John Baumann



Along the way, John has cherished being caregiver
to his daughter (who has flourished despite being born
with life threatening birth defects and cerebral palsy)
and is positively living with his own diagnosis of
Parkinsons Disease since the ripe young age of 41.
Throughout it all, John has been able to maintain his
sense of humor and what he calls "Posi-spective,"
including being a self-proclaimed
"Proud Person with Parkinsons."

John Baumann, The Inspiring Esquire, now dedicates
his energy and passion to inspiring others and
teaching success to audiences around the world.
If you are looking for an experienced, yet fresh,
speaker with high energy, boundless passion
and a focus on giving audience's tangible takeaways,
give him an opportunity, you will be impressed.

John Baumann has achieved educational and professional success:

• graduating college summa cum laude,
• receiving his law degree from Cornell Law School,
• passing three bar exams,
• practicing as an attorney for 23 years
(including as General Counsel of a Nasdaq listed corporation),
• appearing on CNN Headline News as a legal commentator,
• hosting an internet talk show on Voice America and
• being selected as the Most Inspiring Professor
by the 2009 Scholar Athlete of the Year for the University of Louisville.

What people are saying:

Amy McNeil, SARC Executive Director:

"Your personal stories of growth and optimism struck a deep cord with those in attendance. If motivation was your only goal, you succeeded. However, if you were striving to inspire deep belly laughter, internal reflection, misty eyes, and a healthy dose of "open your eyes to the world that surrounds” as they say in Hollywood, you nailed it! Your engaging presentation left all conference-goers thinking about how to embrace and savour life. Conference evaluations only confirmed how I felt: ”Wow. Loved John Baumann as keynote speaker!!” “Such a motivated speaker. I will think of him and his life challenges when I am feeling down myself. I know I will not feel that way much longer.” “Wonderful presenter! Touching, funny, inspirational!” “John Baumann was excellent. I didn’t want the presentation to end. What a ‘Grand Finale’!” “Amazing!” Quality presenters are difficult to find, so I hope you don’t object to me recommending you to fellow colleagues."

Shahin Shoostari, PhD, Speaker:

"I am just writing to tell you your talk has changed me, and my thinking....and how I feel...I came out of your talk a much stronger person... a much stronger caregiver are a great speaker John....with your positive attitude, and the great ability which you have to express your feelings, your opinions, and telling people your life story and your daughter, Katie's story, you could CHANGE lives.... I don't know how to express myself and my opinion about the impact of your story on me John, .....I listened to you as you talked, as you walked us through your life story and told us all about the challenges which you have experienced.........I was listening, I remember I cried, I laughed, I felt sad, and then happy ....but at the end BEING STRONG, a much stronger you were taking I was reflecting on my own life, on my own challenges...listening more carefully to what you discussed as the needs of you as a caregiver and the factors, which affected you and led to your success......I found myself coming out of that session being a much stronger person....I am writing John, just to thank you for sharing your own story, and telling us how important it is to keep the positive attitude and work hard, but also take the time to rest and enjoy our lives and what we have. Your talk was fascinating, inspiring, relevant, practical...I was able to relate to what you were saying, even without having your challenges .... I believe your talk would be good for everyone of us, for everybody regardless of the kinds of the problems and issues which we have......Being positive, being strong, enjoying life, helping others... I hope you continue telling people all about your life, your attitude, and what has helped you to become who you are today..


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