Joe Cardone


“A sense of humor empowers us to think positively and make the right choices each day.”

Joe Cardone is a humor consultant and keynote inspirational speaker in the corporate and educational sectors, presenting a variety of programs, seminars, and workshops on the power of humor for improving wellness, reducing stress, improving creativity and learning, and promoting overall quality of life through positive thinking. Joe has the unique ability to skillfully blend “serious and light” topics and concepts. He will entertain your group with a combination of inspiration, motivation, information, humor, and laughter.

He was a comedian in the fifties performing in New York, Poconos, Catskills, and Philadelphia. Joe later entered the field of education as an instructor and supervisor, constantly using humor for improving communications and morale.

Joe is a guest lecturer on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for their Enhancement Program in the areas of humor, laughter, and a positive attitude for improving overall quality of life.

He volunteers his services at St. Peter’s University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ, working closely with a group of oncologists in providing humor therapy for patients. He also uses his expertise with a psychologist and her staff in a KEEPS program at the hospital interacting with children in a program, “Humor for Anger Management."

Joe has a BA Degree from Wilkes University, an MA Degree from Temple University, and supervisory certification from Montclair State University.

“Laugher provides an important balance between the positive and the negative.”


MIND AND BODY REJUVENATION THROUGH HUMOR (Connecting mind & body with laughter)

This program focuses on the power of humor and its impact on our bodies both physically and mentally. It highlights the importance of laughter, a sense of humor, positive attitude, balance in life, and the choices we make each day for improving our quality of living.

THE HIDDEN POWER AND MAGIC OF HUMOR (An immense power at your fingertips)

A generic presentation of humor and its impact on our lives for overall wellness as well as its power for improving creativity, leadership qualities, and overall morale/uplift in the workplace.

LAUGH YOURSELF OUT OF STRESS (Using Humor in facing life’s absurdities)

This program focuses on using humor for overall stress reduction at home and in the workplace. An introduction with five minutes of comedy standup sets the mood for this seminar. Areas covered include recognizing that “life is absurd” and understanding that as human beings we are constantly confronted with absurdities, which we need to perceive in a more positive way. The program focuses on additional humor skills including “learning to live in a chaotic world.”

THE HUMOR APPROACH FOR WELLNESS AND STRESS REDUCTION (a combination of two programs (Laugh Yourself Out of Stress and The Hidden Power and Magic of Humor with emphasis on attitude and balance in life)

This program is designed for the corporate and educational setting and focuses on the use of humor and laughter for improving overall wellness and promoting stress reduction. The presentation highlights the concept that “If you feel better physically, you are going to perform better mentally and as a result, handle stress more effectively.”

YES, YOU DO HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR (A humorous guide for positive everyday relationships)

This presentation explores the importance of both having and communicating a sense of humor for improving relationships at home, improving morale in the workplace, and providing a positive environment to enhance personal relationships.

Here is a sampling of what they’re saying about Joe:

“Outstanding presentation on humor for stress. Our associates couldn’t stop raving and said they felt better both mentally and physically"
Gary Grysko, Manager, PSE&G (Systems Maintenance Division)

“What a treat! A breath of sunshine. Not only was Joe funny, but he had very inspiring words of wisdom.”
Deborah Meade, Conference Chair, Alliance of Information/Referral Services of NJ

“Best inspirational and comedic performance we’ve ever had—hands down! Would I recommend, Joe? Well let’s say we’ve already booked him for Part 2."
Jonathan Cowles, Executive Director, Middlesex County Bar Association

“Your presentation on ‘The Power & Magic of Humor’ received rave reviews. Not only was it inspirational and informational , but humorous as well. What a great way to address topics of sensitivity and wellness through humor. You master the skill well.”
Kathleen Roth, Director, Department of Aging, Piscataway, NJ

“Joe has that rare talent for making those who are ill laugh and smile, resulting in an improvement of their overall quality of life. He has become a valuable asset on the oncology floor at St. Peter’s University Hospital.”
Craig Lampert, MD The Center for Hematology & Oncology


"Mind and Body Rejuvenation--Humor-Positive Attitude-Choice"

"Controlling Time Pressure Stress Through Humor"

"Developing a Comic Vision for Facing Life's Absurdities"

"The Power & Magic of Humor for Wellness & Quality of Life"

"So You Want to Be Funny"

"Yes, You Do Have a Sense of Humor"


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