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Expect Greater Things

“Without some goals and some effort to reach it no person can live.”
Fedor Dostoyevsky

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Manny Nowak

Biography - Dr. John Myers

John Myers, ever since he was a young man, has enjoyed leading, entertaining, inspiring, making people laugh and helping people reach their full potential! These natural inclinations and talents, combined with academic training and life’s experience, have made it possible for Dr. Myers to travel, speak. consult and study in over twenty-one countries, as well as a large portion of the United States.
Dr. Myers' experience and training is primarily in the humanities: values, character, theology, media, interpersonal communications, business ethics and personal motivation. He holds degrees from Purdue University, Duke University and United Theological Seminary. He also has launched several building projects and several entrepreneurial enterprises.
John leads seminars and workshops nationwide. He provides Keynotes targeted to fit your organization’s needs. His extensive personal background provides a rich resource upon which to draw. Plus, he does the homework to tailor make a presentation that will captivate your group and meet your objectives.
John motivates and equips leaders to provide excellence in vision, leadership, marketing, management, financial management, capital fundraising and growth. Dr. Myers leads workshops, consultations, seminars and keynotes across the United States and overseas.
His trained tenor voice energizes and inspires audiences nationwide.

His "Greater Things" philosophy encourages people to believe the best, train for the best and be the best they can be.. The philosophy teaches people how to Expect Greater Things, Grow in Greater Things and Do Greater Things.

John has appeared in nationally televised shows on CBS, PBS, The Hallmark Channel, and on local television in Indiana and in South Florida.

Keynote Addresses

Dr. Myers provides excellent keynotes that inspire, motivate and energize people to action. Here are a few of the topics that he speaks on across the country. Call to book him for your keynote event!

Expect Greater Things: The Power of Vision
Expect Greater Things: Power Training Your Mind for Visionary Thinking
Expect Greater Things: The Power of Effective Leadership!
The Expect Greater Things journey: The backpack, suitcase and briefcase!
Expect Greater Things priorities: The power of the five P’s
Expect Greater Things: Leadership with a difference: vision, balanced Power and purpose beyond the bottom line!
Expect Greater Things: How to turn your life around!
Expect Greater Things: How to turn around your business!
Expect Greater Things: How to turn around your church!
Expect Greater Things: How to turn around your family!
Expect Greater Things: How to turn around your finances!
Expect Greater Things: How to affect a turn around in your community!
The Expect Greater Things family

Ten Hands-On Keys to Building and Maintaining a Strong Family

Key no. 1: Affirmation
Key no. 2: Trust
Key no. 3: Commitment
Key no. 4: Time Together
Key no. 5: Traditions
Key no. 6: Communication
Key no. 7: Shared Beliefs
Key no. 8: Respect
Key no. 9: Responsibility
Key no. 10: Problem Solving

"Dr. John Myers brings to us the next generation of Possibility Thinking. It is called Greater Things! I have known John for over a decade and I can tell you that he is one of the dynamic leaders for the 21st Century. John's Greater Things principles for living will inspire you to Expect Greater Things, Grow in Greater Things and Do Greater Things with your life, family, finances, faith, business and faith community. His keynotes, writing and seminars will challenge, inspire and motivate you to make a difference."
Dr. Robert H. Schuller
Founding Pastor, The Crystal Cathedral
Author and TV Personality on "The Hour of Power"

Seminars & Workshops

The goal of the seminar is to help people and the organization move to a clear vision and plan that moves it from doing business as usual to being committed to Expecting Greater Things. It is to help to redefine and reinvent the culture of the organization.
The larger goal is to help motivate the organization or congregation to see the value in creating and implementing a Strategic Plan for that accomplishes a mission beyond itself!

The old axiom is true: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.
This process includes:
Listening and Visioning
Exploring the Potential of a Five Year Strategic Plan


What People are Saying ...

Dear John: You did a wonderful job for us in keynoting our recent "Bishop's Day Apart." Your sharing in such an engaging way about how you were used by God to turn around Clay United Methodist in South Bend, Indiana, and how that same sort of transformation is occurring in a very different setting in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was inspiring and encouraging to many of our pastors, and they are letting me know of their appreciation.

Dr. Charles Michael Smith
Director of Connectional Ministries
North Carolina Conference
The United Methodist Church


"Thank you for your keynote and for giving us fresh insights. Everything you brought up was so important!"
Ms. Carol Marsh
Adult Ministry
First United Methodist Church
Lakeland, Florida


"Everglades Community Church is making some great strides. We had 513 on Sunday! This compares with 300 a year ago. Our discipleship classes are going great. We are on track with our 5 year vision, and it is transforming the life of our congregation. Suddenly the spicket has turned on. Thanks John."
Dr. Win Green
Founding Pastor
Everglades Community Church
Pembroke Pines, Florida


“John Myers has shown a grasp of the principles of congregational transformation and has demonstrated them in the local churches which he has served. These principles are transferable to personal performance and business as well. He is an excellent presenter of these principles on both the conference (state) and national levels. I highly recommend John as a keynoter, consultant and coach for your church or organization.”
Dr. Mont Duncan
Executive Director, New Church Development
The Florida Conference, The United Methodist Church


“John is very effective in presenting and interpreting principles that underlie the processes of congregational transformation.”
The Rev. Kendall M. Taylor
Director, Office of Congregational Transformation, Florida Conference UMC


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