Protect your

• Employees
• Organization
• Community

from the disabling impact of life's traumatic events.

Does Your Organization -
  • Have a plan in place to deal with emotional stress, physical injury, bereavement, loss of property, death of an employee or family member?
  • Have a workplace violence committee trained to intervene in potentially violent situations and to assist in an emergency?
  • Have an effective way for employees to comfortably discuss anything in their lives that is impacting productivity?
  • Have effective communication channels that enhance the workplace mission?
  • Understand the importance of emotional engagement and its impact on productivity and profitability?


Jim and Jeanne will assist your organization in exploring and broadening your options. When an unexpected crisis occurs, trained personnel in your organization, armed with resources and skills, are able to respond immediately and effectively to get your employees and your organization back on track as soon as possible.
Pre-incident planning significantly reduces the crippling effects of sudden, traumatic events that can severely affect the productivity and profitability of any organization. Organizations that invest in pre-incident planning report quicker recovery and higher quality performance from their employees.
Investment in the emotional welfare of those who work in your organization clearly says to them:
"You are important. We care about you."

The Caverlys presentations include:

• Critical Incident Stress Management (with LC.I.S.F. Certificate and CEU's)

Group Crisis Intervention
Individual Intervention & Peer Support
Responding to School Crises (Planning)

• Hostage / Crisis Negotiation
• How to Deliver "Bad News" with Compassion
• How to Prevent Burnout & Compassion Fatigue
• How to Use the "SAFE-T" Approach to Prevent Workplace Violence
• "Why me? Why Now?" Understanding the Process of Transition
• Exploring Our Life Puzzles to Manage Stress



• Teaching / Training / Consulting
• Critical Incident Stress Management
• Bereavement Counseling
• Substance Abuse Prevention
• Marriage Enrichment Programming
• Former NYS EMT


• FBI Special Agent—retired with 27 yrs service
- Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
- Team Leader — FBI Northeast C1SM Team
- EEO Counselor / Investigator
- Investigative experience in criminal matters, domestic security, foreign counter-intelligence
- Police Training Coordinator / Instructor
- 1997: FBI Master Police Instructor Award
• Chief Adult Probation and Parole Officer
• Certified Employee Assistance Professional


• American Red Cross Disaster Action Team
• DOVE: Disaster Operations Volunteers Escapees
• International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
• Reduce Emergency Stress Team (REST)
• The Center for HOPE - Founding Board Members (

What clients say about the Caverlys:

"Writing “thank you” letters to you is getting routine for the RHTC, which speaks to the high quality and expert delivery on the very serious topic of Critical Incident Stress Management It has been our privilege to host ICISF certified trainings in the North Country and to enjoy the ease and professionalism in working with the both of you."
Linda Moerschell, BA, MBA, Director, Rural Health Training Center, SUNY Canton NY

“I gained more knowledge from this course than I could possible write in this space…can’t wait to take another course taught by Jim and Jeanne. (I) was never good with the whole education “thing” (book learning so to speak) and they made it enjoyable and easy for me, kept my attention – amazing!”

“Jim and Jeanne were fantastic and they are very knowledgeable and caring persons.”
Officer, Pennsylvania State Police

"This course is timely, thorough, helpful in both one’s personal and professional life. Thank you so much. You are a great duo—I enjoyed the variety of teaching techniques, opportunities for interaction with other participants, therapeutic use of humor and personal story, compassion of presenters—and much more."
Jean R.

"Presenters were thorough and grasped the audience’s attention with their knowledge and had all participants actively involved."

Student, School of Social Welfare, University at Albany, NY

"One of the best classes I have taken since being a corrections officer—I have been in my field 13 years."
Binghamton NY

"Bringing personal experience to the learning environment only strengthens the subject matter. Jim and his wife offered as much assistance as possible. Overall rating High. Thank you! "

Officer, NY Air National Guard

"Opened my eyes to something that I didn’t even know existed. I initially came to understand my wife’s field more, but then learned this could be very helpful to me and my line of work. I am very impressed with this course and think the public needs to know there is such a thing."

Michael S., Trucking Industry

“Absolutely excellent blend of information and participation. Thank you very much for all your knowledge and great teaching style. Excellent format—blend of formal/informal- interactive style.”
Hospice Worker


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