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An empowering health and fitness guide for women.

Get Focused and Get Results is the mantra of Body Image Motivator Joy Ohayia, founder and President of QuantumQuest. And at 44 this super fit, former executive for Fortune 500 companies and mother of two teenage sons is a walking advertisement for her business, which provides health and fitness consulting services to individuals and corporate clients.

“QuantumQuest’s goals include successfully motivating, communicating benefits and providing customized natural nutritional and fitness programs to our customers,” enthuses Joy. And she brings an unbridled passion and commitment exemplified in her own life to back up her words.

Speaking Topics….Workshops…..Half and Full Day Seminars

Joy has a number of topics that can be presented in three formats.

* a keynote, inspirational talk that lasts between 20 and 45 minutes
* a workshop which focuses on one topic and has a specific “goal” for the group to achieve
* a half or full day seminar, which would take the group through a series of topics and include hands-on exercises

The topics are outlined below, and can be customized to fit the groups’ interests and demographics. In addition, Joy can develop a unique presentation based on a group or company’s needs.

The Power of “It”
This presentation will identify life competing priorities that hinder achieving a healthy lifestyle. “We all desire to be fit and healthy, but we find many reasons not to do what is required – each individual has their own ‘it’ that stops them.” Joy will go through the process of how to identify each person’s “its”, sharing her own “its” and how she motivates herself to overcome them. The interactive presentation will also engage the audience in individual exercises. The goal here will be to communicate that there is a direct correlation to your “Its” list and your “motivational” list.

Now You Are Ready for a Lifestyle Change!
This is an inspirational presentation whose goal is to motivate each individual and build self-confidence. This session focuses on the importance of the “readiness assessment process,” taking the group through it step by step. Joy will also engage the audience with exercises to help prepare them for positive changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Perfect Combination
This presentation will focus on the importance of healthy eating choices and creating a consistent exercise schedule. Joy will define consistent exercise and help determine the best type of exercise for an individual, giving specific examples for different body and lifestyle types. The “total nutrition” portion of the presentation discusses overcoming challenges in day-to-day eating: portion control, water facts, “how colorful is your plate”, how to read labels, and stress eating triggers.

Your Health and Fitness Action Plan
This presentation will focus on helping the audience to determine their individual body type. Joy helps them to define individual health and fitness goals and then develop an action plan to achieve those goals. This session will also engage the audience to scribe THEIR high level action plan that they will follow after the session.

Maintenance: Preparation for All Stages of Life
This session will focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now that you have made the commitment to change, Joy shows how to motivate you to maintain your results with tips and exercises.

“Conceive, Believe, Achieve” Your Fitness Goals!
This presentation is purely motivational. The audience will be asked to participate in various individual exercises.


Ms. Ohayia founded QuantumQuest in 2005, after 20 years of keeping herself fit while holding executive level positions in major telecommunications and financial services companies including AT&T and Merrill Lynch. A graduate of Stony Brook University College of Engineering, Joy continued her education at Rutgers University, receiving an MS in applied math and statistics.

Joy is a certified member of the American Fitness Professionals and Associates in the areas of Personal Training, Nutrition and Wellness. Together with her highly honed organizational skills and her knowledge of fitness training and nutrition, Joy is unique in her approach of providing a fully comprehensive program for busy people who live in the real world of pressing demands of today’s busy lifestyles.

Community service is also very important to Joy, as she is a member of the Junior League of Greater Princeton. Joy resides in Hillsborough, NJ with her husband of over 20 years and their two sons. She owns and operates a women’s health club in NJ and is a member of the National Speakers Association.

What People Are Saying

"Joy - WOW! Energy, Passion, Dedication…. I have never experienced such a great Abs workout! I'll be sure to buy her DVD when it becomes available. Thanks for the nutrition tips too… "
-- K. Davis - North Carolina

"I attended the 2006 National BDPA conference, and I was thrilled to learn about Joy's daily workout sessions! Joy, your full-body daily workout provided a much needed and valuable service to the membership! You brought energy, passion, and motivation techniques to our workout sessions, which really helped to jump-start the day. I hope to see you at the 2007 National BDPA Conference in Washington D.C… "
-- -- B. Hutchins, The Mayo Clinic, MN and BDPA Vice President of Member Services

"I love the way Joy motivates me during the personal training sessions. Her passion and commitment are present! She wants you to achieve ALL of your goals. I like the fact she claps for you at the end of every session. I feel that I have accomplished something for myself! "

-- BL - Bridgewater NJ


Joy Ohayia has spoken for these groups and many more:

Major Corporations

2)Merrill Lynch

Educational Institutions

1)Brookdale Community College
2)StonyBrook University

Book Clubs

1)Northern New Jersey
2)New York City
3)Greensboro North Carolina

Other Organizations

1)Junior League (I am a member of the Greater Princeton Chapter)
2)American Association of University Women
3)Martin House Learning Center
4)Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Incorporated
5)Black Data Processing and Associates
6)Boys and Girls Club of America
7)Hillsborough Library
8)The Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community (COSAC).



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