John Maxwell Taylor

Presenting Yourself with Power and Presence

John Maxwell Taylor has performed before Queen Elizabeth 11, opened for The Beatles in Paris and appeared on international stages from the London Palladium to Lincoln Center. A master communicator, award-winning actor, playwright, author, singer, composer, and impressionist, he holds international audiences spellbound with his dynamic presentations. One of the founding father of The National Speakers Association, Bill Gove, declared Taylor’s speaking skills “world class” - leading members of NSA train with John to raise their technique to the highest level. He specializes in teaching personal presentation to people from all walks of life, on stage, in the business world and in everyday life.

Using his years of on stage experience, Taylor shows everyone how they can consistently be at their top of their form on the everyday stage of life. In any arena, the boardroom, job interview, groups large or small, or one on one, Taylor shows us how to bring our personal best to any situation. He delivers proven tools and techniques that build self-confidence and helps to stay relaxed in the midst of our fast paced, ever changing world. Packed with practical information, informed with wit, charm and high entertainment value, John Maxwell Taylor’s programs leave audiences energized and inspired from Hawaii to Scotland and across the USA and Canada.


Presenting Yourself with Power and Presence
Did you know that which eye of a person you look into when you first meet them can make or break having a successful relationship with them? Learn to put people at ease instantly and engage their full attention. The secret to selling anything, including yourself and your ideas, is having a strong sense of who you really are and getting others to see it too. Learn power secrets to stay strong in the “self recognition zone” while meeting and speaking to others. They will quickly get in sync with you and your wishes while feeling relaxed and good about themselves. Speaking before groups large and small, or meeting one on one, John Maxwell Taylor will demonstrate how to come across with a sense of personal authority, integrity, enthusiasm and the self-confidence to easily attain success in any area of life.

The Tao of Success - Bringing Wisdom and Science to the Business of Life and Life to Business
In our fast-paced constantly-changing world, the natural leaders are those who know how to face the challenge of the unknown while remaining centered in themselves. The Tao means simply the way to achieve the greatest results by being in the flow with the natural process of things. In sports this is sometimes referred to as being in “the zone” - whether hitting a golf ball or negotiating a multi-million-dollar deal, the man and woman of tomorrow must know how to get into “the zone of success” to win. Learn how to be “relaxed on the run” by getting out of your head and anxiety. Learn to be fully relaxed and aware and achieve success as the inevitable outcome of your ability to stay with the moment in the flow of inspired leadership.

Employee Effectiveness Training - Getting the Most Out of Your Job and Those Who Work With and For You
Most people start a new job with enthusiasm, but over time are unable to stay motivated. In this event John Maxwell Taylor demonstrates how to use simple yet powerful techniques for remaining alive and interested in our work on a daily basis. Drawn from the principles used in martial arts, these tools allow anyone to be fully aware to each moment throughout the day. With humor and boundless energy, John quickly trains people to see every task as an opportunity to feel enthusiastic and empowered. No matter what we are doing, when we feel fully alive and connected both to ourselves and the task at hand, we always make a profit, for ourselves and for our employer. Dramatic gains for everyone.


What people say about John Maxwell Taylor

“John Maxwell Taylor is world class” -Bill Gove…The “father” of professional speaking.

“I have never seen anyone with an onstage presence like John Maxwell Taylor…and
I’ve seen the best”
… -John Wright…Official photographer for The Actors Studio N.Y.

“Superb” “10+ What a Talent.” “More information in 1 hour than many give in
eight” “Incredible energy”
- National Speakers Association


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