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Jo Ann Bennett-Boltinghouse, speaker, former elementary teacher, and author of YolandaBaby, “A Pooch Finds Her Purpose” says,
“Open communication between children and parents/grandparents about feelings is essential to developing confidence and self-esteem in young children.”

Why have Jo Ann speak to your group or organization?

* Educate parents, teachers and other professionals
* Motivate your audience to action
* Cause behavior change in families and classrooms

Keynotes and Workshop Topics:

Opportunities for Classrooms or Children’s Groups:

* Reading to kids (grades K-3)

* Young Writer’s Workshop (grades 4-6)

* Library Reading Appearances

Opportunities for Adult Groups and organizations:

* Parent and Service Clubs: “A Twelve Step Program for Growing Great Kids”

* Teacher and other Educational Groups: “Changing the World—One Student At A Time”

* Corporate and Business Organizations: “Goals, Motivation and Accomplishment—Why and How Do I Do It?”

With Jo Ann’s passion for building families, helping children have a feeling of positive self-esteem, and her background in education, she will move your audience to make the changes they deem necessary for their growth.


A Self-Esteem Advocate, Jo Ann’s mission in life is “to help people be better at what they do, no matter what that may be.” Se is an educator, trainer, speaker and a grandmother. She resides in Iowa with her husband, Earl and YolandaBaby. When Jo Ann isn’t teaching or writing, she can be found curled up with a great book and a bowl of popcorn, enjoying world-wide travel with family and friends or creating new ideas for interacting with her grandchildren.


What Professionals Are Saying...

“YolandaBaby is the fun, whimsical tale of a greyhound (dog) whose experiences are those any child can identify with. This book is a wonderful asset to my therapy practice, as it identifies feelings of low self-esteem, the experience of bullying, and identity confusion.”
-Lisa A. Pattison, PhD., Licensed Clinical Psychologist NE

“In this story Jo Ann shares with her readers the lesson that in the race for success, only our own negative self-image can defeat us. The most important thing you can do for your children or grandchildren is to offer them stability, guidance, and support while they explore and learn to realize the unique potential self which is unfolding within them.”
-Lou and Diane Tice, authors and business coaches, The Pacific Institute, Seattle, WA

About the Book:

This book is a “must read” for children of all ages. They identify feelings of:


These feelings are reflected in background colors that change as YolandaBaby’s happiness grows.


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