Karen Mayer Cunningham


The ups and downs of life have taught Karen Mayer that laughter really is the best medicine for what ails you. Her passionate narratives can as easily make you laugh as they can move you to tears.

Karen draws many of her stories from her daily life and more specifically from being the mother of a severely autistic son. More than once Karen wondered how she would face the trials that crossed her path. The weight of the responsibility of a handicapped child, became the cross roads of her life. Her story of how God super-naturally altered and prospered her life will uplift and refresh you.

Whether she is opening for a Grammy award winning musician, redirecting a sales force or lifting up the hearts of a women's encounter, she cuts through with comedy and clarity; challenging others to take it up a notch or two.

Karen knows that through he release of emotions you will internalize her message of possessing the promises and purposes of God, that will take you on the road to truly joyful living.

Karen is a gifted stand-up comic, motivator and author. She and her husband Cortney live in Houston with their three beautiful children, James, Paige, and Caden.


Evening of Comedy

Catered to your group, Karen will bring an evening of comedy that will lighten your heart and make your face hurt.

Who said you can’t?

This motivational seminar will remind you the people who said you can’t, never did anything, and what you are going to do is big!

Faith has a Destination

All those years we sat and hoped a little, crossed our fingers, believed good thoughts. Was it enough? No!!! Discover the tools and the path to walk out your God given destiny.

Certified Personality Training

Have you ever noticed that people, other people are a little…off? Laugh and learn about the different temperaments we are born with. Identify, work, live and play with others, who may be different than you!!




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