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Dynamic sales presentations
Jenaé connects with you... from three to three hundred. You know you receive quality presentation with Jenae.

Why Choose Jenaé?

My sales philosophy and approach are different from many others. I don't just share great ideas. I share great ideas in an easy-to-implement manner. Sales should happen naturally. People should want to do business with you… before you talk about price! When you create the environment where people want what you have, you sell a lot more. I make sales easy... to understand and to implement.

Are you a motivational speaker?
No... and yes!  When people don't know how to accomplish their goals, they are unmotivated. People are motivated after listening to me, because I show them how to overcome their obstacles. During my sessions, novice and experienced sales people can't wait to get back into sales!  I hear this all the time during breaks. In fact, during full and multi-day sessions, sales are made during breaks... because of ideas sales people have as a result of the program. After spending an hour, a day or a few days with me, attendees are excited to go out and sell.

What do you do that makes this possible?
I ask a ton of questions to understand your corporate and sales challenges, strengths and opportunities.  Then I customize the program to include examples pertinent to your company... to overcome your obstacles. Another frequent comment made after my sessions is: "This was perfect for our company." You never have to figure out how to use what I share. I lay it out for you. That's just one of the reasons implementation is easy and reps are so excited to go back into sales.

Are your programs for new or experienced sales people?
Athletes earning millions of dollars a year work with coaches and practice every day to improve. They work on the basics (tennis pros drill forehands and backhands), because it's the nuances make a big difference. I share ideas for experienced sales people that add up to more sales... and for novices that save them years of stress and difficulties.

Successful sales people are not necessarily skilled sales people!  One company I worked with had a fairly highly paid sales team. They were successful because of their community involvement.  I outsold the three neighboring territories, because my skills smoked theirs. 
Let me help your sales people smoke your competition.


Following is a sample of sales sessions. Every program is customized for your company, industry or association so attendees leave knowing exactly how to apply the techniques shared. 


Stress-Free Selling - 7 Steps to Successful Sales™
When you skip steps, you miss sales and wonder why.  Stop wondering.

Stress-Free Selling - Make Objections Disappear™
9 Simple tactics to significantly reduce the number of objections you get.

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Selling - Turn Objections Into Sales™
Conquer the objections you get; don't let them defeat you.

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Writing - Write to Sell™
Write letters and proposals that create desire, and inspire action.

Non Traditional Stress-Free Sales™
99 free and inexpensive techniques to reduce attrition and make sales easy.

Sales Management

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Hiring™
Don't be fooled by good resumes.  Identify true sales stallions.

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Sales Management™
Tactics that foster sales.

Advertising Sales Seminars

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Ad Sales - Sell On Rate™
Maintain rate integrity... regardless what your competitors do. You don’t have to cut rates. Discover how. (Management session)

Create Rate Cards That Sell™
Rate cards should be paper salespeople; they should create desire.  (Management session)

Your blueprint to Stress-Free Ad Design - Bad Ads Lose Customers™
Discover the rep's role in creating effective ads and reducing cancellations.  (For sales people)

    • Hands-on sales and marketing expert since 1980
    • Consistent record of sales, revitalizing ailing products, creating new products and adding profit centers to existing products
    • Proven history of rocketing products to #1
    • Specializing in business to business sales in companies where sales reps have small geographical territories
    • Reversed 3-year revenue fall in 3 months
    • Increased revenue 300+% in 3 years
    • Improved revenue per customer 22% in one month
    • Increased revenue 41% with nominal increase in customer base
    • Designed strategies to eliminate rate cutting and increase profitability

Clients Rave

"Jenae presented more great ideas than I had ink in my pen."
- Peter A. Roos, Publishing in Paradise

"Excellent training.  Our audience of 200+ was fully engaged.  It was a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate your research to customize the material."
- Sue Wolk, Conference Director
National Court Reporters Association

"Very detailed. No fluff. Very, very good! What I'll take from this is sure to pay for the event easily in increased revenue from my reps [next month]."
- Donna MacNeil, VP Sales, Brunico

"Practical, straight forward approach. This was the best seminar I've ever attended…
by far."

- Sheridan Sechter, Publisher,
Indelible Media

"Jenae provides solid, practical and immediately usable ideas."
- Rick Schumacher, President, LBM Journal


Jenaé has spoken for people from these groups and more:

American Library Association
American Massage Therapy Association
Broward County CPA Association
Minnesota Magazine Publishers Association
National Glass Association
National Court Reporters Association
Bank United
Chase Home Finance

Clear Channel
EP Graphics
St. Ives
Gary Yoeman's Ford
Seabreeze Fine Jewelry
Cunningham Oil
JD (Court) Reporting
Fairfield Resorts
Oceans Eleven Resorts
Westgate Resorts


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