips, and Dr. Purcell's exquisite singing make this presentation an unforgettable event.

    • 4 Forgotten secrets about these key life areas
    • The 1 place you can find real happiness
    • The 2 true sources of health and illness
    • Do you want money or do you want wealth?
    • Learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom

Fearless Aging

    How to live to be 100+ with all your teeth and all your marbles

    Are you afraid of growing old? Of losing your mental edge and physical stamina?

    • The 4 D's of aging and how to avoid them
    • How to burn the candle at both ends... and make it to retirement
    • Increase your brainpower and stamina in 3 easy steps
    • 10 minutes to lowering your stress naturally
    • 5 ways to increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism
    • How to avoid costly surgeries and expensive medical procedures
    • Discover 4 ways to substantially cut health insurance costs

Diva Delights

    Opera's best-known heroines portrayed in song and story

    Are you looking for something different for your banquet? Invite "The DIVA" to your next banquet & you'll leave singing!

    Selections by Mozart, Puccini, and Verdi.

    • Stories of comedy and tragedy; love found, lost, and regained
    • Each heroine's story told with humor and panache
    • How the opera singer delivers in spite of cumbersome costumes, hazardous sets, and temperamental partners Fun, uplifting,full of humor, and glorious singing
    • Brings opera down to earth


  • Speak—Naturally and StressFree
  • Women's Health, Women's Spirit
  • Natural Alternatives for Depression, Chronic Fatigue, and the Diseases of Aging
  • Effective Alternatives forADD/AOHD, PDD, and Autism

Your Prescription for Optimum Health, Success & Prosperity

  • Conventions
  • Banquets
  • Conferences Meetings
  • Cruises
  • Keynotes Breakouts
  • Seminars Spouse Programs

Rave Reviews

    "The women in my tri-state regional sales meeting really enjoyed your Keynote and Seminar on Fearless Aging. They were impressed with your knowledge of nutrition and bio-medicine, and how effectively you answered their questions."
    — Tamie Laurance, Executive Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics, New York, NY

    "We really enjoyed having you on the show again.The phones lit up from the first minute you were on. Good to know we can count on you for a great appearance."
    — Peter Henken, Producer, America's Talking, CNBC

    "Dr. Karen Purcell is a skilled motivational speaker who my management consultants have enjoyed several times. ...appropriately uses humor to communicate her vast repertory of information.The addition of her glorious singing voice to her Keynote is unusual and exceptional."
    — Jeannne Batterson, CEO, Batterson Associates, New York, NY

    "Karen Barlar-Purcell electrified the audience..."
    —Miami Herald

    "The voice of an angel..."
    Het Parole (Amsterdam, Holland)

    "Your present ation,Fearless Aging, at our lunchtime seminar series was unique, entertaining and most importantly, very informative. I believe that each attendee received information that will be of value both personally and professionally."
    — R.G.Autry, Senior Program Manager, Laser Power Corporation, San Diego, CA

    "...and Karen Purcell were an outstanding set of Rhine Maidens in Das Rheingold."
    The New York Times

Education and Professional

  • Bachelor of Music Degree, University of Cincinnati
  • Master of Music Degree (Magna cum Laude), New England
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Fullbright Scholar
  • University Professor
  • Certified Master Herbalist
  • licensed Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian
  • Registered Homeopath/Licensed and Registered Naturopath
  • Board Certified Naturopathic Physician
  • Post Graduate Training, Bastyr University
  • Who's Who in America
  • Who's Who in Medicine and Health Care
  • Voted International Woman of the Year (2000-2001) by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England
  • Membership Achievement Award 2000
    from the American Naturopathic Medical Association
  • American Naturopathic Medical Association
  • International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists
  • International and American Associations of Counselors and Therapists
  • National Speakers' Association
  • Expert at www.exp.com
  • Author of: Simplified Nutritional Handbook
  • Audio Tapes: 12 Secrets of Optimum Health Nutrition, Stress and Adults Nutrition, Stress and Your Child, I Never Met a Brain I Couldn't Help
  • Video: Drug-Free Solutions forModerate to Severe Brain Disorders

Partial Client List

  • Mary Kay Cosmetics
  • Batterson Associates Management Consultants
  • New York University
  • University of Miami
  • Miami-Dade College
  • Screen Actors Guild
  • 1687, Inc., Artistic Management Consultants
  • Life Care Retirement Communities, Inc.
  • Laser Power Corporation
  • ADD Action
  • Hudson Valley Children's Coalition
  • American Naturopathic Medical Association
  • The Roundtable
  • Santa Fe Opera
  • New York City Board of Education



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