Dr. Joyce Johnson

A speaker who can help your clients increase the quality of their life by replacing fatigue with energy, replacing stress with relaxation, replacing dementia with a great memory, replacing obesity with slimness, and curing the “disease” called aging. Dr. Joyce Johnson

Joyce Johnson, President of Wellness Center of America, is both a world famous nutritionist and an accomplished speaker receiving awards from National Speaker Association and Toastmasters. She hosts her own radio shows, Eye on Health, and writes Q and A columns for many publications. “You’ll learn the clues that warn you of a future health disaster way before symptoms appear” says “Dr. Joyce”. She specializes in preventing degenerative diseases, increasing energy, weight loss without dieting, and stopping the “disease called aging”. “I thing aging is actually the result of damage to DNA cells”, say Dr. Joyce. “If DNA is defective, then the cells that are replicated are also defective. This accelerates the aging process. With proper lifestyle DNA can actually be repaired!” A pioneer in this type of nutrition analysis, she has helped thousand of people turn back their aging clock. Her new book, How to be Young at Any Age, is out this year.

Joyce is living proof of the value of her teachings. Thirty years ago she was nearly confined to a wheelchair with a severe “incurable” case of rheumatoid arthritis . . . today at 74 she is energetic, pain free, and looks much younger than her age.

Dr. Joyce's topics include....

*Stop a Future Health Disaster
*How to Cure the Disease called Aging
*Energy Unlimited - Solving the Mystery of Chronic Fatigue
*Choose to Be Slim - Without Dieting
*The Miracle of your Immune System
*Metal Toxins - Destroyers of DNA
*Stress Without Distress
*Amazing Clues to Increasing Your Memory



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