Joan Price


Joan Price is engaging, motivating, funny and fun. Not your usual fitness celebrity, Joan is over fifty and the survivor of two devastating automobile accidents. She is fit and strong through her own determination and hard work--not youth, genetics or cosmetic surgery! She is sharp, upbeat, inspiring and lively, combining up-to-date information with a friendly, entertaining style.

Joan has educated, energized and entertained audiences with talks such as these:

    50 Ways to Leave Your Love Handles
    Learn 50 -- count 'em! -- ways to exercise when you barely have a minute. Joan shares 50 practical tips and specific exercises to help you fit fitness into the busiest lifestyle. Handout included.

    Health Info on the Internet: Don't Get Scammed!
    Joan gets angry when she sees people falling for inaccurate, misleading, and downright fraudulent health information on the Internet. Learn how to find the best health, fitness, and medical health sites; avoid the scummy ones; and learn how to tell the difference.

    Yes, You CAN Get in Shape!
    Make exercise a treat, not a treatment! Joan shows you how to find a workout that works for you and fits your goals, needs, preferences and lifestyle. Get the latest information about top physical activity choices for fat burning, vitality and health, including leisure activities you never thought of as exercise!

    We're Not Over The Hill--We're on Top of It!
    Yes, you can stay in shape--whatever your age! Learn the good news about staying strong, lean and vital through the years ahead! As Ashley Montague said, "The goal is to die young as late as possible!" Hear exciting facts about how to stay vigorous by using proven fitness tips that take just minutes a day!

    Test Your Nutrition/Weight Loss IQ!
    Learn the latest facts about fat, calories, diets and truth-in-labeling. This peppy, informative and entertaining talk includes a "Nutrition/Weight Loss IQ Test"--Joan bets you can't get a perfect score!

    Back Up!
    Back pain affects 85% of us eventually. This lively, educational demonstration shows how to protect, strengthen and stretch the back. Includes back do's & don't's, lifting and bending techniques, stretches, strengthening exercises, safety and comfort--all in upbeat, entertaining, interactive format.

    Taking Your Fitness Habit on The Road
    Those good intentions to exercise and eat healthy often get left behind when you travel. Joan's tips and techniques will help you maintain your fitness habit on the road. Decrease stress and increase energy and productivity with these quick, simple strategies, including a workout routine you can do anywhere.

    Power Up! Fitness Break
    Enliven important meetings, energize participants, and help them retain more information with a lively 2 to 6-minute rhythmic stretch break to upbeat music. After Power Up! energizes them mentally and physically, they'll be more alert, responsive and focused. Sweat-free--fine for business clothes and close seating--and particularly effective repeated several times over a long day of meetings.


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