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Mobilizing Collective Knowledge and Energy for Sustained Personal and Practice Success

Joan’s work with clinicians and their staffs over the past 25 years has focused on channeling individual knowledge and energy into collective endeavors for sustained personal and practice growth. Under her tutelage problems become opportunities, work becomes service and communication becomes grounded in the intention of fostering productive, authentic relationships.
Joan has provided the game plan for hundreds of dental professionals to achieve their business and personal goals. She has successfully trained them and their staffs in the skills required to minimize and resolve conficts and increase productivity. She assists staff in turning patients into walking, talking advertisements for your practice, demonstrating tangible accomplishments that are easily measured by clear markers of practice success.

Joan’s Most Requested Presentations

Mastering Excellence in Patient Relations
Patients judge excellence based on how they’re treated as well as how you and your staff treat one other. Learn to employ the 6 principles that imbed respect and teamplay in all interactions, fostering staff “ownership” of the practice – an effect that will be contagious to your patients, turning them into a volunteer sales force.

The Gung-Ho Practice
Let Joan teach you and your staff how to transform the experience of work from “I gotta go to work” to I get to go to work.” The result will be increased patient referrals, greater effciency with less stress, more fun and a deep sense of fulfllment.

The BEING of Service
Work can be routine and exhausting or it can validate our need to make a difference. If staff feels that circumstances out of their control keep them from experiencing the profound value of work, let this provocative presentation be the spring-board for them to realize their potential. Through it Joan offers concrete techniques to reframe problems and foster nurturing relationships regardless of the circumstances and history surrounding them.


About Joan:

Joan Garbo is dedicated to supporting executives, professionals and business owners in creating work environments that are nurturing, productive and prosperous to management, employees, and clients alike.

In these fast-changing times, and the problems that are concurrent with the speed of change, it is imperative that any company, business or practice keep focused on their most important and promising asset: its people.

The customers' perceptions of service are based on the experience of service they have. This sense of service is correlated to the following factors: employees' attitudes about themselves and work in general; employees' clarity of the purpose of their jobs; employees' alignment on the philosophy and mission of the company; and most importantly, the quality of employer and employees' relationships and their ability to effectively communicate with each other. These qualities are learned behaviors sustained through management principles that ultimately create customers who become a volunteer sales force for the company.

Joan Garbo has been a consultant, trainer, and public speaker since 1978. She has a master's degree from the University of Virginia. She has applied her training and experience in language development to communication and relationships in the workplace. For the past twelve years, Joan has specialized in consulting and training business owners and their employees in effective communication skills, team-building, executive coaching, and and how these impact customer service.

What they're saying:

"We no longer have the problems of staff in fighting and quarreling staff members actively seek ways to help each other with problems and many of them have become best friends. When there is a project to be done in the office, they perform it with style and usually have a fun time doing it."
John Gerling, DDS, MS
McAllen, Texas

"I've been a dentist for 30 years, and have attended many courses and seminars--and your program, information, and obvious dedication and sincerity in what you do, ranks at the top! For me, it was one of those "defining moments" as for its influence and effects."
Bob S., DDS

"Your program was so popular with our staff that most of the comments we received was that they wished the program could have been exteneded because the time flew by. And, that they would be very willing to stay long after business hours to hear you."
Kim M., VP Business Development

"You are a gifted speaker and an energetic and enthusiastic human being. We are still getting comments of how excited everyone was to go back to their offices and implement your ideas...I would whole-heartedly recommend your seminar to anyone in the business of serving people."
Jack F., DDS, MS


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