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Author, From Average to Awesome: 41 Plus Gifts in 41 Plus Years

Co- Author, Masters of Success

About Jim “Mr. Energy” Smith, Jr:

From kindergarten through 12th grade he never missed a day of school. His mother provided the “tough love” that helped develop his indefatigable drive. He played on a National Championship college football team. He won the Vanguard Group of Investments’ prestigious Award of Excellence. He has a way of helping people to breakthrough and stretch to new levels of greatness. He’s Jim “Mr. Energy” Smith, Jr., President and CEO of JIMPACT Enterprises, Inc.

Jim’s favorite quote is Satchel Paige’s, “Dream like you’ll live forever…love like you’ve never been hurt…work like you don’t need the money…and dance like nobody’s watching! This quote helps fuel his fire as he works with his customers to move to extraordinary performance.

Prior to starting JIMPACT Enterprises, Jim was a Senior Consultant for Simmons Associates (Leadership and Diversity Management) and a Performance Solutions Consultant for the Bob Pike Group (Professional Trainer Development, Performance Improvement, Motivation and Presentation Skills). He also spent 14 years in the corporate world working for the following organizations: CoreStates Bank (Vice President, Business Learning Resources), The Vanguard Group of Investments (Management and Organizational Development Consultant) and the Prudential AARP Operations (Associate Manager, Training and Development). Throughout his corporate career he has been known for his creative, spirited, high energy and purposeful approach to developing relationships, talent and solutions. He gives so much of himself to help others be their very best.

Today Jim travels nationally and internationally, for groups of all sizes, to provide breakthroughs to awesome performance. He is a well sought after motivational speaker and has been called “The Trainer’s Trainer.” In addition, he has worked with thousands of leaders and managers to coach them in successful leadership and inclusion principles. He’s a mainstay at a number of conferences including the American Society for Training and Development, the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers, the Society for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers and the Society for Insurance Trainers and Educators. His sessions and keynotes are jam-packed.

Jim’s the author of the inspirational book From Average to Awesome: 41 Plus Gifts in 41 Plus Years and the co-author of the book Masters of Success with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, John Christensen and others). He is currently working on his next book, Crash and Learn: Stuff Trainers do in the Classroom that make People want to SHOUT, sleep or Sneak Out! His journey from a tiny West Philadelphia single parent home, to high school standout, to college football captain, to corporate America leader, to successful business owner has been tremendous. He gave birth to JIMPACT Enterprises, his life long dream, in January of 2000 and the company has been making a JIMPACT throughout the world ever since.

To learn more about Jim, his life, his strategies for success and his many experiences please read From Average to Awesome.


Sizzling Speaking "Keynote" Topics!

* From Average to Awesome (defeating procrastination and living your dreams)
This high-energy presentation focuses on the steps one can take to move from mediocrity to marvelous, both personally and professionally. Jim uses anecdotes, key learnings and tips from his book, From Average to Awesome as the backdrop for this address. Participants learn, discuss and brainstorm ways that they can employ to move their lives, their thoughts and their words from "I'm okay," "I'm hanging in there," and "Hey, same stuff just a different day" to "Things are going great," "I couldn't be better," and "I'm awesome…thanks for asking!"

* Let Your Light Shine! (i.e. empowerment)
"There is not enough darkness in the world to snuff out the light of even one small candle," Jim reminds his audiences as he encourages them to let their light shine. Having a positive impact on all of those (e.g. customers, co-workers, employers, team members) you come into contact with is the continuing theme of this presentation. Jim provides direction and insight on what one can do to connect with others, energetically using one's gifts to make a difference.

* "Who's Directing Your Movie?" (i.e. professional & personal management)
During this moving, self-reflective keynote, Jim provides tips for taking full control of one's movie (i.e. life). This involves writing the script, choosing the supporting cast, handling the action and drama and making sure there is a fulfilling ending. Audiences generally walk away from this presentation feeling more invigorated and energized, prepared to assert their personal power and enhanced sense of confidence to take control of their lives.

* The Diversity Distance! (i. e. managing diversity in the 21st century)
Managing diversity in the 21st century is the focus of this presentation. Jim discusses the significance of: attracting and retaining the most talented candidates; developing and implementing a comprehensive diversity business case; meeting the challenges and the opportunities of the changing workplace demographics; and repairing the potholes that stereotypes, collusion, "isms" and misunderstandings create in the workplace. During the presentation, Jim uses intrigue, humor and candor to exhort the audience to work together to create a workplace where everyone feels empowered, respected and valued.

* Be Outstanding! (getting the most of what you have to be the very best you can)
In today's workplace many have settled for just being good at what they do. Whether it's in the corporate training room, the business office, the classroom, in front of large audiences or at home, most have come to realize that in most cases good enough is simply not good enough. The rewards, promotions and payoffs for just being good are minimal. What can one do to raise the bar? What can one do to create lasting memories? What can one do to put big fat smiles on the faces of customers, colleagues, associates and friends? Jim discusses five key ingredients for being outstanding in whatever you do!

