Jim Thomas

Scarcely an hour goes by when we don't negotiate something.

From our first cry to our last breath were negotiating. We negotiate with colleagues, bosses, subordinates, customers, vendors, parents, spouses, children, merchants, laborers, bureaucrats, lovers, friends, and enemies. We haggle with individuals and groups, at home and at work, day and night, rain and shine.

The future will belong to better negotiators

    One of the future's few certainties is that success won't be getting any easier. Competition will keep growing, margins will keep shrinking, and ever-smaller advantages will separate success from failure. More than ever, good negotiating will be vital for that all-important competitive edge.

Attend the Fortune 500's program of choice

    Jim Thomas' Negotiating Workshop is the overwhelming choice when leading organizations need negotiation training. Jim's programs have helped tens of thousands of attendees negotiate their way to new levels of business and personal accomplishment. Why? Because they work

    From the glut of negotiation theories, strategies, ploys, and gambits, Jim has distilled the handful of techniques that really work, again and again, in the real world. These powerful principles have been packed into a no-nonsense, two-day program, full of challenging "hands-on" case studies that let you practice them right In class.

Learn from master negotiator Jim Thomas

    Don't miss this rare opportunity to be personally trained and coached by Jim Thomas. When U.S. presidents and Fortune 500 companies need negotiating advice, they regularly call on Jim Thomas. His workshops are among the leading negotiation training programs in the world.

    Negotiator, attorney, author, television and radio personality and exceptional educator, Jim's negotiation experience encompasses business, diplomacy, trade, arms control, labor relations, real estate civil and criminal lawsuits, and a host of other fields. He has personally negotiated hundreds of multi-million dollar commercial agreements.

    Throughout the action-packed two days, Jim will be sharing his extraordinary experience with workshop participants. And at any point, you're free to ask questions about your own negotiating issues.

In-House Training

    Jim Thomas' Negotiating Workshop is a popular on-site offering for companies, government agencies, associations, and other organizations. For much less than the cost of Individual enrollments, we can present this program to groups of 10 or more. Content is always customized to meet your organization's needs. Formats range from half-day sessions to multi-day workshops, and can include special pre-assessment and follow-up programs. For information call (571) 633-9700 or check the box on the Registration Card.

Who Should Attend

    This intensive seminar is designed to help anyone who deals with people. It is particularly well suited to the needs of managers, professionals, sales people, buyers, purchasing agents, personnel managers, and anyone who handles contracts, conducts interviews or meetings, bargains with suppliers, customers or clients, or deals with staff, associates or superiors.

Common Ground Seminars

    Based in Washington, D.C., Common Ground is a consortium of respected organizations and individuals in the fields of negotiation, sales, and human resource development. Common Ground's activities include seminars, speakers, consulting, coaching, training program design and development, publishing, multimedia production, research studies, workforce surveys, software design, and negotiation, arbitration and mediation services.

Rave Reviews

     "I highly recommend this seminar to any businessperson who wants the edge." Marketing Rep., Fortune 500 Company

    ". ..[A]n amazing amount of useful information in a very short time. Purchasing Manager, Major Aerospace Company

    "Simply the best seminar I've ever attended." Sr. Federal Government. Manager

    .[T]he most usable information l've ever gotten in a workshop..." Procurement Manager, Fortune 500 Company "Even if you think you're a skilled negotiator, take this courser' - Labor Attorney

    "I hope our customers don't take this training!" National Sales Manager, Consumer Products Company "Should have taken this years ago." Finance Director, Major Defense Contractor

Workshop Outline

    What is Negotiation?

    • How persuading differs from negotiating
    • The enormous and growing importance of negotiating in modern society
    • Where negotiating fits in the whole selling-purchasing process
    • Negotiating philosophies compared: win-win v. win-lose; collaborative v. manipulative; others
    • Why Americans are anxious about negotiating

    The Rules of Negotiating

    • The "negotiating strategies and tactics" myth
    • The 7 Critical Rules and 15 Lesser Rules of Negotiating


    • Developing a negotiation plan and options
    • Defining and sorting negotiable issues; creating alternatives
    • The difference between positions and interests; assessing each side's positions and interests; determining interests of highest priority

    Concession Management

    • Sizing up each side's negotiating power
    • The vital link between concession-making and face-saving
    • "Messaging" via concession size and timing
    • Constructing a negotiating envelope for each issue: opening, target, bottom line, and weight
    • Using a simple spreadsheet program to manage the true value of concessions made and received

    Performing a Successful Negotiation

    • Establishing a positive negotiating climate
    • The negotiation "play of the hand" explained
    • The benefits and dangers of team negotiating
    • Choosing and managing a negotiating team


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