Jeffrey Atwood, Ed.D.


Professional Speaker, Consultant, & Leadership Coach


Known as the “Doctor of Subliminal Communication”

Jeff provides your group or organization with an entertaining and educational experience when he speaks. Having spoken to many groups and organizations over his twenty years experience, he is able to motivate groups and individuals to create change. He is the creator of sound bite learning that provides key words as memory pegs to establish the cognitive connection between hearing and listening.

From the moment Jeff steps in front of an audience, you will feel the energy and enthusiasm of a seasoned motivational speaker and management coach. Jeff's presentations are fast-paced, lively, and rooted in learning principles that allow the audience to learn and listen. His management experience has allowed him depth in providing topics for the corporate and business world that provide individuals with relevant information to include in their personal inventory of skills. Jeff knows that event planners want more than content and delivery from a speaker and he delivers by providing impact. He purposefully arranges his presentations around a topic that addresses key points needed by the organization and will allow the audience to follow up with a Q & A session by email.


Some of his clients include:

American Red Cross
Stetson University
American Management Association
The Girl Scout Council
The Diabetes Association

Affiliations and Memberships:

National Speakers Association
Central Florida Speakers Association
International Association of Coaches
National Guild of Hypnotists
Institute of Certified Professional Managers


With more than 20 years experience in training, motivating, and directing others, Jeff brings his vast professional experience to bear on all of his presentations. He makes many presentations each year to businesses and corporations, trade associations, and educational institutions. Most meeting planners like Jeff as a good choice for a warm-up speaker. His mix of content, fun and energy gets people involved with your event and topic.

Jeff is an adjunct faculty member with Stetson University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His years of experience and competency in management have earned him the Certified Professional Manager (CM) designation from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers at James Madison University. He is member of the National Speakers Association and the International Association of Coaches. In addition he is a Board Certified Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and has experience coaching others using hypnosis to create change.

The Doctor of Subliminal Communication

Dr. Jeffrey Atwood is known for his expertise in nonverbal communication. He is well aware of subliminal messages often sent nonverbally without our awareness. It is these messages that he helps managers and business leaders control and understand for more effective management. He is a board certified hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists and works effectively with the subconscious mind to improve nonverbal and subliminal communication that managers and employees may not even be aware of in their business communication.

Frequently blamed on “Personality differences” nonverbal and subliminal communication may, in fact, be the cause and be easily corrected.

Jeff works with managers and executives to determine the signs of mixed messages, the symptoms of poor communication, and other signals that are subliminal, not in their conscious awareness, when they verbally communicating to others. After a diagnostic process he goes to work with the individual to coach them through understanding how to improve their nonverbal communication skills. This includes working with them one-on-one to focus awareness and practice nonverbal behavior that enhances the communication process rather than distracts from it.

Dr. Atwood, may benefit any organization that needs clear communication without mixed messages and hidden meanings

A former radio announcer, Dr. Atwood, is able to train managers and executives to communicate by voice using the proper Paralinguistics. Voice tone, inflection, and pitch are all important to a good nonverbal communication process.

His experience in management and his research on the use of office space enables him to coach managers and executives on Proxemics. He teaches managers how to use distance and office space effectively when communicating to employees.

It is not enough to be educated in grammar, syntax, and proper verbal speech, success in most organizations today require a skilled use of nonverbal communications. The application of good nonverbal communication is never taught in formal schools, but is usually learned through life’s mistakes. It is more than just asking the right question at the right time in the right is how your body reacts when you ask it.

Do you have your subliminal signals under control and are you aware of the message you are sending nonverbally? Jeff may improve your chance of success for that promotion, help you negotiate that contract, or interview for that new position.

Testimonials from Jeffrey Atwood’s prior presentations

“At our first session you provided explanation and insight as to our various types of Myers-Briggs personalities and how we could communicate more effectively with one another. What an overwhelming success!”
American Red Cross of Central Florida
Jada H. Smith, Director of Human Resources

“Please find enclosed your payment of conducting the Customer Service seminar...I would like to thank you again for doing an excellent job. I am still impressed that all of the attendees were still deeply involved in asking questions and debating the answers after the schedule time to end the presentation.”
Apopka Area chamber of Commerce
Marilyn E. Slifka, Exec. Dir.

“On behalf of Lincoln Lutheran of Racine, may I formally extend our thanks for the recent presentation to our management staff. As you know it was most timely and so well received. Already there is talk of having you back for a follow-up presentation and a repeat of the October 22nd program for our nurses.”
Lincoln Lutheran of Racine,
Wisconsin, Inc
Carol A. Jorosz, Director

“Just a note of thanks on behalf of the Kenosha Women’s Network for your fascinating presentation on Business Listening Skills”
Kenosha Women’s Network
Jane Hastings, Secretary

“On behalf of the Skills Olympics steering committee, I want to express our sincere thanks for your presentation on Time Management for the high school instructors. Your presentation was well received by the attending instructors.”
Gateway Technical Institute
Chuck Wood, Skills Olympics Chairman

“On behalf of the Gateway Technical Institute I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent parapsychology presentation.”
Gateway Technical Institute
John J. Hammill , Educ. Services Coordinator


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