Julia Balzer Riley

International Speaker, Educator, Facilitator, Author

Respirit Reinspire Revitalize


Julia's experience in health care and mental health provide a solid foundation to help individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Julia's clients learn to communicate clearly, manage stress, and add balance to create the lives they desire.

Keynote: The Laughter Connection.., humor in the workplace

    Lighten up... comic vision changes your perspective "Fool" around with problems... humor adds a creative touch Build play into your life... fun restores your energy Make the Laughter Connection... laughter builds relationships

Workshops, General Sessions, Luncheon and Dinner Talks, Retreats, Celebrations, Spousal Programs, on such topics as:

Managing Stress... before it manages you
Life... it's a balancing act
The Lost Art. . . Customer Service
to be outrageous.. .landing the leading role in your own life I'm Transforming as fast as.. .please send C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.
We're all in this together... from Age-ing to Sage-ing)...a profound new vision of growing older

  • Watch her weave humor and stones to respirit people to build meaningful connections at work and at home
  • See her demonstrate a humor kit and learn strategies to build positive co-worker relationships.
  • Julia has distributed 30,000 magic wands to add a touch of magic to life
  • Julia's down-to-earth, interactive style, engages the audience in sharing their wisdom and building solutions together.



      • Alexandria Hospital, Alexandria, Virginia
      • American Cancer Society
      • American College Health Association
      • American Hospital Association
      • American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
      • American Society of Pain Management Nurses
      • Associated Home Health Industries of Florida
      • Baptist System Healthcare Corporation, Memphis
      • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
      • Dorthea Dix Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina
      • Florida Hospital, Orlando
      • Georgia Rehabilitation Association
      • Governor's Safety and Health Council (Florida)
      • Greater Indianapolis A.O.R.N., Indianapolis, Indiana
      • The Hillhaven Corporation
      • Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
      • Medical Case Management Association
      • Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago
      • Mosby Psychiatric, Pediatric, Operating Room Nurses, Quality Improvement and Faculty Development
      • National Association of Hospital Admitting Managers
      • National Gerontological Nurses Association
      • National Assoc of Employee Health Professionals
      • National Assoc of Hospital Admitting Managers
      • National Assoc of Rehabilitative Nurses
      • Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute
      • Optima Healthcare Insurance Services, California
      • Pilot International, State of Florida and Georgia
      • Providence Hospital, Washington, D.C.
      • Sharp Cabrillo Hospital, San Diego, California
      • Spartanburg Regional Medical Center, South Carolina
      • St. Alexius Medical Center, Bismarck, North Dakota
      • St Mary Rogers Hospital, Rogers, Arkansas
      • St. Vincent's Medical Center, Jacksonville, Florida
      • Rehabilitation Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
      • Western Baptist Hospital, Paducah, Kentucky


      • Allianz
      • American Transtech (a subsidiary of AT & T)
      • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance
      • Brenau University
      • Century 21 Real Estate
      • Investors Insurance
      • Jacksonville University
      • Medical and Receiving Center, Florida State Prison
      • Miami-Dade Recreation Department, Miami, Florida
      • Naval Air Station, Jacksonville~ Florida
      • Rhoune-Poulenc
      • Ronald McDonald House Board, Jacksonville, Florida
      • Sarasota Technical Institute
      • Vistalcon, Division of Johnson & Johnson
      • University of Virginia
      • University of Connecticut
      • Western Michigan University

The client's reations:

    "I have never encountered a more gifted educator. She designed and implemented our customer service training She brings creativity and humor to any training opportunity and uniformly makes learningfun."
    John Wilbanks, VP, Baptist Medical Center, Jacksonville,FL

    "An unforgettable experience which came right from the heart and was accepted right into mine.., simply a life-changing experience."
    Leah Gorman, PhD, retired Emory Faculty

    "Julia was the perfect keynote speaker to open a conference with such an uplifting presentation. Just what we needed"
    Participant, 1998 American Society of Pain Management Nurses

    "I cannot say enough good things about this teacher. She went beyond the norm in all aspects of teaching"
    Brenau University leadership student

    "Everyone has a renewed sense of commitment. You truly worked magic with the group. I commend you on your skills as afacilitator."
    From a retreat for the board of a Ronald McDonald House

    "She talked about living in the present moment and taking time to care for ourselves. This deeply touched my souL As a mom, w~fe, and employee, I seemed always to be livingfor the next moment and forgetting to enjoy each and every moment today! That day I made myself a promise. I was going to live in the moment. I recognized that in order to be a "good mom," "good wtfe, "and "good" employee, I needed to be a whole person. I needed clarity offocus and a way to let go of the small stuff.
    Linda Johnson, Board of Directors, Greater Rochester, New York Association of Occupational Nurses.


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