Jerry Gay


The Art of Seeing Reality

Photojournalist Jerry Gay has driven 500,000 miles of America¹s back roads and highways over 40 years to continue his ongoing research of everyday life.  With humor and acute philosophical perceptions, this highly animated motivational speaker brings his visual insights to every audience he touches.  Jerry¹s pictures and philosophy convey a positive and persuasive analysis to help us find hope and see solutions to the unique challenges we face in this ambiguous universe.  Jerry¹s wisdom, his reverence for the earth, common people and sacredness of all life is revealed in his presentations.  

Topics concerning The Art of Seeing Reality with the pictures in our minds:

A.   Corporate, political, educational and spiritual responsibilities and  possibilities for each of us to participate in significant changes within our transformational world.  

B. Highly effective visual methods to take charge of our daily lives and see our way out of self-created situations, taking one step / seeing one new picture at a time.

C. A visual analysis with a journalist¹s perspective to current global news events and the over looked significance for positive change both individually and collectively... during these times of societal uncertainty.

Jerry Gay¹s achievements and recognitions span the length of his multi-media career. At age 28, Jerry was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for news photography and the following year he served as the president  of  The National Press Photographers Association.  Jerry Gay, a graduate and former instructor at the internationally acclaimed Brooks Institute of Photography has shared his photographic talents with newspapers nationwide including: New York Newsday, Seattle Times, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Los Angeles Times, Maui News and Everett Herald.

Currently, Jerry Gay a writer, philosopher and image maker is an unquestionably highly focused teacher and speaker to corporate, educational, spiritual and multi-media groups.


Our everyday reality is created by our vision of our self and others, our own past choices, current situations and future opportunities. The undeniable power of The Second Coming intuitively unlocks frozen images and replaces lost scenes in the repetitive daily movies in our mind. When we observe our daily life with sacred purpose The Second Coining begins for us and we achieve profound personal peace and professional excellence.

Education and values: "No longer can schools separate themselves from giving daily instruction in reverence, respect and responsibility while also explaining our relationship to everything and everyone we meet on our journey through life."

Economy and wealth: "A misguided national philosophy of rampant materialism and flawed stock market ethics have collided on the American consumer's highway of dreams."

Religion and faith: "After thousands of years preaching and marketing each denomination's particular advantages, mainstream theologies have left God standing by the side of the road."

Mass media and entertainment: " These highly orchestrated distractions stir our mind's imagination while blending passions with hype and confusing the sense of significance and truthful reality for the average man, woman and child on the street. "

We as a people, are now ready to see and hear a truthful appraisal and evaluation of who, what, when, where....but most importantly why we are truly global citizens and forever spiritual beings in the eyes of 'The One God" to all religions and faiths.


What people say about Jerry


SKOTT POPE Director, Washington Credit Union League

It is with great pleasure that I express my appreciation for the seminar you conducted on board Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. The creative philosophy you shared provided new insights that will serve our men and women well in their role as Mass Communication Specialists.
From you, our service people gained a new appreciation for human nature, which easily translates into respect for the individual. We learned that when this respect is demonstrated it acts as a natural solvent to communication barriers and allow unhindered interaction. Your award winning images reinforced this insight
Your contribution to the United States navy provides effective methods for our Mass Communications Specialists to obtain powerful images that reflect the true spirit of our men and women in uniform. You sir, have my greatest respect as an artist and patriot.

Rembrandt Smith LCDR USN

We were offered the unique opportunity to have Jerry Gay speak to our students about his work as a photojournalist. During the 45 minutes that Mr. Gay spent with our students, he shared not only his amazing photography, but connected with the students on the importance of independent thinking, original thought and making a difference with their life. Throughout the day, students and faculty approached me regarding the assembly. It was evident that Mr. Gay has an inviting sense of humor, sensitivity to the developmental age of his audience and the ability to weave his oration and photography together into a welcoming life journey for young students as well as adults.

Ann E. Spratt, Principal ~~ Icicle River Middle School

Of all the photographers we studied, your work generated the most comments from the group. It is honest, sensitive, from the heart and exhibits your faith. Your words were equally compelling with helpful philosophy as well as humor. Few photographs move me quite the way yours did.
John Telford, Department of Visual Arts Brigham Young University

One student commented that you were the only speaker we've had this quarter which she actually kept thinking about once she left the classroom. Others were impressed with your honest discussion of your own journey as a photojoumalist and your willingness to share it so constructively. Still others found inspiration in your message of self responsibility and spiritual awareness.
Ann Yow, Instructor of Journalism Western Washington University

Jerry came to my class in Media Ethics to talk about the principles of the photojoumalist. He conversed with the students. He chatted. He lectured. He preached, pleaded and provoked. For nearly two hours he held their attention, and for days after he'd left they continued to react to him and his message.

Clifford Rowe, Professor of Journalism Pacific Lutheran University


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