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A speaker with
Substance and Style

Judi doesn’t just talk about success…She Lives It! In 2003, the US Business Advisory Council named her “Nevada Business Person of the Year” and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce awarded her company, Turning Point International, with a “Circle of Excellence” Award. In 1986, the Chamber also honored her as “Woman of Achievement – Entrepreneur.”

As an international business leader, Judi knows first hand what it takes to be successful…especially amidst political, social, and cultural differences. In 1991, she moved to South Africa and became an executive in South Africa’s most prestigious media group. Today, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and serves as President of Turning Point International, a performance improvement company with offices in Las Vegas and Johannesburg. Her client list reads like a Who’s Who of the World’s Most Prestigious Companies and Organizations.

Judi served on the Boards of Directors of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council, the Las Vegas Professional Speakers Association, the World Modeling Association, the International Association of Model Agents, and Women in Communication. The American Women in Radio and Television awarded her their “Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Award.”

A speaker of both substance and style, Judi combines her wealth of knowledge and expertise with the inspiration of a motivational speaker and the humor of an entertainer to bring you a program guaranteed to enrich the lives of all who hear her.

Speaking & Presentations

Practical, Applicable & Honest
When Judi speaks, people not only hear--they listen. Her exciting programs are geared to you, her audience. Whether she is motivating or training, she takes time to tailor her presentation to you and your objectives. Her material speaks to your goals. She uses vivid stories and real life examples that not only speak to you today, but stay with you to create lasting change in your life and your organization.

Winning Solutions
Judi presents no-nonsense winning solutions for your organization. Whether it’s “Delivering Unbeatable Customer Service,” “Communicate for Results” or “Building A Creative Organization,” you will discover that “Attitude Is A Choice”.

She maintains a core of basic information and constantly brings in new material to keep her presentations fresh and relevant. While extensively traveling the world, she sees and hears diverse perspectives on a variety of business related issues. Judi’s unique ability
challenges your thinking and encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change.

Judi invests time and energy learning the language of your business and your objectives to enhance your future. She adapts to meet the requirements of your particular industry.

* Attitude Is A Choice
* Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
* Communicate for Results
* Conquer the Brain Drain: Building A Creative Organization

One of Judi's popular presentations:

Unbeatable Customer Service

Do your employees stand around chatting while customers are waiting to be served?
Do your customers have to wait, without being acknowledged, until your employee gets off the phone? Have any of your employees ever told a customer that he is wrong or should “come back tomorrow and tell someone who cares?” If so, Unbeatable Customer Service is your winning strategy because satisfying a customer is the best business strategy of all.

This program is packed with dozens of practical tips and techniques that will enable you and your company to win and keep more customers than ever.

Your employees will learn how to:

• Communicate clearly and courteously with all customers
• Maintain a positive attitude
• Listen actively to customers’ wants, needs, and expectations
• Handle complaints with tact and professionalism
• Become a more valuable member of your team
• Turn every customer interaction into a Win/Win

From the customers’ viewpoint, the employee who waits on him or her IS the company.
If this employee is courteous, helpful and knowledgeable, your organization is perceived as an
organization that looks after the customer. If the employee is rude, inattentive and lacks product knowledge, your organization is perceived as being uncaring.

Customers want to be important and to be treated in a manner which makes them feel important. If that doesn’t happen – they go elsewhere.


"The Customer Service workshop lead by Judi Moreo brought a new dimension to the 4th World Chambers Congress, 20-22 June 2005, Durban, South Africa. Our congress became more than just a forum for chamber leaders and senior executives to learn and share chamber best practice and new service developments. Judi’s workshop provided a new spark to our programme, by taking us to the foundation of all our organizations, tackling an issue which can either make us or break us –customer service. With sound advice to chamber leaders from a diverse background of 84 countries, Judi’s session was one of our most popular workshops – standing room only."
Anthony Parkes
Director: World Chambers Federation

“Please accept my most sincere gratitude and congratulations for the excellent presentation you gave to our Senior Managers’ group. It was potentially a great challenge for you to talk to a group of people who might, at the onset, have believed that they “knew it all” and that you were certainly not going to be able to teach them anything new. Clearly, this was not the case and from the feedback I have received, everyone found your program extremely motivational. May I commend you on your handling of what could have potentially been a very difficult group to deal with and for doing it in such a professional and entertaining manner.”
Chris Moerdyk
General Manager: Public Affairs
BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

"Judi Moreo was a fabulous speaker. She approached what we do every day from a wonderful perspective -- one that we need to hear as a reminder -- listening, confidence, individuality and priorities. Her presentation was engaging, entertaining, and motivating."
Becky Nelson
Systems Director, Protection Technology
Allstate Insurance Company

“The response to your talk superceded my wildest expectation. Without exception all delegates verbalized appreciation of your message, but more importantly we have been able to take tangible hints to help improve our overall effectiveness.”
Cliff Sclanders
Sales Manager
DHL Worldwide Express

"Thank you for sharing your own personal experiences -- I found your examples and stories so easy to imagine and identify with because of the colorful and true-to-life manner in which you shared them with us. I felt like you were a friend to us instead of a lecturer."
Tavyn Chalmers,
Investec Bank Limited



Judi Moreo travels the world conducting consulting assignments, training workshops, seminars and keynote speeches in 26 countries on 4 continents. Her expertise assists such corporations such as Rayovac, Sasfin, Mbizo Conferences, Universal Underwriters, Unity World Headquarters, GTE Data Services, KOA, Professional Business Services Corporation, Shared Technologies, Simera, Yavapai Tribe, Sony, and many more.



You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman's Guide To Purpose, Passion & Power
Conquer the Brain Drain: 52 Ways to Pump Up Productivity

For more than 20 years, Judi Moreo has traveled around the world, speaking each day to audiences from 50 to 3000 people. She asked the participants if anyone ever felt that they were meant to be more than they were or achieve more than they had accomplished so far. More than 75% of the audience raised their hands.

In this high pressure, high stressed, fast paced world, most of us set our dreams aside just to get by. In this powerful book, Judi shares the ideas and techniques she used which clarified her path and made easier her journey to becoming the person she knew she could be.

The life you’ve always dreamed of is within your reach. This is a heart warming, myth shattering personal development course filled with practical techniques and illustrated by real life situations.


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