Joan Kennedy


What’s Age Got to do With It?

Living life and defying the myths of aging, Joan Kennedy, grandmother & great-grandmother has lived three lifetimes of career changes from motherhood, to fashion, to the discovery of writing and speaking.

She spreads her philosophy with books and speaking engagements across the country. Her five major factors in living the good life with energy and productivity are simply:

* Protect your health, at all costs. Health is your number one asset.
* Avoid the ruts. Sameness is aging.
* Dispel the myths of aging. They're a waste of time
* Keep a positive attitude. It's the only sane decision you can make.
* Keep your dreams alive. Set goals. Stay out of the past.

With longevity increasing and old age coming later and later, it's getting harder and harder to say for certain how old one has to be, to be old. Worrying and being negative about aging is a complete waste of time.

The goal for all of us is a life of productivity, fun, good health and laughter.

Joan's Book:

Ignore the myths and plot your own destiny. It’s up to you to take a realistic view of yourself and determine your opportunities.

What's Age Got to do With It? is a quick inspirational read for anyone eager for change. Joan says, “It’s up to us to face the future with optimism, excitement and a sense of adventure. Your life deserves purpose, meaning and fulfillment.”

What's Age Got to do With It? helps you realize, appreciate and use the powerful resources within. All it takes, Joan says, “is the right attitude and some achievable goals.”

Calling the book a must read for anyone, regardless of age or gender, Ellajane Knott, columnist, reporter and author, describes Joan's book as “a literary romp, brimming with uplifting thoughts, ideas and simple solutions you can use to help you make your life more than it is.”


Joan Kennedy is a professional speaker, seminar leader and author who inspires, motivates and entertains.

For two years, she presented daily inspirational and motivational messages on an East Coast radio station. Her message is a powerful one. The goal for all of us is a life of productivity, good health, fun and laughter. Good health is primary.

A strong and insightful speaker, her content is rich with personal experiences, optimism and humor. She continues to draw rave reviews from audiences of all ages who are wowed by her vivacity, her sense of humor and her powerful message that life is for living now, whatever our age.

Joan was a stay-at-home mom for eighteen years. At 45 she went back into the workforce. Since she was a former model, she landed a job as an assistant fashion coordinator.

At 50, she became a motivational speaker and published her first book, I Don’t Want Much From Life, I Want More!

At age 65, she had a house fire at 3 o’clock in the morning. Her office was in her home and over-night, fifteen years of work was destroyed. Joan thought that she would never be able to start over again, not at 65. One day, in AARP’s monthly magazine, she came across a statistic that changed the way she perceived herself. The statistic was, “The fastest growing age group, in this country, are people in their 80's.” She knew at that moment, she could start over again. After all, she was only 65.

Joan speaks to corporations, educational and health care organizations, senior and pre-retirement groups.

Joan published What’s Age Got to do With It? Joan firmly believes that no one should drop out of life at any time, let alone 65. In fact, as long as you live, there isn’t a set date or line in the sand that says “you’re finished”!

What they say about Joan:

"Joan Kennedy is a dynamo, who has a revolutionary outlook on aging. She is absolutely inspiring."
Associate Producer - National Productions - Twin Cities Public Television

"This seminar really helped me with the acceptance of aging and the positive attitude needed within yourself and those around you. Joan is amazing! Very informative and funny!"

3M Corporation

"Thank you for your marvelous talk to our 550 older adults. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive! They liked your style and content."
University Wisconsin, Eau Claire

"Joan inspired me to change some major parts of my life." " I'm close to 60 and needed this boost!"
Hutchinson Area Health Care

Bravo! You were outstanding! Seldom have I seen a keynote speaker keep such a large and diverse audience spellbound. You obviously connected with everyone in that room."

Annual Governor's Conference on Aging

"From the moment you walked down the aisle until your speech was over, you owned the crowd."
Minnesota Association of Health Underwriters




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