Jim McCormick


Motivational Speaker

Balancing Opportunity and Risk for
Improved Performance through
presentations, seminars, coaching,
books, and consulting.

Keynote Presentations, Seminars and Coaching

Opportunities abound for both organizations and individuals. But each opportunity is accompanied by risk. Success depends on responding to the risks effectively. Jim McCormick’s expertise in risk assessment and success enhancement provides the tools to seize opportunities successfully through inspirational speeches, seminars, personal coaching, life coaching, executive coaching and sales coaching.

A Step Above Other Motivational Speakers

Jim McCormick sets himself apart from other motivational speakers by the results he delivers. His risk optimization presentations improve performance, increase sales, ease change, and energize your meeting. And that’s just the start. His inspirational speeches, seminars, personal coaching, life coaching, executive coaching and sales coaching provide concrete steps that will result in improved personal and organizational performance.

Motivational Speaker for Any Size Organization

Jim McCormick helps your organization balance opportunity and risk for improved performance through inspirational speeches, seminars, personal coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, sales coaching, books and consulting.


Keynote Presentations

As a keynote speaker, Jim McCormick's motivational presentations focus on balancing opportunity and risk to improve performance - the core benefit of effective risk analysis, whether personal or organizational. Jim’s three skydiving World Records and experience in skydiving to the North Pole are central to his inspirational speeches. Being a former Chief Operating Officer and holder of both MBA and engineering degrees sets him apart as a keynote speaker and significantly enhances Jim’s ability to make his presentations meaningful to your audience.


Half-Day Seminars

Jim’s interactive seminars give audience members a chance to roll up their sleeves and put some serious effort into performance improvement.

Seminars allow each audience member the opportunity to do some or all of the following based on your goals for the session:

Create a confidential Personal Action Plan of performance improvement goals.
Identify the specific constructive risks and positive steps that will elevate their performance
Determine the rewards they will enjoy when they take the steps and risks they have identified
Identify their personal level of risk inclination and how to utilize it to their benefit
Identify their innate talents and how they can use them to improve their ability to take advantage of opportunities
Learn a step-by-step process for evaluating opportunities
Learn to identify specific steps they can take to maximize the chances of the opportunities they pursue paying off
Learn how to let their innate talents serve them well and not work against them
Anonymously identify the fears that are limiting their professional performance


Client Responses

Jim, I can honestly say in my 40 years with Modern Woodmen, you rank as one of the most powerful speakers we have ever had. I have received dozens of e-mails and phone calls praising your session.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who is trying to motivate their associates to the next level. Thank you again for all of your hard work. It was truly appreciated.
Gary L. Snyder, FIC, CLU, FLMI
Divisional Field Manager

What a great job you did yesterday! Your presentation was absolutely wonderful and your message continued to resonate throughout the day. Many speakers went on to talk about their own fears, risk taking and rewards.
Lynn Spivak
Director of Communications and Marketing

What a pleasure it was to work with you. I was impressed from our first telephone conversation but I never imagined the professional level you would rise to at our conference. We threw you the biggest curve ball I can imagine (at the last minute) and you handled it without missing a beat. I don't know of anyone else who wouldn't have been rattled after being told they would follow an award that recognized an extraordinary response to the events of September 11. Not only was an award given, but an incredibly emotional video was shown that set a very different tone than the one I had envisioned you would create. You went on to present everything I expected and more. Within moments you had taken the audience from one mindset to another. Incredible is the only word I can think of to describe it.
Amy Smith-Pike
2002 Conference Committee

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the outstanding presentation and services you provided to our retreat. You went above and beyond the call of duty with your services. It was really nice to have you present for our morning activities. We had numerous comments from our guests about how they really liked the opportunity to speak with you. I also personally appreciated all of your help with the audiovisual setup. You really went above and beyond when you stepped in and helped out with our morning icebreaker, which wasn't even on your agenda for the day. Everything you did was excellent.
Staci Miller
Academic Advisor
Classified Retreat Committee Chair

TMTA's 1st Annual Leadership Alumni Meeting was an enormous success and you played a key role in helping make that happen. I want to thank you for your willingness to fit our particular issues into your presentation. The message in your keynote presentation, "Becoming A Better Risk Taker", was right on target with the program's direction.

The combination of what you had to say and how you said it made it a memorable event. And your slide presentation was a perfect compliment to your story telling ability, which kept the audience captivated while reinforcing the program's message.
Bill Webb


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