Jania Taylor


Astound your clients and guests with MAGIC!

Treat your clients and guests to top notch entertainment! Trust your entertainment needs to Jania Taylor.

Magically, Jania will make your entertainment worries disappear. Jania creates memories that will linger long after the end of the event. Dependable, flexible and easy to work with, Jania makes your entertainment worries disappear....like magic!

Your clients and guests will leave the event talking about the fabulous entertainment and patting you on the back for the great time they had.


Standup Comedy Magic:

Energize your clients and guests at your next event:

* Banquets
* Sales Meeting
* Seminars
* Conventions
* Award dinners

Laughter is the best medicine. Whether you need to put smiles on 30 or 1000 faces, Magic By Jania will fill that prescription. Your guests become the stars of the show in this fun-filled comedy magic show. Jania will work with you to customize the show to include the guests that you would like to make the star.

Break out of the boundaries of the CEO singing, the gold watch presentation, or the mundane slide show. Magically produce the gold watch, silence the CEO with a sword through their neck, and throw away the slide projector. Never offensive, Jania takes your audience down a path of rib-tickling magical fun! Create an unforgettable experience that will exceed your guests expectations and leave them wanting more!

Motivational Speaking:

Magician Jania Taylor
No artificial flavors, no added sweeteners. Just 100% genuine motivation.

"There Are No Glass Ceilings"

With over two decades of entertaining at hundreds of events, Jania has witnessed all aspects of human behavior. She has come to the conclusion that "There Are No Glass Ceilings."

Life can be an illusion, and we create our reality by the choices we make. When individuals answer to their own lives through ownership of their choices, they become better communicators, better employees, and better leaders. Jania motivates your employees or group to create the highest vision possible of themselves. She will open them to different possibilities of thinking.

Through humor and magic, Jania will illustrate: How we allow others to put us in boxes, how we accept others' truths of ourselves as the truth, how we are all mirror images of each other, and how we sabotage ourselves and goals with self-constructed barriers.

Jania Taylor's Bio:

Originally, magic was thought of as a mystic device used in conjunction with medicine and science. Today, magic is a universal performing art which challenges the imagination and restores wonderment and fantasy to the modern world. Putting wonderment and fantasy back into our lives is exactly what Jania Taylor does. She is a phenomenon in the field of magic with her versatility.

Representing 3% of women performing magic, she brings a refreshing touch of elegance to the art. Jania's repertoire is so broad she can entertain any audience put before her. You will step into an enchanted land of glamour with her musically choreographed silent show, or laugh yourself into hysteria when she presents her comedy magic. Intimate audiences will be baffled and befuddled when witnessing Jania's close-up magic She is loved by her audiences, because entertaining is of the utmost importance to her.

Jania is a respected member of the Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and the British Magic Circle. Jania was honored by her peers for showmanship at the Abbott's Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan. It is the largest annual magic convention in the world. She is a graduate of the Chavez Studio of Magic in Colon, a college of manual dexterity and prestidigitation. The college is internationally acclaimed as the only one of its kind. Upon graduation Jania was the third female to complete the course.

Jania's magic has been enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the country. Her wit and charm have pleased audiences at many corporation parties, conventions, trade shows, and festivals. She has performed at the prestige Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA the premiere location for magic in the United States. As well as such noted resorts as Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, Michigan, the Mississippi Queen River Boat, and The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

What People Are Saying

"The accolades received by the host installations confirm your commitment and dedication to ensuring the success of our mission, taking quality entertainment to our troops overseas."
- Janice G. Long, Colonel, USAF

"Thank you for an outstanding evening of comedy and magic. This was an ideal way for setting the atmosphere to carry out our theme, "The Magic of Archway."
- Donna Pape, Archway Cookies

"Everyone enjoyed the show! The audience participation was a big hit!"
- Beth Wilson, ARO Corporation

"I am still hearing comments about changing the one dollar bill into a $100! You are easy to work with and a seasoned pro!"
- Dennise Voegele, E. D. Jones


A few of the businesses have hired Magic by Jania:

Fort Wayne National Bank
Rotary International
Business And Professional Woman
E.D. Jones
Grand Hotel Resort
Tomko Plastics
NDN Industries
Midwest Telecommunications
Magic Castle
Edward Lowe Industries
Mohonk Mt. House Resort
Millbrook Arts Group
International Bankers and Brokers

Nubs Nob Ski Resort
Birchwood Construction
Ohio Gas Company
Midwest Siding & Sales
Kay L Bar Guest Ranch
Blue Cross Blue Shield
T.G.I. Fridays
Safe T Supplies
Tri State University
Sechler's Pickles
Raymond James
General Electric
Rancho de los Caballeros
Ohio University
Consumers Energy


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