Dr. Jim Dillahunty


The Art & Science of Business Leadership

From my 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, engineer and CEO, I know there are two critically important parts of every successful business that can be overshadowed by operational issues. I'm referring
to the drivers of near term sales and long term survival; Customer Service and Leadership Development.

Customer Service is directly connected to repeat sales, market position, and your brand value. And your Leadership Development programs will ultimately determine your firm's long term survival and its market

To address these vital topics I've prepared a series of up to date programs on the Art and Science of Business Leadership in Customer Service, and Leadership Development. These presentations inform, entertain, and train business professionals in several popular formats: Keynotes, Workshops, Webcasts/Podcasts, and Consulting.

In addition to my two books on the subjects, I've been privileged to co-author a series of books with Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey, Deepak Chopra, and Mark Victor Hansen.

Programs to entertain inform and transform your Leadership Development and Customer Service Programs:

Keynotes that are designed to entertain, engage, and to get audiences thinking. Two programs are offered; Developing Leadership Skills, and 21st Century Customer Service. Dr. Dillahunty uses storytelling, humor and facts to deliver actionable “take to the bank” information that audiences appreciate. Dr. Dillahunty’s Keynotes coordinate exceptionally well with his Workshops when presented at the same meeting.

Workshops/Breakout sessions can be custom designed for your organization to train individuals, managers and executives. The sessions are intended to lay out the guidelines of change and require at least 1.5-3 hours (or longer) for adequate presentation and discussion. If your objective is to institute change, then a series of quarterly workshops would serve to inform, educate, train and assess results. If your organization has its own training facilities, you can realize significant savings over the costs of offsite venues.

Consulting programs, like the workshops, are custom engineered and designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Consulting Programs begin with an executive workshop, and based on information gathered in the session, moves forward with the close coordination of your managers and human resources staff to develop first class programs of leadership development and customer service.

Webcasts/Podcasts are among the most cost effective ways to involve executives, managers, and individuals in sessions which can be tailored to meet the time constraints and geographic venues of your firm. Programs are available as either live broadcasts or on-demand. If your organization’s existing videoconference/teleconferencing facilities can be utilized, considerable savings can be brought into the program.

Bonus Program. When you book Dr. Dillahunty for an engagement he will stay over and provide one of his sessions on Customer Service or Leadership Development without a fee, with your firm credited as the sponsor! Please see the section on the website entitled “Bonus Program” for more details.

How to determine if these programs are right for your audience?
Ask yourself if the audience members have a strong sense of self determination, and if they contribute to the leadership fabric of your company; ask if their attitudes and actions contribute to your firm’s brand value, sales, and customer service. If you answered “yes” then you know you have a group that would benefit from one of Dr. Dillahunty’s presentations!


Dr. Jim Dillahunty has served 30 years as a manager, entrepreneur, scientist, and CEO in the fast-paced financial services industry, growing businesses, hiring, and developing top-level leaders.

Dr. Dillahunty is a respected professional speaker, sought for his expertise on leadership development. At the foundation of Jim's unique approach are his 5 New Paradigms, a results-focused framework for identifying, developing and retaining today's top talent.

Jim has helped many well-known companies reduce recruitment costs while improving profitability and productivity by showing them how to attract and retain leaders who will ensure healthy future growth for their organizations. Because of his background as a successful CEO and his focus on measurable outcomes, Dr. Jim's presentations are popular with C-level executives because they are actionable and the results measurable.

A seasoned author, consultant, and instructor, Dr. Jim Dillahunty produces seminars and workshops that challenge executives and key management to rethink traditional approaches to mentoring and leadership. His engaging presentations [link to presentations page] are shared with organizations and individuals through keynote presentations, interactive workshops, professional training modules, DVDs, podcasts, and more.

What executives say about Dr. Dillahunty's program:

" ...a brilliant and valuable presentation on Leadership"
Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, Managing Director,
Emirates International Airport

"Excellent - Truly exceptional speaker & topic"
R. Snyder,
Ameritas Financial Services

"It's not everyday that I meet someone who makes me think "Wow!". I think that you are remarkable... and have a lot to offer in terms of insights and learning. ...this year has been an awakening in terms learning more about how I lead (and the myths I had... !). Your insights have come at the right time for me to throw them into the "how can I do this better" pot."

Nicole Squair HR Manager
Outsourcing Accenture, Johannesburg

"Great presentation and discussion that followed. One of the best I have seen!"
Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Human Relations
Institute Dubai Knowledge Village

"Jim your presentation was very insightful into why leadership development programs often fail. Your prevention was methodical and the information you provided was immediately useful."
Mohammed Hassan Bin Abdulrahim
Public Prosecution Assistant Chief Prosecutor
Dubai, UAE

Dr. Dillahunty’s philosophy:

On Leadership
Leadership is an emergent phenomenon based on learnable skills. It cannot be attained by simply copying the superficial characteristics of others anymore than copying the behaviors of birds and gluing on feathers enables one to fly!

On Customer Service
Customer Service is a system that should permeate the entire organization. The best systems of customer service begin long before the sale, when the product or service is designed. To be effective they require the support of a strategic infrastructure.



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