* "Leaving a Lasting Taste" (i. e. superior performance)
This customer service geared keynote address highlights what workers can do to go above and way beyond to provide exemplary service. Customer service essentials, habits, best practices and strategies are discussed and provided in an interactive and engaging manner. Audiences enthusiastically return to their workplaces, searching for opportunities to exceed the expected levels of service; they know that customer service is oftentimes the difference between keeping and losing customers.

* Toxic People - Toxic Work (dealing with spirit, energy and dream killers)
Dealing with people and professions that continually drain you can be stress and anxiety - filled. Jim provides do's and don'ts for making the toxic people in one's life disappear as well as sharing strategies for positioning oneself to obtain a job that doesn't feel like work.


What They Are Saying About Jim Smith Jr

"Even my high expectations were exceeded by Jim Smith, Jr. His contagious energy…visuals examples and tremendous knowledge helped to turn a disjointed and difficult group into a cohesive team. He inspired a real sense of trust, caring, personal investment and fun."
Catherine Woods
Director of Organizational Development and Training
NUI Corporation

Jim opens your eyes to your hidden potential…with his charismatic personality, he captures your attention in seconds. He combines high-energy entertainment with his personal observations, experiences and knowledge. I was impacted by Jim's motivational workshop over five years ago and have achieved so much more than I had ever envisioned or thought I was capable of. I owe my whole success to Jim Smith, Jr.!"
Mary Manger-Mueller
Director of Human Resources
Sheraton Eatontown, Hotel and Conference Center

"Charismatic and energetic, Jim Smith makes learning fun and exciting. His training is one of the best that I have ever been to. Anyone that wants to energize their presentations would find it worth their while to attend his sessions. My training evaluations have gone from average to outstanding."
Douglas Burgess
Eastern Kentucky University
Training Resource Center

"Jim is an outstanding designer of state-of-the-art training programs…his technical knowledge and facilitation skills are second to none! Jim is
incredibly prepared to deliver training programs (e.g. coaching, diversity, team building) and motivational seminars that inspire participants to new levels of achievement. High impact training and motivational assistance = Jim Smith, Jr."

Mary Ellen Russell
Vice President Human Resources
Jevic Corporation

"OH WOW!!!" That's the reaction I had on the recent seminar presented by Jim Smith, Jr. I have attended a number of these seminars over the years and must say this was one of the best…Jim was enthusiastic, energetic and obviously knew his stuff - a consummate professional."
Marge Steppe
Education and Development Superintendent
State Farm Insurance Companies

"Jim Smith is an incredible trainer and motivator. It could be diversity, management skills, coaching, whatever, Jim is going to send you away feeling pumped, refreshed, feeling that you can climb any mountain. Just hold on tight."
Don Johnson
Regional Director
Achieve Global


Extremely Satisfied Customers

* ACA International
* ACET Conference
* ADP (Dealer Services)
* AETNA US Health Care
* American Cancer Society (New England Division)
* American Society for Industrial Security
* American Society for Training and Development
* Andersen Consulting
* AstraZeneca
* Bob Pike Group
* Bureau Honig & Partners
* California Student Financial Aid Association
* Camden City School District
* Carrolton-Farmers Branch (ISD)
* Cherry Hill Economic Development Group
* Choice Hotels International
* Columbus Metropolitan Library
* ConocoPhilips
* CoreStates Bank
* Council of Hotel & Restaurant Trainers (CHART)
* Dallas Independent School District
* Diversified Investment Advisors
* Douwe Egberts
* Drexel University
* Eastern Kentucky
* Edward Jones
* Enterprise Foundation Ready, Work, Grow Conference
* ExxonMobil
* Franklin Mint
* Genetech
* Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
* Harvard University
* HBO (Home Box Office)

* International Alliance for Learning Conference
* Jevic Corporation
* Johnson & Johnson
* Ketchum Public Relations
* Lewis & Clark State University
* LifeScan
* Lowe's
* Mass Mutual
* McNeil Consumer Products
* Merck
* MetLife
* National Black MBA Conference
* National Sales Network
* Nationwide
* New England Human Resources Association
* New Jersey Principal & Teacher’s Association
* New York State Electric & Gas
* Ortho Biotech
* Ortho McNeil
* PECO Energy
* Pregnancy Education & Parenting Program Conference
* Procter & Gamble
* Prudential Insurance
* Sheraton Eatontown Hotel & Conference Center
* SITE Conference
* Solutia
* Southern California Cable & Telecommunications Association
* Society for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers Conference
* Temple University
* Texas Municipal League
* Thompson Children’s Home
* Washington Mutual Bank
* Westinghouse Savannah River Company
* Wood Dining Services
* WTVD Channel 11 ABC Durham, NC
* WUSL Power 99FM Philadelphia
* Wyeth Ayerst
* Yamanouchi Pharma America, Inc.


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