Jane Eckert


A marketing professional with a lifetime of farm experience, Jane dedicates herself to helping farms, ranches, and tourism professionals learn more about agritourism, and how to make it profitable.

Jane Eckert provides:

* Consulting services to state agencies and private farms
* Education and training ranging from presentations to 3-day workshops
* Tourism planning



Best of the Best
Jane Eckert has visited hundreds of farms throughout North America, from Hawaii to Virginia, and from the Canadian provinces to the southern tip of Florida. In on-site consultations, meetings, conferences, and workshops, she has listened to thousands of farmers, both those who barely get by, and those whose farms have been highly successful. In this brief presentation, Jane will share her insights as to why some farms excel above all others.

Sowing Seeds for Profits - Right on the Farm
Today, family farms are challenged to make a living solely by growing commodities. But the answer may be right at their front door thanks to an exciting and growing trend – Agritourism. From a simple retail stand to festivals, attractions, stores and restaurants, many farmers are inviting consumers onto the farm to sell directly to them.

Sprouting Success: Planting Seeds for Agritourism
Each year 62 million people visit our farms as part of one of the fastest growing trends in tourism! Called agritourism, many family farmers are finding that by inviting the public onto their property they can sustain their agricultural lifestyle.


Down to Earth Experiences: Grow Tourism Dollars
In an increasingly complex world, tourism professionals are seeing a profound growth in the number of people wanting rural experiences, especially those that let them slow down the pace and enjoy simple pleasures… a family outing to find the perfect pumpkin, walking the fields, flushing a covey of quail, and taking in the sights and sounds of the farm or ranch. Whether it’s for a day or a week, city dwellers gladly pay for these experiences, and Jane Eckert devotes herself to knowing exactly which experiences bring visitors-and their money-to your region. Using stories and photos from throughout North America, Jane shows her audience the building blocks that bring tourists flocking to the countryside

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In February 2008, Jane was named to the Hall of Fame by the North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association. The association had previously honored her with the 2004 Outstanding Leadership Award. That award was presented at the February 2005 NAFDMA conference in Boston.

Raised on her family's apple orchard outside of St. Louis, Jane earned a degree in business and went on to executive marketing positions for eighteen years.

Her professional approach to promotion, advertising, public relations and merchandising gave Eckert's a strong brand identity widely recognized and respected throughout the region. Jane is passionate about saving family farms and ranches. Her consulting services, speeches and workshops can help grow profits for farms across North America.

What they say about Jane:

“Our organization found it a great pleasure to work with Jane. Her services exceeded our expectations. She tailored her presentation to the needs of the audience’s questions and used common layman’s terms. Her presentation was not only creative and enthusiastic but she interacted with the audience during breaks and lunch times.”
Learning Generation Initiative
Jennie Hawk
Coordinator, Business Outreach.

“The personal touch you put into both your keynote speech and your workshop made our participants feel like you really could identify with our farmers in Central Florida.”
University of Florida/IFAS Extension
Susan Kelly

“I truly appreciate the time you took to familiarize yourself with our association and our attendees, and I thank you again for your dedication to providing quality education.”
American Bus Association
Lynn M. Brewer


Jane has spoken for these groups and many more:

Agriculture & Tourism Partners of Illinois
Kearney Agritourism Summit
Alberta Agriculture Food & Rural Development
American Bus Association
American Farm Bureau Federation
California Travel Industry Association
Canadian Farm Business Management Council
Colorado Department of Tourism
Columbia Basin College
Cornell University

Iowa Fruit & Vegetable Growers
Kansas Department of Commerce
Learning Generation Initiative
Maine Dept. of Tourism, Augusta
Michigan Ag Conf. on the Environment
Michigan Farm Bureau
New York State Division of Tourism
North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association
North Carolina Travel & Tourism
North Dakota Dept. of Tourism
Ohio Fruit & Vegetable Congress



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