Dr. Jim Kramer


"Have Fun Will Travel"

Jim Kramer brings together the best of two very different worlds: He is both an accomplished professional speaker and humorist and a practicing veterinarian for almost two decades. Blending compassion and wit with a healthy dose of irreverence, Jim helps us to widen our vision, take ourselves less seriously, and to lighten our load through laughter.


Speaking style doesn't come from a press kit, it comes from the kind of person you are. Dr. Kramer has developed a unique style that flows from deep inside. Starting somewhere near his heart, it bubbles through assorted organs, is churned with light hearted energy, and eventually spews all over.

Life is tough, never fair and can feel overwhelming. Even important, provocative, and necessary meetings can sometime seem long and painful. Not exactly breaking news? Relevant Humor can be powerful and creates intimacy between attendees and the speaker. Dr. Kramer creates that bond with his audience. When your group laugh's at their frustrations it minimizes their problems.

Programs, Topics and Themes

* Animals as Teachers
* Dealing With Adversity
* Harnessing Humor
* Personal Leadership
* Gender Issues
* Practice Management
* Agriculture

Services Provided

* Opening and Closing Keynotes
* After-Dinner/Banquet Entertainment
* Partner Programs
* Convention Emcee
* Breakout Presentations
* Auctioneer Services
* Writing Articles for Magazines, Newsletters and Websites
* Customized Services


A talented and creative presenter, Jim often includes songs and poetry in his presentations. Drawing upon his nearly two decades of experience as a veterinarian and observer of human and animal nature, the themes of Jim’s talks include Harnessing Humor, Dealing with Adversity, Learning from Animals and Nature, Personal Leadership And Practice Management. Having dealt with personal losses in his own life, and being in a profession where death and loss is an occupational hazard, Jim has developed a special interest in the application of humor in adversity. Jim is married to a veterinarian. He and his wife Ann are raising their two sons along with an assortment of adopted animals. He is the author of a book entitled A Gift from Rex: – Guiding Children Through Life and Loss published by Beavers Pond Press Inc. in Minnesota.

Jim is a member of the National Speaker’s Association, and of the Association For Applied and Therapeutic Humor. He also is Past President of NSA Nebraska and the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association. Jim is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Veterinary Economics Magazine.

What they say about Jim:

Move over Baxter Black. There’s another veterinary humorist on the scene – one who weaves contemporary wit with a plain spoken formula on how to achieve success…” That humorist/philosopher is Dr Jim Kramer.
Phyllis Peters

Thanks for this perspective – it’s really mind opening. There is such passion in your eyes when you talk that you actually glow. It just comes right up and out. The fact that you love to do this shows! Even though I am not a real animal lover I could still really relate to what you had to say.
Ann Hamer

Thank you! What an insight you offered attendees at the Annual Conference for the National Association for Family and Community Education on July 21st. Your presentation on recognizing that problems are related to losses made a very real impact.
The audience loved the humor, music, and quick wit as you interacted with them, giving a break to the seriousness of the topic. People very much appreciated the opportunity to continue this discussion as well as hear your additional information on “What Animals Teach US About Life” in the breakout session. Thank you for providing a stimulating discussion for everyone.

Harriet Steenson, President
National Association for Family and Community Education
- Florence Kentucky




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