Jennifer Hough CPT CNC HBA


Founder & President of “The Vital You” Clinic, Master Nutritionist, Best Selling Co-Author & Keynote Speaker/Facilitator

Jennifer is a magnetic speaker. She has a wise “knowing” and easiness about her that draws participants in. She has “wowed” audiences with her welcoming playful style. More about Jennifer:

* Jennifer created and facilitates her leading edge course “Get Out of Your Own Way”™. The course is for those who are looking to take the limits off their dreams and goals.
* She is the founder of the largest Nutrition Practices in Canada.
* She is also the co-author of the international Best Selling Book “Wake Up and Live the Life You Love” and “The Ultimate Holistic Cookbook”.
* Her clients: P&G, IBM, Cara Foods, Associations, Conferences and many small businesses.



“I was thrilled to share the evening with you.  My energy & creativity has been soaring ever since.  Amazing!” CN – Small Business Owner “I sooo enjoyed the workshop & find you to be one of the most engaging speakers I have ever heard!” SK - Vancouver
“You are truly a remarkable woman & with an incredible story. This information changed my life.”
Bessie – The Holtz Spa Conference

Put an inspiring twist on your event with Jennifer’s electrifying 1 hour interactive presentations for groups of all sizes.

Get Out of Your Own Way? (G.O.)

“As you know I was a very reluctant participant. I assumed that it would be nonsense. I was wrong. Fortunately, the message was so profound that I absorbed it in spite of myself. I would recommend this course to everybody - If I can get as much out of it as I did, anybody can.  Thanks again.“ Laura B., Sales Manager

Purpose: To bring an end to struggle & self-sabotage and open the doors of possibility to any individual or team.

Details: G.O. is Jennifer’s flagship program and will have you taking team performance to a whole new level. G.O. provides the system for getting things done outside of the argument for limitations. This workshop is an eye-opening journey into how we can transcend unproductive patterns of self-sabotage and drama. Learn to create a “can do” atmosphere. You will see unimagined results while using the G.O. program in your workplace.

For the Health of It™

“I feel like I got myself back. I’m just rocking.” Sophie D., Marketing Manager

Purpose: To optimize health and personal fulfillment through specific strategies unique to Jennifer’s philosophy.
To empower people with the knowledge & tools necessary to be physically & emotionally unstoppable.

Details: Imagine if you & your co-workers were consistently energized, had a flexible attitude and had reliable clarity in a busy environment. Would that be a unique competitive advantage? This program delivers a system for optimizing: vitality, mental energy, psychological focus and emotional balance.

All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go™ (A.S.U.)

“I have never had so much fun in meetings…..we get so much more done! Quite amazing.” Jennifer H., Mgr at P&G

Purpose: To deliver the emotional and physical practices necessary for any group to eliminate upset, drama, and tension. To contribute to balance and fulfillment for participants in all aspects of life.

Details: In ASU, you will learn to re-frame your perspective so that you feel more relaxed, be more productive, happy, motivated and effective! You will learn 10 words to eliminate from your vocabulary, 5 stress causing foods to avoid, and the ASU™ habits that will create ease and flow in your life.

(Clients: Levi Strauss, Proctor & Gamble, IBM, Grand & Toy, Cara Foods)

Well-being and Workplaces – 10 Weeks to Optimal Focus and Energy
Get Out of Your Own Way™ – 3 Months to Creating Ease, Communication, Team & Flow
Corporate Law of Attraction 101 – the Course in Getting Unstuck for Pioneering Companies
All Stressed up and Somewhere to Go – the Mastery of Ease & Productivity in the Workplace


Jennifer Hough is a graduate of University of Waterloo with an Honours Degree in economics and sociology. She was immediately hired by P&G to negotiate contracts and facilitate Implementing Total Quality (ITQ)Ô with their contract manufacturers. She became passionate about building communication systems that succeed.
Jennifer’s journey into Holistic Practice stemmed from personal health challenges with stress, low energy, and food sensitivities. After 2 years of medical appointments, Jennifer chose to pursue getting well naturally – and within 6 months she achieved vibrant health. She went back to school for holistic nutrition, personal training, herbology, homeopathy and electro dermal screening. She used biology, nutrition and emotional belief techniques to change her life. Her philosophy is that “if our bodies and minds are given the right raw materials, we can create more energy, focus, be happy and exponentially more productive”.
        For the last 15 years Jennifer has mastered the art of Holistic Health Coaching and life transformation. The Vital You Clinic is one of the largest Holistic Coaching Practices in Canada. Jennifer became an Instructor for the The Institute of Holistic Nutrition (Spiritual Psychology) as well as developing and facilitating certificate courses in Holistic Business Mentoring, Communication and practitioner preceptorships.  She attended the Edison Institute of Nutrition, Canadian Personal Trainer's Network, The Pacific Institute and the Landmark Forum.
Due to Jennifer’s passion for personal development, she also developed a course in transcending the self-sabotage, called “Get Out of Your Own Way?”. She is the co-author of a best selling books – “Wake Up and Live the Life you Love” and “A Search for Purpose”, and author of “The School of Unlimited Life”. Jennifer and Dr. Debbie Drake (MD) created the “Health Empowerment Forum” National Speaking Tour. The speaking tour empowered people who are attracted to the natural, non-allopathic approach to “living well”.  

Testimonials--People love Jennifer!

"Dear Jennifer, you were a show stopper last Tuesday! You were extraordinary! You had everyone's attention, and we didn't want you to stop! Bless you for your terrific closing comments' Your sweet spirit put the icing on the cake! Again, a million thanks. -- Bill Johnson – RBC Marketing

"Thanks so much for yesterday…your presentation was excellent, participants left inspired to take on their dreams, and their health. You did an excellent job…can’t wait to have you back." - - Lori D. – Human Resources, IBM

"Your presentation was right on. You covered what you said you would with enthusiasm, expertise and even humour. That gave us more Joy! " -- Francis Clark, Founder of Healing Nexus

You inspire me soooo much. I am going to come again next time with Kevin, my husband. He has agreed to come. I'm soooo happy about it. I heard a quote yesterday that I thought you would like. "Some people sing in the rain, while others just get wet." Loved it and thought of you right away. - JP - Owen Sound

You are a powerful force in this world but at the same time, a kind and gentle spirit. Thank you so much for moving us to action. Warmly, G.R. Entrepreneur, Teacher and PhD



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