Judy Tso, MAA

Judy Tso, MAA is a passionate, dynamic, humorous speaker. She is an anthropologist, consultant, performance artist and founder of Aha Solutions Unlimited. Her life mission is to help humans relate across all differences.

Judy holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School and a Masters in Applied Anthropology from University of Maryland College Park. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a board member of the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology. She is also a 2002 Boston Artist Fellow.

She has appeared in the New York Times, on television on Boston's Asian Focus and on various radio shows across the country. She has written for such publications as the Design Management Journal, Practicing Anthropology and Nursezone.com.


Finding your true voice

    Strengthen your voice, expression and impact

    We often subdue ourselves, hold back, tone ourselves down in the workplace and in our life, but in doing so we sacrifice our true expression, lose something of ourselves and withhold crucial knowledge, ideas and input.

    This interactive program allows you to:

    • Get in touch with the nature of your self - expression
    • Notice when you hold back
    • Practice with your "voice"
    • Give yourself full permission
    • Speak your truth
    • Receive feedback on your impact
    • Gain courage to step into disagreement and differences of opinion

Out of Body Experience

    How to Step into the Shoes of the Diverse Customer

    This interactive program allows you to:

    • Be clear about how your history colors reality
    • Be mindful of your assumptions and emotions about others
    • Listen with increased attentiveness
    • Connect with strangers
    • Recognize a person's essence
    • Explore the similarities and common alities of all human beings
    • Step into your customer's reality

Building Intimacy Across Difference

    Making Diversity Work For Us

    This experiential program is designed to help individuals relate to each better especially in today's work environment where people of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, classes are brought together to form a team.

    This interactive program allows you to:

    • Get past the superficial politeness and made up stories
    • Deepen our understanding of each other
    • Discover our common ground as humans
    • Deal honestly and openly
    • Increase trust and comfort
    • Increase efficiency and ultimately the bottom line!


Rave Reviews:

    "Provided true inspiration!" Peter Barna, Pratt Institute

    "Excellent workshop! Your energy and motivation are contagious." Bill Sabram, Game Inventor

    "You bring with you a special aura. You make people happy and you lead them to be better than they were." Ron Bouley, Photographer

    "Very inspirational, energizing, useful." Workshop participant, IDSA

    "Wonderful combination of Judy's insights and passion." Janay Johnson, Designer

    "Excellent workshop! Your energy and motivation are contagious." Bill Sabram, Game Inventor

Clients Include:

  • Brady Corporation
  • Brookline Adult Community Education
  • Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
  • Institute of Global Chinese Affairs
  • New Hampshire Small Business Development
  • Pratt Institute of Design
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Product Development and Management Assn
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Rohm and Haas
  • Tim ken
  • University of Maryland Women's Forum
  • World Future Society


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