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Professional speaker and writer, Jody Urquhart has been inspiring corporate audiences since 1998. Recognized in Canada, the United States and Ireland, she has presented her signature topic, Creating Meaningful Work, to 100 organizations last year alone. Her monthly column on the same subject appears in over twenty five trade journals. Jody is also an associate speaker for the Individual Development Organization in Vancouver where she works with Bill Clennan, the Dean of Canadian Speakers.
Jody holds diplomas in Professional Speaking from Mount Royal College and in Management and Marketing from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. She studied management for three years at the University of Calgary. Her business experience includes management positions in both the banking and retail industries.


Jody is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and holds the distinction of being one of the founding board members of the Calgary Chapter.


All programs are customized with the help of the meeting planner. We have a customization questionnaire that takes about 15-20 minutes to fill out and this REALLY helps me to make the program more relevant to your people.

Divine Paycheck
Beyond money, creating meaning in your work

    An inspiring session that re-focuses the staff on your company's vision, as well as on their individual contributions, awakening them to the true and satisfying meaning of their work.

    Through a humorous and fun approach, Jody's goal is to inspire business people to be focused and productive by nourishing the meaning of their work.

Corporate Nirvana
Bring the BEST out of your people

    Inspire leaders to support the REAL power of the corporation: their people. Power comes from skills, contribution and passion for the work. You will find out how the strongest leaders tap into the hearts, minds, and imaginations of the people in their organizations and communities.

    • power comes from people
    • challenge and meaningful work
    • how to TRUST people and stop relying on rules
    • build a culture of appreciation
    • get people to think outside of their current role and expand their perspective (How does my job affect my colleagues? the company vision?)

Your BOLD Service Mentality
Make service your top priority

    How can customer service be a priority when the system is so inflexible? It like saying here is what we call good service"if you don't like it too bad. It's service by the store's terms, not the customer's.

    Empower people to make decisions based on the situation, the customers needs instead of strictly the, company policy.

    • who do we serve and why?
    • a compassionate system
    • re-enforcing your service mentality
    • get to the heart of service
    • purpose and vision aligns the force

Mission Possible
Confidence and self esteem for women

    Give me all your chocolate and nobody gets hurt! Have you ever had something that you would guard with your life (like chocolate!) only to have it taken away from you and find out it was only distracting you from what you really wanted?

    In this entertaining session we will learn how to:

    • Build confidence in the future
    • Visualize success
    • Change your mind; change your life
    • Whose side are you on anyway? How to stop putting yourself down
    • Overcoming performance anxiety

    With the passion, humor and clarity that has become her trademark, Jody unravels some of the things that affect our lives, and teaches us simple things we can do to grow.

Jody's Communication Trademarks:

Delightfully Funny!

    Laughter lightens people up and Jody's focus is on having lots of fun. Her humor bonds the group, builds synergy and common ground.

    " Jody has a very warm and natural sense of humor-she's very funny!"
    Maria Shryer, CIBC

Naturally Authentic!

    Using stories, lessons and examples inspired by her experiences; Jody's sincere belief in her message spreads to her audience.

    " Jody, you tell such rich and provocative stories, I find myself saying, I can relate!"
    Toby Merlin, Association Executive

Captivating and Inspiring!

    Incorporating Brain- based training for enhanced learning and peak performance.

    " The exercises and audience participation made the information really easy to use"
    John Ricklin, IPAC

Some of Jody's Clients include:

    The University of Calgary, City of Calgary, BCIT, TD Bank, CIBC, Mount Royal College, the Bay, Qualico, Apartment Association, Uniglobe Travel, Caldwell Banker, Royal Lepage, Remax, Century 21, Riverside Management, Braemar Developments


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