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Speaking Topics Include:

  • Innovation in Large Incumbents

  • Adjacent Market Entry

  • Monitizing IP and IP Strategy

  • Motivating Employees In All Areas of the Company

  • Technology Roadmaps

  • Innovation in Business Constructs and A-Typical Business Models, the Most Powerful Type

  • The Innovation Gap: Where Corporations Miss out on Leveraging and Maximizing Return on investment

  • Solving the Risk vs. Innovation Dilemma

  • Advanced Risk Management

  • Corporate Intellectual Property Strategy

  • The Optimized New Product Development Process: Understanding the Phases

  • Intelligent Innovation, Four Steps to Achieving the Innovative Edge

  • Custom topics

John Cogliandro
Speaker & Coach

John Cogliandro, (CSI-IIE) is an internationally recognized speaker and author. His specialty is early stage technology development, intellectual property and strategic planning. Over his career he has contributed to various Navy, Air Force, Commercial aerospace, energy , automotive and consumer products programs. “John understands how to drive innovation (including the people component) from hip new bicycles to race cars …and how to bring them to market at a profit”…Ford Motor Company.

His unique specialty is the strategy for bringing new products to market, and the preparations a firm must go through to continue to have viable growth during any economy. He wraps this up with a philosophy of innovation and business construct strategy that is unparalleled in the speaking industry. John has been on the factory floor, he has been in the consumer marketing research groups, he has been in the board room…few if any of today’s gurus have that breadth of real experience shaping their views and speeches.

John has specific experience in energy and environmental protection, security, automotive and INDY Racing, consumer goods including bicycles, pet products, toys, food, ships and aircraft. Perhaps most important, John is able to talk with authority on the Intellectual Property Strategy and IP Planning component.

He is an internationally recognized speaker and author, having published over 75 articles on technology development, risk management, and strategic planning. He has given over 400 speeches to audiences from 20 to 500 people including keynotes for US DOE, IIR, several conference production companies and several Fortune 500 corporations. His book “Intelligent Innovation, Four Steps to Achieving the Competitive Edge” is being well received around the globe. He recently co-authored the “Dual V Innovation Model”. Cogliandro holds numerous certifications, degrees, patents and chair positions and has received national awards for innovations and writing in the fields of Energy and Automotive design.

John is frequently interviewed by Tier 1 national and global press s/a Forbes, WSJ, NYT, Inc. Etc.

What readers have said about John's book..

"Mr. Cogliandro has provided an excellent new resource to inspire innovation and creativity. His book takes a systems engineering approach to solving the innovation delimma, yet it does so in a creative, first-person conversational approach making it easy to read. He does this by expertly weaving a conversation on a plane with a woman seated next to him right off the bat in Chapter 1, which sets the tone for the chapters that follow: "Finally, she looked over at me and said 'Engineering is for geeks. Innovation is more important.' I said "they are intertwined, synonymous, codependent.' 'Prove it,' she said, while rolling over to sleep again." (for the rest, you have to buy the book!)

Chapter 7, entitled "A Prioritization Method", takes the Stephen Covey approach to prioritization (big rocks, little rocks) and applies it to managing the business. It's an excellent approach that many businesses lose sight of, and is just one example of what's available inside.

Congrats to Mr. Cogliandro for an inspirational addition to the current literature on innovation!"

- Steve Waddell

"An MBA and BS degree in a book!.. "

- Amazon review


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