Jim Drummond


(and how to avoid them)

This powerful presentation uses real-world examples to challenge traditional practices and encourages the audience to consider the role of marketing in an entirely new light. Dynamic, engaging and informative, Jim Drummond identifies 10 common errors companies make when bringing goods and services to market. Participants will leave this session with knowledge, tools and methods they can apply to their own businesses, large or small.

Discover the truth about:

• What really drives customer choice
• Managing creative people: an oxymoron?
• Using demographics to guarantee success
• Why marketing campaigns often go so very wrong
• Ensuring the long-term success of your next campaign
• Why the Internet is seldom the answer it appears to be
• Breaking through the “clutter” to get your message heard
• Defining and differentiating your product against competition

Jim Drummond has produced highly effective marketing campaigns on two continents for over 25 years. His work has been called “Insightful”, “Visionary” and “A fresh dose of common sense”.

A former award winning broadcast journalist, Jim delivers keynote speeches and conducts seminars in both the United States and overseas. Audiences have consistently given him 90% + ratings for both content and presentation skills. Jim’s academic background includes undergraduate work in communications at the University of Florida and a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Strategic Planning from Britain’s prestigious University of Edinburgh. He has also served on the invited faculty of Purdue University’s Center for Customer Driven Quality.

Learn from these success stories:

• The strategy that successfully sold out a two-year inventory of lawn care equipment in less than three months – during a drought!
• The incredible turnaround story of a Japanese automaker who rose from near disaster to become a successful niche player.
• A business-to-business direct mail campaign that achieved an 11% positive response rate.
• An upstart supermarket chain that came to dominate a top 10 market with half the number of stores and a much smaller advertising budget than that of their primary competitor.
• The integrated marketing strategy that brought a previously unknown consumer product from “miscellaneous” to an 18% market share in under two years.


Audiences applaud Jim’s presentations:

“Jim’s funny and has appropriate materials. He’s clear and articulate.”

“Very well done. Concise and thorough. Very interesting.”

“Masterfully handled…..(an) extraordinary job.”


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